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by RAP.pngRAP...

Yo guys, welcome to the wonderful world of RAP with various entertainment known as me!!! You can also call me Ryan if you want. Here, I review usually funny Mario clips all over this crazy world of directing. Be advised that will contain blood and/or crude humor in these things. Also, I will review fan-made games, web-based or as in an application program starting with 2 reviews of the Mario fan-based games. So… LET’S GET THE SHOW GOING!!! *runs into the review chair*

Video Entertainment

Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)

This movie is actually the third series came to blast from the past since Yoshi’s Island (VGDC) came out into your hometowns called HI-V-TV. Yoshi and Baby Mario are back with a new adventure to humor themselves, anyone in Yoshi’s island, and mostly… YOU!!!!!!!!!. You can watch 3 new scenes to laugh at to blow your mind up!!!! They include three completely original scenes to laugh it... 3 scenes instead of the joke about enemies and other obstacles knocking Baby Mario to the pre-duction section. The Movie also contains some Easter eggs, like… At the title screen, when Yoshi sits on the grass after running licking at the frog; I dare you to click the Yoshi Head. This movie is created by ‘’’Randy Solem’’’, another guy from Newgrounds. He is also the webmaster of, which has also has a lot of Videos to laugh at; like comedy and BBs booming in your room!! So if you want blasting comedy with Yoshi hanging with Baby Mario around his neck in their various adventures… Go to your mom’s room; Err.. I mean here!

SMB: Game Over (1up)

Mario goes on a classical adventure on rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser… again… Additionally, it contains crazy humor that you might wanna watch it even though old things are clearly new things to people who haven’t seen an item before; yeah like the oldest movies in the world. As of; Luigi attempts to steal the fame from Mario by collecting Coins to be rich and rescuing Princess Peach for the first time. As time goes, things will get wacky… Hey, is that a cloud in the ocean?? What matter; Every time Mario encounters Luigi; Mario has to do something to knock Luigi like a snap to it. Additionally, there is very usual stuff occurred in the game; it won’t be in the actual game. As of, the graphics are pure-classic as though it came from the SMB+AS version. No wonder… This movie is created by the famous ‘’’Matt Morandi’’’ another user from Newgrounds (DUH…) and actually owns a website full of videos to watch for humor and pie!!! The website is… So crazyhead; if you want a classic adventure with Mario and the goofing off Luigi around in the video; go… Here!! Whoa, that time already??

Whew! I thought I’m not done with these oldies, OK guys and guy-yas! The for the new add-on for my section; THE GAME SECTION!!! Ta…ta-Ta-TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAME TIME FOR THE RAPSTER!!!!!

Game Entertainment

Bullet Bill 2

This squeal seriously has no plot whatsoever (Duh, some games like Collapse have no plot just like simple puzzle games do for all humanity). The thing is that you can use the mouse to move the Bullet Bill on the screen, there; you will see a Score Bar which you have a dud ZERO. The player can gain points by crashing into Brick Blocks as obstacles pass by. The player can hit enemies to get points. Usually, in the middle of the level gives you a checkpoint. As of, the Bullet Bill also has to avoid obstacles like Warp Pipes or Ledges (or your TV in the way). Every end of the level you beaten will give you g password to continue playing the game. The main gameplay of the game is the interaction with enemies, for example in every castle it contains a Hammer Brother. At the end of the castle level, you fight a boss. After defeating it; you get a character password to unlock; not too shabby though. The biggest con of the game is there is not enough challenge in the game, like for instance; grass levels only contain Goombas. That’s dumbfully not challenging enough as off. For now, fans are pleased with this squeal as the game focuses on the Scoreboard. The game is created by ‘’’Psycosis91’’’ a guy from newgrounds and whatever they say about their life. So dude, if you want to play this squeal while having free time of your lazy life; Go to…

Infinite Mario Bros!

Yeah, like I’m goanna fall for it, but I did, I fell down into your PS3 called life, Eh? OK, back to your mom’s house I mean my review… In this game, it features a map like from Super Mario Bros. 3, but commonly it’s RANDOM! Yeah, that’s right, even the levels are randomly produced by process, that’s how that that’s the name of the game. Basically, there is just too MUCH RANDOM at fest! As well as the controls are pretty accurate. Some levels have different obstacles like in Fortresses, they have only Bullet Bill Cannons installed there and Underground levels only have Jumping Piranha Plants inside Warp Pipes. Also, since the music is played in MIDI; the music is well played like the Mario music (I wonder if there’s music in a Note Block BLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!). Unfortunately, the game is not finished as the creator made a source code incase anyone will remake the game and the programming. The game is created by ‘’’Markus Persson’’’, a game programmer who works in and the owner of Mojang Specifications. So, if you want powered fun and random things that can happen to you more likely… Go to that pit stop there!! I hope you will try to break the score because it WON’T work!!!

So guys, I hope you have fun with the new add-on I put in my section of Da Shroom!! In next time; I might review 3 game reviews and 3 video reviews waiting up for your next package of the day; MIGHT…. So… See-ya-late-ta-guy-yas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes to making the card game*