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Summer Report

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


After half of July was blanked thanks to server upgrading, we got back on track for the rest of the summer. ~10 weeks of progress is shown below, including 20,000,000 page views, 7000 articles, 200,000 edits...we've been more active than ever.

Summer Statistics
Statistic As of 19:00P, 3 June* As of 12:20A, 1 September* Total for Summer % of Change
Page Views 14,792,790 22,517,417 7,724,627 52.22%
Views per Edit 81.52 92.70 13.71%
Page Edits 181,453 242,900 61,447 33.86%
Edits per Page 7.83 8.65 10.47%
# of Articles 6,282 7,074 792 12.61%
# of Pages 23,175 28,093 4,918 21.22%
# of Files 7,113 8,621 1,508 21.2%
# of Users 1,797 2,431 634 35.28%
*All times EDT.

New ACTIVE Users

634??? Man, that's a lot...Two brothers have really gotten into the community, Uniju :D (talk) and Snack (talk).


  • This is long ago now, but the wiki was shut down for the two weeks in July after we reached our limit on our shared server. We now have our own server, but it's costing us $100 more a month. To remedy this, an additional ad banner has been placed before the categories box, giving us just enough each month.
  • More recent: Son of Suns is back from his hiatus and is editing as before. We are all glad to have him back. :)
  • Even more recent: The Main Page has been redesigned fully, with more dynamic features.
  • Here's something you probably don't know: I have returned to normal sysop duties. However, I'm banned from anymore chat powers, so I'll be your average Joe in #mariowiki still.

Keep those wiki stats high, even though school has returned for most!

Note that June was not included in the Summer Report.