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by SaudyTalk!

So comes another month. Another monotopicular rant. Another quote. Another plea for you to join PipeProject:Toad if you haven’t already. In case you happen to be dumb, that’s my formula.

“Mario has a formula. He does. In case you didn’t notice. Several formulas. Its true.”

Listen Up:Added later. “He’s saving a princess. ALWAYS. Collecting Seven Star-Somethings in RPGs. Collect the Star-Things to open up places. Visit castles. Win a party. (Is it that even possible?) Play a sport. Its all getting quite old. And now he’s traveling in SPACE?! Save the GALAXY?! That’s Starfox’s job! Nintendo. Hear my plea. Kill the formula. Do something cool. Original. NEW.”

I wrote that some time ago. Not for you or to Nintendo, but I wrote it. Super Paper Mario was the deciduous answer to my plea. I thank you Nintendo, although the pure hearts were pretty close to formula…. AGRAJAG! WHAT’S THIS? Mario y Sonic van a las Olympicas!? Nintendo, Mada Mada Dane! What’s your big harrowing deal!? Don’t you know? Bhudda! (used in place of God!) What’s your deal?! A point. It’s the 2008 SUMMER Olympics… in Beijing. How can Mario compete, anyway? He’s coniferously slow. Sonic is just too fast for him. Point the Second. For putting [the wiki] through this, [Nintendo] better put [Sonic] in Brawl. Its only fair. To us.

This puts the wiki in a tight place. One of us (probably Grodus, RAP, or someone) will need to waste precious (life is precious) time from their life to play this “title.” If it were the winter Olympics, things would be easier. (,sorta.) Oh well. Nothing we can do. Anyway, I just felt strongly about this. Do you? You should write about it. In e-mail form. Sent to me. Seriously.

I had some PipePlaza material written out that I was going to put here, but no one was interested in it, so it got shut down again. Thanks guys. A lot.

Now, stubs. Some people are questioning what a stub is. Look at the page on John Leguizamo. That’s a stub. But, our page on Beanbean Air isn’t. Neither are Save Album, Torpedo Strike, or Barbecue Guy. These pages could be stubs, but they aren’t. See the glorious B.S. Someone put into this? Do that. Please. Its simple. Look at the Amazing Flyin’ Hammer Bros. page for a really good example of a page that could have been a stub but isn’t.

Opinions on anything? E-MAIL ME. I love it dearly. I did get one this month, but I’m not sure who it is on the site.

Dear HK, I like your section of the newspaper. It is cool. You are cool. Please keep it up. Sincerely,

Dear Person, (Sorry, don’t know your name.)

Could widen your vocabulary a little? The ephemeral amount of time you managed to keep my attention was disgraceful. It sounds like a two year old wrote it! Sweet Siddhartha! That was horrible! It’s the most Osiris-Awful thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I don’t even WANT to know who you are. Sincerely,


Well, that about wraps it up. If I could have some better e-mails next time, remember, I get so few that nearly all of them get put up. I do respond to them all, hither or thither. Your name does get put in here… Which is cool. Please give your MarioWiki username, por favor. Okay… Bye.

-Some math person, to some other math person.