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by Superchao (talk)

Greetings, 'Shroom readers! I'm Superchao, and introductions are still the enemy!

This month, I'm interviewing Gamefreak75, for Issue 75! Yes, it's quite apt. Fun fact: he was originally going to be interviewed in like October or something but a rearrangement was suggested and thus we get this. Anyhow.

Gamefreak's certainly one of the more well-known people here. At the time of this writing he's the only person to be staff on the forum, wiki, and chat - and he's certainly active on all three. He's also been the host of the Fail Awards three years running, and was the Fun Stuff Director on the Shroom throughout the 2011 and 2012 terms. With all these hats, you could even make a TF2 joke!


Superchao: Hello once again, Shroom readers! For this issue, I'm interviewing the aptly named Gamefreak75!
Gamefreak75: Hello.
Superchao: So, Mr. Gamefreak. Why are you number 75?
Superchao: Were you planning this special issue from the very beginning of your time here?
Gamefreak75: Because all the other numbers were taken, obviously.
Superchao: I thought it was because there was an army of Gamefreak clones.
Gamefreak75: You're not supposed to tell people about them!
Gamefreak75: I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you after this interview.
Superchao: Not if I kill you first!
Superchao: After the interview, of course.
Superchao: Can't interview a dead guy.
Gamefreak75: Well, you're interviewing me and you're DEAD to ME.
Superchao: That's because the need for an interviewer is strong enough to defeat even DEATH ITSELF!
Superchao: ...Which means we should probably get on with the interview. How did you find the wiki, anyway?
Gamefreak75: I think I was browsing for Super Mario Sunshine glitches back in '08.
Gamefreak75: Never bothered to make an account until March 2009 under Gamefreak5.
Gamefreak75: (Don't tell anyone, this is my sockpuppet!)
Superchao: What happened to Gamefreak5?
Gamefreak75: He died because I forgot the password.
Gamefreak75: He just sits on the wiki and does nothing.
Superchao: Reminds me of my two sockpuppets.
Superchao: I think it was two, at least. So whenabouts and whyabouts did you start contributing a lot? Abouts.
Gamefreak75: I actually made a new account in September.
Gamefreak75: Specifically to edit Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story info.
Gamefreak75: My first edit was actually the Flifit page, if I remember correctly.
Gamefreak75: To be honest, I didn't even think about joining the Mario Wiki until things at Pikipedia and Kirby Wikia got a bit slow.
Gamefreak75: Yeah, that's basically it.
Gamefreak75: The rest is history.
Superchao: Why'd you show up at Pikipedia and Kirby Wikia, then?
Superchao: Also, wikia? HERESY!
Superchao shuns Gamefreak75
Gamefreak75: Please don't tell the others I used to work for Wikia.
Gamefreak75: They'll have my head on a pike with the others.
Superchao: It stops you from killing me, soooo
Gamefreak75: I joined Pikipedia after looking around a bit and seeing they had a create your own enemy thread.
Gamefreak75: At the time, I didn't know Pikmin Fanon existed.
Superchao: I'm not sure it even existed at the time.
Gamefreak75: So I joined Pikipedia and my first thing there was placing my idea for a species of Snagret.
Gamefreak75: A horribly edited one, mind you.
Gamefreak75: I think it was Aero Snagret or Mecha Snagret.
Superchao: And how laughed at were you?
Gamefreak75: Nobody laughed.
Gamefreak75: I have no idea how I got into editing there anyways.
Gamefreak75: I seriously think most of my edits were user talk.
Gamefreak75: I was a horrible editor there.
Superchao goes to give Gamefreak a userspace warning
Gamefreak75: Jokes on you, that's not a rule at Pikipedia.
Gamefreak75: Therefore, your warning is INVALID.
Superchao: Uh in that case let's talk about Kirby Wikia and ignore my slipup
Gamefreak75: I think I joined Kirby Wikia under the guise that I would be working on some of the anime articles.
Gamefreak75: And I did do that.
Gamefreak75: I worked around uploading images for the shoddy pages.
Gamefreak75: I got promoted 15 days later.
Gamefreak75: That was at the time when FoxBox or whatever it was, probably 4Kids, still showed the episodes on their website.
Superchao: >15 days
Superchao: What kind of situation were they in!?
Gamefreak75: Of course, they were taken down two months after I found out about it.
Gamefreak75: I think the wiki was pretty stagnate.
Gamefreak75: Is that even the right word?
Gamefreak75: If I'm making a fool of myself readers, please say so in the Shroom LXXV topic.
Superchao: I'll be sure to write a 2000-word dissertation on your foolishness.
Gamefreak75: I'll counter that with a 2001 word page on your foolishness.
