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This is where you post your comics! Post any you want, but make a header that says the comic title, and who made it. You may post someone else's comic only if you have permission. If you are on the Single page, click here to see the source. And they do not have to be funny, they can be any kind of comic.

The Lost Adventures Issue #8 by Uniju!

The latest chapter of the Lost Adventures story is finally here! and in the 'Shroom! YAY! ~ Uniju...

Legend of the Sun by Master Crash

File:F Comic2m 0ee2ebc.png

Chapter 2-4 the fight between Count PLUMs and YY398

Master Crash

Adventures of the Toa Wakero by Toa Waluigi

F AotTW4m 1e43bb0.png

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