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by Superchao (talk)

Hello, readers! I'm interviewing Mason, now known as Puddin, for this issue of the Shroom!

Puddin is known for a few things. He was a forum mod for about half a year, he's made multiple sprite comics (including one of the few successful one, The Three Musketeers), and is known for being generally active both here and at Userpedia.

...Eh, no one reads these anyway. Go read the interview!


Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! For this next interview, I'm interrogating community regular Mason!
Puddin: Hello!
Puddin: (I go by Puddin now.)
Superchao: Okay, Puddin' it is!
Superchao: Let's jump right into the usual first question, since I don't have any new ideas! How did you find the MarioWiki and its community?
Puddin: Well, I had been going to Mario Fan Games Galaxy since 2004 but in August of 2009 I promised to leave the community for a month.
Puddin: Sometime during that time I encountered Turb and Smartyguy... I forget exactly how it happened.
Puddin: But I ended up in #paperchat and eventually I joined the Super Mario Wiki forum.
Superchao: Like, on IRC or what? Or do you just not remember where you met them, either?
Puddin: I don't remember exactly how I met them. One of them or both of them might've been in MFGG's unofficial IRC.
Superchao: Ah, so it was IRC. Chat certainly seems to bring a lot of new faces in, doesn't it.
Superchao: Anyhow, if I may ask, what drew you to the community from #paperchat? After all, we have people who just lurk chat forever.
Puddin: Well, like I said, I had promised to leave MFGG for a month and I was more active on their message board than I was on their main site.
Puddin: So really I guess I was just looking for a new Mario message board to hang out at.
Superchao: Haha, makes sense. I'm much more active at this message board, too. Something in common
Superchao: Anyhow, besides Turb and SG, did you have any other early friends?
Puddin: It's hard for me to remember... I know I used to talk to Jorge a lot.
Superchao: >Jorge
Puddin: As well as Glaive and Scarecrow... but I haven't talked to the two of them very much in these past couple years.
Superchao: Who was Glaive again?
Puddin: I don't know what he goes by now.
Superchao: Welp, there goes that.
Superchao: By the way, what drew you to userpedia? Since you're certainly a regular on there.
Puddin: I joined Userpedia because I actually tried to create a comic called "Quartet of Awesome" long before the Three Mushketeers.
Superchao: How miserably did it bomb?
Puddin: Well, I left Mario Wiki and Userpedia when my time was up for leaving MFGG, and by the time I came back to Mario Wiki and Userpedia, Quartet of Awesome was deleted and forgotten.
Superchao: Ah, yes. Our draconian policies of the past had many victims.
Puddin: It was so bad I think most people assumed it was a troll comic.
Superchao: Pffft, ahaha.
Superchao: No offense but that's definitely funny.
Puddin: None taken
Superchao: Do you even have any idea what it was about, or is such knowledge now a lost mystery of the ages, requiring a man with a whip to investigate an ancient temple to find the truth?
Puddin: Well, all I remember was that it was a drawn comic staring me, Glaive, and Scarecrow. I don't even remember who the fourth person was.
Puddin: Me hand-drawing the comic was a big mistake.
Superchao: Truly, perhaps it is for the best that nothing is remembered.
Superchao: So, since we already brought up comics, time to start talking about them some more! First, your most well remembered and known comic, The Three Musketeers!
Superchao: What inspired you to make it?
Puddin: Well, I still felt fairly new to the Mario Wiki forum since I hadn't made very many posts. I felt like it was a way for people to get to know me. Plus I used to love making sprite comics when I was younger.
Superchao: Well, they've always been popular! On and off, though
Superchao: So, admit it. Did you just make up the plot as you went along?
Puddin: You betcha.
Superchao: It turned out pretty well, at least!
Puddin: Although once I established they were collecting 7 shine sprites, I was keeping it to that.
Puddin: ...or at least trying.
Superchao: I assume they went on long filler excursions
Puddin: Sometimes they weren't very... excursiony. Remember how long they sat and chatted with Tigertot before the "fight" ?
Superchao: Nope!
Superchao: Confession time: I've never read TTM all the way through.
Superchao: I've read bits and pieces, that's it.
Puddin: It's okay... nowadays I don't really feel like it's worth reading. Eventually I'll be uploading my old comics in zip files (including TTM) so people can download them and read them at their leisure.