Gamefreak75: But yeah, sadly, I hardly edit there anymore.
Superchao: So you arrived at MarioWiki and started editing things.
Superchao: What kind of things did you edit?
Gamefreak75: I think the only things I edited for a while were ML:BIS articles.
Gamefreak75: Let me check.
Superchao: Well, did you spread out, or were they just
Gamefreak75: "Wow he's SO GOOD at BiS stuff we MUST PROMOTE HIM"
Gamefreak75: I didn't get promoted on the wiki until 8 months after I joined; sometime in July is when I got promoted to patroller.
Gamefreak75: But yeah, the only things I edited were my userpage and the ML:BIS pages for a while.
Superchao: >8 months
Superchao: Some of us have toiled for 6 years with no promotion.
Superchao: And by toiled I mean "haven't done anything close to promotion worthy"
Superchao: So my point is that there's actually nothing wrong with that! Congrats.
Gamefreak75: I've got the looks, what can I say?
Superchao: you have a trumpet sticking out of your face
Gamefreak75: More like several.
Gamefreak75: Man, I'm right in front of your face.
Superchao: Depends, are you New or Miracle right now?
Gamefreak75: Well, people consider my works miraculous.
Gamefreak75: So, I'd go with the former.
Superchao: (do you mean the latter)
Gamefreak75: I said the former, didn't I?
Gamefreak75: And I plan to stick with my decision.
Gamefreak75: I can't be shoving trumpets up my nose whenever I feel like it.
Superchao: Anyhow, what was it like being a patroller? and patrolling all the things
Gamefreak75: Bah, I almost never patrolled anything.
Gamefreak75: It was nice having roleblocking powers though.
Gamefreak75: Very convenient.
Superchao: If you never patrolled anything, why did you get promoted again?
Superchao: Do you sysop things?
Gamefreak75: I administrate many things, yes.
Superchao: I said sysop, not administrate.
Gamefreak75: They're the same thing.
Gamefreak75: Administrate sounds fancier anyways.
Superchao: Oh, so now we're a fancy boy!
Superchao: What's it like being a fancy sysop, anyway?
Gamefreak75: I'm a man of many personalities.
Gamefreak75: It's a good job...except I don't get paid.
Superchao: See, that's what being a forum mod is for.
Superchao: You get paid. Sure, it's in literal peanuts, but still.
Superchao: On that note, how did you become active on the forum?
Gamefreak75: I think the only reason I joined the Forums in the first place was for Shroom stuff.
Gamefreak75: Back then I was merely the Ads Salesman making shitty ads, heh.
Gamefreak75: I'm not sure why I became active on the forums, though,
Gamefreak75: Probably purely out of boredom.
Superchao: Well, you most certainly did become active.
Superchao: Somehow you even got promoted!
Superchao: Was booze involved?
Gamefreak75: It's...a long story...
Superchao: We have time.
Gamefreak75: Booze wasn't involved, per say.
Superchao: We have all the time in the world. I locked us in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Gamefreak75: Oh, so that's where we are.
Gamefreak75: I can see my life passing by me now...
Superchao: Then you might as well tell me about it!
Superchao: Have you enjoyed being a mod at all?
Gamefreak75: Yes, it's a good job.
Gamefreak75: Except when I actually have to do work.
Superchao: Same here
Superchao: No-work high five!
Gamefreak75: Maybe we should ban everyone so we can be work-free.
Gamefreak75: That's right, reader, I'm looking at you.
Superchao: Shh, don't tell them of the plans.
Superchao: Let's cycle around back to the shroom for a tad.
Superchao: Why did you sign up originally?
Gamefreak75: To be honest, I forgot.
Superchao: Aaaaahahahaha!
Gamefreak75: I think it all boils down to: making up an ad seemed interesting.
Gamefreak75: Kind of like the Pikipedia debacle.
Superchao: And was it?
Gamefreak75: Well, my first ad was shitty.
Gamefreak75: Please don't look it up.
Superchao: What issue did you say it was?
Gamefreak75: Then I, (probably not) seemed to be getting better with the ads.
Gamefreak75: Then it got to the point where I lost interest in doing them and just quit.
Superchao: And how did you go from quitting to subteam director?
Gamefreak75: I think my work as a patroller helped me with that.
Gamefreak75: Well, by the time I was a subteam director I was a sysop.
Gamefreak75: But yeah, I was Fun Stuff director for two years.
Superchao: That doesn't answer why they asked you or why you said yes. :colbert:
Gamefreak75: Then Shoey overthrew me after losing a duel.
Superchao: That's our Shoey! *laughtrack*
Gamefreak75: I said yes because I needed more power.
Gamefreak75: Without it, I cannot survive.
