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From the Mushroom Vaults

by 3dhammer.gif 3D, late, as usual! 3dhammer.gif

FTMV: Super (Hard) Secrets and the Case of the Missing Section!

Yello! This is 3D, reporting for cheats and tips. Unfortunately, this edition is extra-small. Why? Because half was to be written by Max2. Due to personal issues, his section was not completed on time. So we'll just have to make the next one bigger to make up for it, won't we? Oh, and Max's section most likely will be in the next issue. If not, sue me for $3,140,000 already. Now let's move!

Are we done here? ~ Axem Green?

It’s Not Called Secret For Nothing

Yup. The long-awaited Secret World. If you puzzle through it long enough, you’ll discover its secrets, but why do that when you can have a super-cool guide?


A rather easy start to the world, you must climb up, up, UP… then down, down, down this level. Use the springboards and Magic Vines to the max. After exiting the first area, use the two P-Switches to race across the chasm. Don’t hit them both at once; hit one, carry the other, and hit the second when you see the Amazin’ Flying Hammer Bro. It’ll give you more time to conk him out and reach the exit.


This level is, by far, the hardest level of the game. Don’t worry; after some practice you should be able to get through it without too much trouble. About four years of practice should do it.

You need lot of strategy for this one. Smash the P-Block at the beginning of the level. After you come to the last pipe, leap off it, but hit the trampoline as you go down to hit the “?” Block and get a P-Balloon. Jump on the trampoline again to grab the Balloon. Now, soon you’ll come across a second “?” Block. Here’s a picture of the one you want to hit:

But there’s a catch. DO NOT grab the balloon after it pops out. Instead, keep going as it free-floats along the level. When you see the Volcano Lotuses, you should be flashing, as the P-Balloon wears off. The free-floating P-Balloon should be floating above a Volcano Lotus on a “?” Block. Now, this is the tough part. If you dawdle on this, the Balloon will float too high and be lost. Go below the Lotus, hit the block it perches on, then grab the Balloon before it soars into obscurity.

The rest is hard, but as a rule, try to stay obscured in the very, very top of the screen. If a Chargin’ Chuck starts kicking footballs too close for comfort, duck underneath him and bash his “?” Block platform to knock him off. It’s a good idea to have a cape, too, for this level, so you can float to the ending goal if you run out of juice too fast.

Way Cool

There is almost NO advice I can give for this level. Use the switches wisely. Practice makes perfect here. Stock up on lives for this high-up level. If you have a cape, use it wisely to get past the flying buzz saws and Fuzzies!


Just use a cape for this level. But if you don’t know how to use the cape, here’s a tip: wait to smash the P-Switch near the middle of the level until you’re at the area with icy platforms, then use the coin-platforms to reach a ?-Block with a Starman.


Use a Yoshi here to gobble enemies and berries. If you can eat all the berries, a cloud will appear with an item to make things easier. This is one of the most fun levels in the game. There are lots of items, enemies, and cool tricks to pull off. Using a Starman here can earn you lots of 1-Ups!


If you can get past the first Flyin’ Hammer Bro., you’ve got a good idea of the rest of the level. Use the tide to your advantage and avoid the Nippers! There is no info I cann give you to ease this level up. Good luck!


Hard. Very hard. If you can get a cape, you can fly across the whole level, but otherwise, you’re on your own. Jump off the Bullet Bills on the first part of the level to get leverage. Keep the trampoline you come across and bounce off the Bullet Bills to the pipe; use the trampoline to get over the tube. If you can do that, you’re pretty good. Luigi riding Yoshi is recommended, since Yoshi can spit enemies when Luigi rides him. The second part is brutal, but use Yoshi to gobble as many enemies as possible.


The final level! And one of the easiest, too! Just hope, skip, and jump over the enemies, and use Yoshi to eat the berries for a time boost. There’s a special message at the end, too!

Montly Challenge

Beat a Mario Kart Time Trial ghost. Any ghost. This might be a hint as to the next FTMV will be about, but you may never know...

~ 3D