Superchao: That'll be nice. Maybe I'll read it sometime then.
Puddin: ...Since I recently removed them from Userpedia.
Superchao: ...Oh.
Superchao: So, what did you think of making the comic?
Superchao: What I mean is, how did you feel about it during and after, and so on.
Puddin: At first while making the comic I was surprised other people found it funny, but then I started to agree I guess? I don't know how to say that without sounding egotistic. But after TTM was done and Anton the 5th was canceled, I felt self-conscious about the comics again.
Puddin: At least if I make them available in ZIP files it'll be with a sort of disclaimer that I made them a long time ago.
Superchao: Nah, I sorta get what you're saying.
Superchao: You thought it was pretty good because everyone else liked it and then you looked back and thought "ehhh it's not good"
Puddin: Yep. lol
Superchao: So, tell us more about Anton the 5th.
Superchao: Why'd you cancel that?
Puddin: Well, partly out of laziness, and partly because I had a lot of life issues going on.
Superchao: Ah, I see. Wasn't that about the time you resigned from being a mod, too?
Puddin: Yep.
Puddin: By the time my living situation stabled out again, the comic seemed too old for me to finish. And as for the mod thing, I didn't want to be like "HI GUYS CAN I BE MOD AGAIN"
Superchao: Well, there's no real problem with asking that lol
Superchao: We've had it happen before
Superchao: But I can understand if you didn't want to, is all!
Puddin: ..Oh! Honestly I wouldn't mind being a mod again if you guys ever need me. I've been doing pretty well with school and even had time to start a new sprite comic series.
Superchao: Ah, alright. Well, I think we're doing pretty well right now, but I'll keep that in mind!
Superchao: Anyhow, since we've talked about the Mushkeeteer series...
Superchao: How about Late Night?
Superchao: That one... kind of died fast.
Puddin: Similar reasons. My last living situation wasn't exactly too happy so I was very depressed in my personal life.
Superchao: Ah, sorry to hear that.
Superchao: You and Tabuu ever thought of reviving it, or?
Puddin: I haven't talked to him about it much.
Superchao: Well alright.
Puddin: I know a lot of people were also disappointed when I didn't finish my Luigi fan game or my Stanley the Bug Man fan game.
Puddin: At the time it was easier for me to lay in bed all day eating ice cream and watching Dragon Ball Z.
Superchao: You were making fan games?
Superchao: Why not tell us more?
Puddin: Well, my most successful fan game so far has been Bloop Rinse, a mini game where you play as a Blooper.
Puddin: It won Best Minigame 2011 at Mario Fan Games Galaxy
Superchao: Ooh, sounds pretty rewarding.
Superchao: What exactly d'ya do in it?
Puddin: Well, in Bloop Rinse multiple Marios fall from the top of the screen and you have 90 seconds to ram into as many as you can.
Puddin: *plugging intensifies*
Superchao: I see. Perhaps I will try it sometime!
Superchao: So, why not tell us more about your canceled games?
Puddin: Well, one game I was developing was called Super Stanley World where you play as Stanley the Bugman.
Puddin: I made it so Pauline became Stanley the Bugman's gilfriend and Donkey Kong kidnaps her.
Superchao: donkey kong why, i trusted you D:
Puddin: I was also trying to make an action RPG where you play as Luigi
Puddin: The gameplay style was going to be kind of a mix of StarTropics and Zelda
Superchao: Sounds a bit difficult. I have enough trouble with RPG Maker for static RPGs.
Superchao: Maybe I just suck, though.
Puddin: Nah, just takes practice.
Superchao: I see, thanks for telling us.
Superchao: Now, there was another comic. Weren't you originally starting Bouncing Through The Multiverse as its own thing for like...
Superchao: four issues
Puddin: Yep.
Puddin: Again, life issues and laziness.
Superchao: Alas, life issues and laziness.
Superchao: Combined they murder so many comics.
Puddin: Plus I had made the plot too complicated.
Superchao: Oh? How so?
Puddin: Well, it was going to involve 4 different universes
Puddin: and an attempt to streamline my character's backstory
Superchao: 4 different universes seems the opposite of streamlined, tbh
Puddin: Then I was going to merge it with Anton the 5th.
Superchao: dun dun DUN
Superchao: *plot twists intensify*
Superchao: ...wait
Superchao: Anton the 5th musketeer as the 5th universe. I get it!
