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Poll Committee Chairperson Election

Sunday, 23 May 2010, a proposal concerning several changes in our current Main Page was accepted by the community and passed. This proposal can be viewed here.

One point this proposal addressed was the creation of a Poll committee, a selected group of users to create and select polls to feature on the Main Page. The members of this committee are meant to be selected by a person in charge of the committee, the Poll Committee Chairperson, who shall be elected by the community. The fifth annual Poll Committee Chairperson Election is taking place here.

What does the Chairperson do?

As the person in charge of the Poll Committee, the Chairperson holds several responsibilities. The essential obligations of the Chairperson are listed below.

The Poll Committee Chairperson...

  • ...needs to select six users who will, together with the Chairperson, form the Poll Committee. These six users should be trusted members of the community.
  • ...needs to select one of these six users to be their surrogate. The surrogate will replace the Chairperson in case they are not able to hold their position anymore.
  • ...should suggest, discuss, and vote on polls in a sub-forum exclusively for the Poll Committee. These polls should be appropriate and not be detrimental for the Mario Wiki's reputation. A forum account is required for the position of the Chairperson, as well as for every other member of the committee.
  • ...should be active. They should be able to cast a vote every two weeks. If a decision cannot be made, the Chairperson holds the right to abstain from voting (the committee needs to be informed of this abstain however). Repeated failure to cast a vote or abstain might result in a loss of the chair position.
  • ...holds the right to suggest the dismissal of a certain committee member if said member does not uphold their responsibilities properly. A vote among all committee members will then commence. If three other members agree with the suggestion, the member in question will be dismissed. The Chairperson then has to select another user to take their place.
  • ...will keep their position for one year, provided that nothing out of the ordinary happens. After that period, a new Chairperson will be elected. The old Chairperson holds the right to attend this election as a candidate once again and thus has the chance to be elected for another year.

If you think you might be a suitable candidate for this position, you can enter this election as a candidate.

How do I become a Chairperson?

To become the Poll Committee's Chairperson, you need to be elected by the Mario Wiki Community. For this matter, you can campaign in the election below. You can join the election as a candidate at any time, except if the election reaches Overtime. If you are interested, follow these steps to nominate yourself:

===Your Name===
Your reason why you should become the Chairperson


  • You can enter the election by filling out this form and posting it below. New campaigns go to the bottom of the page.
  • Listing a runningmate is not a requirement to be a candidate and is only optional.
  • You can only nominate yourself. Entering someone other than you in this election will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure your campaign is of reasonably proper grammar, so that people can understand what you are trying to say.
  • After your campaign is set up, people might add their votes to the Vote section of your campaign. As a user of the Mario Wiki, you have a vote as well, and you are allowed to vote for yourself.
  • If you have the most votes by the end of the election, you will become the new Chairperson. If there is a tie by the end of the election, it will continue between the candidates with the highest amounts of votes for one week. This procedure is called Overtime. If there is still a tie by the end of the new deadline, the election will once again be extended by one week. Overtime continues until one candidate has the highest amount of votes.
  • Please take this matter seriously! Joke campaigns and profanity will be removed without warning. Additional steps might be taken against violators of this rule.

How do I vote here?

You can vote by going to the Vote section of a campaign and add this form to it. Remember to replace “Name” with your actual user name.


Alternatively, a user may cast an anonymous vote by using the form below. Note that people may see who voted anonymously when viewing the page history.


You can only vote for one person at a time. If the election reaches Overtime and your candidate gets eliminated, you can cast another vote for the remaining candidates if you like.


  • To be scheduled.

If there are still questions left, feel free to ask one of Mario Wiki's admins.

It is currently 12:31, October 15 (EST/EDT)

This election ends 20:00, July 19 (EST/EDT)



Hello, everyone. For those of you who don't know me, I am a patroller here and am the Stats Manager for the 'Shroom. Having been a member of the third Poll Committee (under Crocodile Dippy (talk)) and currently a member of the fourth Poll Committee (under Super Mario Bros. (talk)), I'd like to think I'm pretty familiar with how the committee operates, and I've enjoyed my involvement in creating and selecting polls for your consideration. I'm running for Chairperson because I think it's impossible for me to do too much in and for this community. Serving different roles gives me the opportunity to experience new things and better appreciate the things with which I am already familiar. I'd say that if elected, I promise to adhere to the responsibilities of the position, but as that should be a given, I'll just say that it would be a pleasure to serve in this capacity.


  1. Baby Luigi (talk) I think you're a trustworthy user here with the seniority to match. I think you'll be able to handle the job well.
  2. Hypnotoad (talk) After hanging around you for a while now, I know that you're trustworthy and capable of making intelligent decisions. Good luck!
  3. Marshal Dan Troop (talk)
  4. Lumastar (talk) You seem like you would make a very good Poll Chairperson, so I'll vote for you.
  5. Yoshi K (talk) You obviously have the experience and credentials to make a good chairperson.
  6. bluetoad63 (talk) You seem experienced enough for this job. So you get my vote.
  7. Super Mario Bros. (talk) – Mario4Ever has shown himself to be an outstanding figure in both the community and the Poll Committee. I am confident in his ability to lead the team effectively and wish him the best in this upcoming year!

Election Comments

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