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May Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


Two words sum up the statistics for May: below-average.
April Statistics
Statistic As of 18:45P, 3 May* As of 19:00P, 3 June* Total for May % of Change
Page Views 12,265,130 14,792,790 2,567,660 20.61%
Views per Edit 78.39 81.52 3.99%
Page Edits 156,462 181,453 24,991 15.97%
Edits per Page 7.42 7.83 5.25%
# of Articles 5,926 6,282 356 6.01%
# of Pages 21,100 23,175 2,075 9.83%
# of Files 6,571 7,113 542 8.25%
# of Users 1,595 1,797 202 12.66%
*All times EDT. I have decided to do a yearly comparison, instead of a biyearly.

New ACTIVE Users

Just 202? Not bad, still, but only one has really been a contributor (that is, working in the main namespace): Pokemon DP (talk) (*).


A lot of bad news this month. Let's get done with that first:

  • Two major sysops, Son of Suns, and KPH2293, left the wiki; SoS because of stress of working and school, KPH because of inactivity and feeling irritated from many users here (identities unknown). We are still chugging along, but it will take some time to adjust.
  • As shown above, stats are down. This can be partially attributed to the leaving of the preceding, but also just a slow month. It happens, if June is another bad month there may be some concern.
  • FAs were uplifted after they were considered "bad quality" and have been in confusion for the month.

Now the good:

  • New system "PAIR" (see Proposals page) may fix FAs by next month.
  • Great Gonzo is our 13th sysop. We now have 9 active.
  • Mario Award voting starts TOMORROW. 30 awards, many nominees for each. Be sure to vote, guest or member! Email likely required.

Keep up the good work on the wiki to get those stats back up to par.