Puddin: for sure
Puddin: Then I rebooted Bouncing Through the Universe AND tried doing remakes of Three Mushketeers and Anton the 5th but that was even more complicated
Puddin: That was "Macadamia Kai"
Superchao: Ahh, right, that.
Superchao: How many issues did THAT have? Because I barely remember it at all.
Puddin: ...I don't even know what Kai means. I just thought it sounded neat.
Superchao: Wasn't it based on Dragonball Z Kai or something
Superchao: i.e. remaking it with less filler
Puddin: Ummm...
Puddin: 61 apparently
Superchao: ...61 issues?
Superchao: Well. That's quite a bit more than I thought!
Superchao: For some reason I was under the impression it died after like, ten or something
Puddin: That was why I called it Kai but I'm not entirely sure what kai actually means
Superchao: Don't worry, I've used all kinds of words without being entirely sure of what they mean/if they apply to the context! for example, senpai
Puddin: Ah.
Puddin: I had a friend that called me baka and I thought she was using it as a term of endearment.
Superchao: hahaha, yeah that's the kind of thing that gets awkward later on
Superchao: And so what happened to Kai? Same as all the rest?
Puddin: Pretty much. I had turned a complicated project (Bouncing Through the Multiverse) into an even more complicated project (BttM and two remakes at the same time.)
Superchao: Yeah, I can see how that'd be overwheming.
Superchao: I forget, did you have anything between then and Cashew Comics?
Puddin: Nope.
Superchao: Righto, then let's talk about Cashew Comics!
Puddin: Sounds good.
Superchao: So, what inspired you to write this one?
Puddin: Well, mainly I wanted to be an active member of the Userpedia community again.
Puddin: Now that my living situation is okay and I'm going to college, I finally have time to put effort into a comic instead of just goofing around on the forums.
Superchao: Ah, I see. Having the time to do so always helps, indeed.
Superchao: I was also curious about where you got the inspiration for your plot, and all.
Puddin: Well, I wanted to see if I could do a plot that didn't revolve around "COLLECT A BUNCH OF SHINY THINGS"
Puddin: In fact, that was eventually what Bouncing through the Multiverse would've boiled down to.
Superchao: Wait, really? How so?
Puddin: Well, I was going to eventually have a cast of characters going through different universes looking for Stars or some other shiny object to prevent the multiverse from being destroyed or taken over by Neptune.
Superchao: neptune why D:
Puddin: I don't know how exactly I came up with the current idea but I have a basic framework for the plot in my mind.
Superchao: But yeah, I look forward to seeing where you go with this new comic!
Puddin: Glad to hear! Things should get interesting now that I've revealed Uniju will be a boss antagonist.
Superchao: I look forward to it!
Superchao: Well, now that we've covered your various comics forward and back, let's spread out a little more!
Puddin: o:
Superchao: You were a mod on Marioboards for oh... about half a year. Why not tell us what that was like?
Puddin: I enjoyed it but it took a little thinking sometimes.
Superchao: Yeah, it can get hard to figure out what the best course of action is...
Puddin: Yeah, especially in the face of borderline rule breaks and general trolling
Superchao: Some people.
Superchao: Anyhow, were you surprised when you got promoted?
Puddin: Um... I don't remember! I think I was. I had never really had such a position of power on a message before.
Puddin: Well, besides Userpedia's forum.
Superchao: But nobody does things on the UP forum anyway lol
Superchao: Well, I'd have to say you did pretty well with it, at least.
Puddin: Good to know
Superchao: How about Userpedia? I think you've had positions on there?
Puddin: Yep, I've been sysop on Userpedia (inactive as of late.)
Puddin: I also used to be a sysop on the MFGG Wiki.
Superchao: And what's that been like? On the rare occasions things had to be done
Puddin: I think on both wikis I mostly dealt with technical things and less with trolls, so it was fine.
Superchao: Sounds relaxing
Puddin: Well on MFGG wiki it was tedious when I had to reformat over 100 userboxes.
Puddin: But I guess relaxing overall.
Superchao: hahahah wow, that does sound annoying
Superchao: In terms of just tediousness.
Superchao: So what's it like on the forums now? D'ya like it? Any major friends?
