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Director's Notes (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

Hey everybody! Welcome to Fun Stuff on this Special Edition of The 'Shroom. We have some extra things in stock this month, including a redesign of the Fun Stuff layout! I hope you enjoy everything this month. Congratulations to Marshal Dan Troop (talk), as his Trivia section won 25 votes (59.52%) for Section of the Month of June 2014! General bob-omb (talk) and his Hiding Koopa came in second place with 13 votes (30.95%) and Mario7 (talk) in third with his Picross section getting 4 votes (9.52%). Be sure to vote in this month's Section of the Month Poll!

I would also like to thank General bob-omb for his years of contributing to the Fun Stuff team. This month will be his last time writing for us as he has resigned from his position. His dedication and fun Koopa-related puzzles have helped make the Fun Stuff what it is today, and his effort has always been appreciated. We wish him the best in his future endeavors!

And that is all from me this month– enjoy the rest of the show!

Trivia (Marshal Dan Troop (talk))

Did you know?

  1. That Yoshi was originally going to be in Super Mario Bros. but that limitations prevented him from being in?
  2. That the stork originally delivered the Mario bros. to the wrong parents?
  3. That Meowth and King Dedede were going to be in Super Smash Bros. but were cut?
  4. That originally Roy and Marth were going to be the exclusive to the Japanese version of Melee?
  5. That there is only one weird mushroom in Super Mario RPG?

Quiz (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

Hello everybody! I am going to test your Mario knowledge with an eight-question quiz– we will be covering a variety of games and series this time:

  1. Mario was originally a carpenter named Jumpman. Who was the namesake of our favorite plumber...?
  2. Luigi first appeared in which Mario game...?
  3. The Donkey Kong arcade game was originally going to feature a popular sailor, his damsel-in-distress and his arch-nemesis. Which franchise did Nintendo originally plan on using for this project before failing to obtain the license to do so...?
  4. During the development of Donkey Kong Country, the programmers from Rareware often visited the zoo to observe different animals to base Donkey Kong's movements off of. Which animal largely inspired Donkey Kong's running animation...?
  5. Who is Wario's alter-ego that he transforms into in several of the WarioWare games...?
  6. Wario Land was a spin-off of which Mario platforming sub-series...?
  7. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was an advanced game, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, that made use of which chip...?
  8. Poochy ain't...?


  1. Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America's warehouse.
  2. Mario Bros., the 1983 arcade game.
  3. Popeye, which featured Popeye the Sailor Man, Olive Oyl and Bluto.
  4. A horse.
  5. Wario-Man.
  6. Super Mario Land.
  7. Super FX 2 chip.
  8. Poochy ain't stupid!

Guess Who! (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

I am going to present eight hints, let's see if you can guess which character I am talking about. Are you ready? Let's go!

  1. He is considered royalty to his followers.
  2. He likes to navigate the seas.
  3. He is not one of the good guys.
  4. He likes to change costumes... a lot.
  5. He has interesting eyes.
  6. He debuted in a 1994 video game.
  7. His last appearance in a video game was in 2008.
  8. He is a relatively popular request for the Super Smash Bros. series.


King K. Rool is the crocodile (with a tic in his left eye) that you're hunting down! He is a King-turned-Kaptain in the the Donkey Kong Country series, and even dresses up as a mad scientist in one of the games. He debuted in 1994 as Donkey Kong's main enemy and last appeared in Mario Super Sluggers in 2008. Even though his last appearance was six years ago, he still has a devoted fanbase that pushes for him to have a spot in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game's roster.

Guess That Game! (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

I am going to present eight hints about a game, and I will see if you can guess which one it is! Good luck!

  1. It was one of the few Mario games to be released in North America before it was released in Japan.
  2. This game introduced many new elements to the Mario series, some of which have even made it into the Yoshi series.
  3. The villain in this game reappeared in a Legend of Zelda video game as a minor character.
  4. This game has been released several times, including ports and enhanced remakes.
  5. It is one of the first games to portray Luigi as taller and slimmer.
  6. This game is single-player.
  7. A prototype of this game exists that highlights many interesting "beta" elements that were changed in the final version.
  8. The game is based off of another game that existed prior in Japan.


Super Mario Bros. 2 was a remade version of Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic released in North America as a sequel to Super Mario Bros. after Nintendo of America deemed The Lost Levels (the Japanese sequel) as being too difficult and gimmicky. It introduced many characters and villains, such as Shy Guys and Birdo, that still exist in Mario games. Wart, the main villain, reappears in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and teaches Link a song. The game has been released numerous times, such as being bundled in Super Mario All-Stars and an enhanced remake Super Mario Advance.

Find The Differences (Pyro (talk))

Boxart for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker



Hiding Koopa (General bob-omb (talk))

Well, this is a special edition of The 'Shroom (obviously) and it looks like the Koopa decided to hide out in the first game he hid himself in. See if you can find the old version of the Koopa I used to use (and find out why I stopped using it.) Have fun!

Also, I'm resigning, it's been fun stuff (hurr, hurr...) Thanks to all who read the 'Shroom out there and edit the wiki, see ya!



Picross (Mario7 (talk))

Hello y'all! E3 was a bit over a month ago, and many games were announced, including Yoshi's Woolly World! So for my section, I decided to make a something about Yoshi. Can you solve it? If you need a little help, I have again included a partially filled in board. How many of you can do it?

Partly filled in:


Answers: Answer

Crossword (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

To conclude this month's Fun Stuff, I would like to offer a crossword about the newly released Mario Kart 8! To clarify, there are no spaces in between the words, and the clues are below the first image. I hope you enjoy!



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