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by Mario riding YoshiXzelionETC

Interview with KPH2293

Recently I was able to chat with KPH2293 formerly known as Yoshi626. And learned a great deal about the Mariowiki Sysop.

GG: So why did you join the mariowiki?
KPH: Because I like wikis, and like Mario, so this place is perfect for me.

GG: What was the first article you wrote?
KPH: Jiggy, but that was moved to the RareWiki. The first article that I wrote that's still here is Army Dillo.

GG: How did you find the mariowiki?
KPH: Before I came here, I was on Wookieepedia. One day, I saw that a user named Jabbathehuttgartogg (AKA WarioLoaf) had edited his user page. I checked to see what he did (for no particular reason), and I saw a link to this wiki on his page. I clicked on it, and about a half an hour later, I joined the MarioWiki

GG: What was your first impression of the mariowiki?
KPH: I thought it was good. I liked that its rules weren't as restrictive as Wookieepedia's (they only allow one color in your signature, people under eighteen can't become administrators, etcetera). This wiki, however, didn't have rules like those.

GG: Did you ever get a welcome, and if by who?
KPH: No, I wasn't welcomed when I came here. Super paper luigi left me a welcome months later since I didn't get one when I joined, though.

GG: When you were named a Sysop how did it feel?
KPH: Excellent. Becoming a sysop was perhaps my top goal when I came here. I worked hard to become one. To be honest, that's why I started writing articles, so I'd have a better chance to become one when it was decided that we needed more.

GG: When you came here who were your role models?
KPH: I have great deals of respect for users like Son of Suns and Wayoshi. Son of Suns, for writing and some of the greatest articles on this wiki, and expanding ones to their full potential like his massive expansion of the Goomba article. And Wayoshi, for maintaining this wiki, keeping users in line, and running projects like The 'Shroom.

GG: Out of all the articles here, what is your favorite?
KPH: I think the Yoshi article is rather nice. It's lengthy, and well written.

GG: What are your favorite colors?
KPH: Green and black.

GG: Other than wikis what else do you do?
KPH: Other than the wiki, I mostly play video games. Those are probably my two biggest hobbies.

GG: Do you think this is the last question?
KPH: LOL. Um, I think yes. Every time I've heard that question, it's always the last one.

GG: Yup that was the last thanks KPH2293
KPH: You’re welcome.