Puddin: Well I hang in in #marioguychat a lot... I can't list all the many friends I have but I get along with Edo and Anton really well
Puddin: Mostly on the boards I post in random threads... and I can be quite opinionated at times so I'm always worried it could be a threat to my friendships.
Puddin: But everyone I get along with seems to handle my opposing opinions pretty maturely.
Superchao: Eh, I don't think good friends will generally ditch you over your opinions.
Superchao: Ah, glad to hear it.
Puddin: If anyone's ever immature over opinions it's probably me
Superchao: Hopefully that's not too much of a problem, ahaha
Puddin: I think things are fine, especially now that I have more of a stable situation in real life.
Superchao: Ah, good to hear.
Superchao: We were talking about Userpedia earlier, so I might as well ask. What's your take on the current, well, deadness of the place?
Puddin: Well, maybe it's under-advertised.
Puddin: I don't really know what I could do to get more people to join, but maybe if more Mario Wiki members knew about it they would join.
Puddin: I wonder if Cashew Comics could draw a little activity to Userpedia...
Superchao: Perhaps, but it does seem like it's just hard to get activity there in general.
Superchao: Best we seem to be able to do is at the awards...
Superchao: Well, we seem to be pretty clear on your mariowiki and related areas. And you've mentioned MFGG and Minus World a lot.
Superchao: Why not tell us some more about you being there?
Puddin: Well, I don't know. I've been on MFGG since 2004 when I was 14 years old. Eventually "The Split" occurred because they wanted to separate the non-fangaming community from the fangame community.
Superchao: Seems a bit silly to me. I've never seen splits of communities work out well.
Superchao: Or mergers, for that matter. Generally upheavals never seem to end well...
Puddin: Well...
Puddin: In my opinion it was devastating. Imagine if Mario Boards kicked out everyone who didn't contribute to the Mario Wiki?
Superchao: then we'd have like half our userbase banned
Superchao: including me
Puddin: It took me a while to actually joined the Mario Wiki but I eventually did join and I made some edits.
Superchao: So the nonfangaming group went off and formed Minus World, right?
Superchao: How badly did that wreck MFGG?
Puddin: Well, people have mixed opinions on it.
Puddin: But eventually MFGG reinstated their "General Chat" subforum (so you could post without talking about fan games) so I think that speaks for itself.
Superchao: It sure does. How did Minus World go, though?
Superchao: I've heard about it, and I've heard... mixed opinions.
Puddin: Minus World has been overcome with severe trolling throughout its entire existence.
Puddin: I still go there because I get along with most everyone there, and we have competitions and badges.
Superchao: Ah, seems interesting. But yeah, I've heard about the trolling.
Superchao: Gives it kind of a... reputation.
Puddin: Overall I think it's a good forum, we just need more people.
Superchao: that's what plenty of forums seem to say, and all!
Puddin: Kind of started talking about it with negative comments but...
Puddin: The people who go there are really interesting and we have a lot of fun with competitions
Puddin: Even with the rampant trolling they so far haven't succeeded in taking that away from us.
Puddin: But yeah, that's all I have to say about MFGG and Minus World.
Superchao: Ah, I see. Glad to hear it's pretty good, then.
Superchao: So, why don't we talk about videogames! Considering those are always significant.
Puddin: Um... I'll try.
Puddin: Unfortunately I don't have the money for a 3DS or a Wii U.
Puddin: But I've really been wanting to play Pokémon X or Y.
Superchao: Well, I was more asking about your favorites, for example favorite Mario game.
Superchao: Of ones you have played, that is.
Puddin: Hmmm...
Puddin: It's hard for me to pick between Super Mario World and Super Mario 64
Puddin: Kind of like how it's hard for me to pick between LttP and OoT as my favorite Zelda game.
Puddin: I really liked the SNES and N64 eras.
Superchao: Well, why not talk about both, then?
Superchao: What interests you in each of them?
Puddin: It feels so natural playing them.
Puddin: Kind of like Mario is an extension of myself... it's like I'm Mario-bending!
Puddin: I've become so familiar with the physics of both games I could always pick up either game and play it for hours on end.
Superchao: Sorta getcha there, muscle memory and all that. I've had the same experience with a few games.
Superchao: Any other standout Marios?
Puddin: Hmmm.
Puddin: For some reason I get kind of sick of SMB3
Puddin: It's a great game and all
Puddin: But I don't feel like I have as much control over Mario as I do in SMW.
Puddin: SMB3 seems more fun to play with friends than SMW however.
Superchao: Ah, well. I've never actually played it myself despite all the hype.
Puddin: Really?
Superchao: Nope!
Superchao: SMB3, that is. I've played SMW and SM64's remakes.
Puddin: I see
Superchao: Out of curiosity, what's your take on the RPGs? Either series, that is
Puddin: I love all the Paper Mario games and I love all the MLSS games
Puddin: well, I haven't played Dream Team or Sticker Star...
Puddin: Also, I love SMRPG
Puddin: I think Paper Mario TTYD is my favorite Mario RPG
Puddin: But I think I prefer the M&L series to the Paper Mario series oddly enough
Superchao: Nah, that's understandable. Different tastes, and all that.
Superchao: (I'd advise against Sticker Star though. IMO, it sucks.)
Puddin: lol I've heard bad things about it
Puddin: the first two games I want when I get a 3DS are PKMN X or Y and Ocarina of Time 3DS
Superchao: May I ask why you like M&L?
Puddin: I don't know. I like the battle system and the humor.
Superchao: Ah, that's understandable. Inside Story had some pretty great writing, for exmaple.
Puddin: Yep
Superchao: So, you're a fan of both Pokemon and Zelda, then?
Puddin: Yep
Superchao: what makes you interested in each?
Puddin: I dunno how to respond to that lol
Puddin: They're just fun
Puddin: I don't like the control styles in some of the newer Zelda titles
Puddin: (Skyward Sword and the DS games)
Superchao: Ah, the motion/stylus ones?
Superchao: Yeah, I've heard those have been pretty controversial
Puddin: Yeah. I prefer using a control pad.
Superchao: I can understand, it just feels a lot easier that way.
Superchao: Well since you don't seem to have much to talk about lol
Superchao: Any other game series you'd say you're a fan of? Either Nintendo or non
Puddin: Ummm
Puddin: I don't know if this counts as a guilty pleasure but..
Puddin: Tony Hawk
Puddin: I don't normally play sports games
Superchao: Not sure if it's a guilty pleasure, per se
Superchao: But it's the first time I've heard anyone recommend it, ahaha
Puddin: I love THPS3 and Tony Hawk's Underground
Puddin: Those are the two that got me addicted to the series.
Superchao: Any particular reason why, if you're not normally a sports gamer?
Puddin: I kinda have a muscle memory with those games too I guess
Puddin: And I like the multiplayer
Superchao: Ah, multiplayer's pretty good. I think. I haven't had the chance to do multiplayer in a looong time, sadly.
Superchao: Well, we seem to have the well of vidya chat run dry. So why don't you tell us about things outside of video games and internet?
Superchao: If such things exist lol
Puddin: Well... I wasn't very athletic as a kid but I've recently been playing basketball!
Superchao: Hooray!
Superchao: Are you any good at it?
Puddin: Heck no. But it's good for me to finally start practicing hand-eye coordination.
Superchao: Hahahah, well.
Superchao: Maybe it will come with time.
Puddin: I played 4 on 4 with some acquiescences a few weeks ago and they said I was good on defense.
Puddin: So usually I pass the ball instead of trying to shoot.
Superchao: Good for you, it's always wise to play to ones strengths.
Superchao: Any other standout things you do? Reading, running, evil plotting?
Puddin: Well, I only read books for school, and I read things on the internet.
Puddin: I do run! I try to jog 60 minutes a day.
Superchao: >only read books for school
Superchao: Well I know who I need to kill next
Puddin: lol
Superchao: (just kidding obv)
Puddin: I used to read a lot more when I was younger.
Superchao: And perhaps I should standardize my own running
Puddin: The last book I read for leisure was Demon Seed by Dean Koontz.
Puddin: Not safe for kids!
Superchao: I see, I see.
Superchao: Right, so, would you say...
Superchao: That this is the last question?
Puddin: Um, I hope so. Glad you didn't ask me about the evil plotting again...
Superchao: Right, well. Thanks for being here, then.
Puddin: Thanks for having me!


Puddin's pretty cool, and he's definitely been notable around here. As per usual I don't really have anything more to say, because conclusions are my enemy. So, see you next time!

Issue LXXX
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