Superchao: Soon, you will grow strong enough to destroy us all. Obviously I must demote you for the good of the world!
Gamefreak75: Destroy me, and I take the forums down with me.
Gamefreak75: Your choice.
Gamefreak75: Readers, you decide the fate of the forums.
Superchao: What a cliffhanger!
Superchao: Sooo.
Superchao: What was it like, directing a subteam?
Gamefreak75: It was confusing at first.
Gamefreak75: I was still using the godawful dual-column format.
Gamefreak75: Then the staff decided it was crap, so we changed it to the format today.
Gamefreak75: I think the worst part was waiting for people to send in their sections.
Gamefreak75: Since I didn't want to send it to the staff, then have someone send in their section a day later.
Gamefreak75: So I gave a wee bit of leniency, I think.
Superchao: Luckily, I am a punctuality GOD. So no one has to worry about my sections.
Superchao: Why did you resign? By which I mean why did Shoey have the chance for an uprising?
Gamefreak75: well PeRch/ TrY to Fix thIS mESS
Superchao: what
Gamefreak75: I lost interest in directing.
Gamefreak75: Also college and my job was getting in the way.
Superchao: Oh, okay. Pretty simple.
Superchao: What's your job, anyway?
Gamefreak75: That's top secret.
Superchao: I knew you were CIA all along.
Gamefreak75: No, I work for someone else.
Gamefreak75: Someone more powerful.
Superchao: :O
Superchao: Before you have me assassinated for asking too much, let's talk about other things.
Superchao: So, is there anyone in particular you'd say was your first friend on the wiki?
Gamefreak75: Yes.
Superchao: And who would that be?
Gamefreak75: Baby Mario Bloops.
Superchao: Hmm, interesting. How'd you two get to interacting?
Gamefreak75: We just chatted every now and then and collaborated on a project together, the Dyllis/Saffron recipes one, iirc.
Superchao: Ah, I see. Do you still talk with him much?
Gamefreak75: No. not really.
Superchao: Ah, too bad.
Superchao: How about now, anyone you'd pick out as major friends?
Gamefreak75: Everyone is my friend. </cheesy>
Superchao: copout
Superchao: On an unrelated note: What would you say your favorite Mario game is?
Gamefreak75: Oh, uh.
Gamefreak75: I think my favorite would have to be Super Mario Galaxy.
Gamefreak75: Although Partners in Time is a close second.
Superchao: May I ask why?
Gamefreak75: Obviously it's nowhere near my favorite game of all time though.
Gamefreak75: I have quite a few memories from both games.
Gamefreak75: It was at a time when I was living in my grandparent's house.
Gamefreak75: And when I was moving from middle school to high school.
Superchao: Makes sense to me.
Superchao: Are there any Mario games you dislike? Significantly, I mean.
Gamefreak75: The first one that comes to mind is Mario Party 9.
Gamefreak75: Definitely the worst Mario Party I've played.
Superchao: Is it because of all the changes and such?
Superchao: I remember Pi talking about that, too.
Gamefreak75: I know Mario Party games are supposed to have a bit of luck in them, but this game really overdid it.
Gamefreak75: Pi :'(
Superchao: RIPi in peace.
Superchao: So, mind if I handle the non-Mario a bit differently?
Gamefreak75: Sure.
Superchao: I'll just ask about the six series suggested, and then you can bring up others if you want.
Superchao: First off: Metroid
Superchao: Tell me about you and it.
Gamefreak75: Well, my favorite game in the series definitely has to be Prime 2.
Gamefreak75: Something about the atmospheres of the four main areas made it amazing.
Gamefreak75: Sanctuary Fortress was definitely the best area in the game, hands down.
Superchao: You get it, at least!
Gamefreak75: Prime 1 was pretty good too.
Superchao: Sanctuary was great (except for Spider Guardian), and I personally liked the whole dark world aspect.
Superchao: How about Prime 3?
Gamefreak75: Prime 3 was boring.
Gamefreak75: Yeah, the Dark Aether aspect was great.
Gamefreak75: The worlds in Prime 3 didn't stand out much to me, personally.
Gamefreak75: Skytown was pretty cool, but Bryyo was a poor excuse for a jungle/ruins world.
Gamefreak75: The final boss of Prime 3 was a disappointment compared to the ones in the past Prime games.
Superchao: I haven't ever beaten Bryyo, so I can't really say.
Superchao: How so?
Gamefreak75: It didn't feel...satisfying?
Gamefreak75: It just felt so easy.
Gamefreak75: And dull.
Superchao: Ah, alright.
Superchao: What's your take on Other M?
Gamefreak75: We do not speak about that game.
Gamefreak75: Ever.
Superchao: Righto! Time to move on, then.
Superchao: Tomorrow, that is! Thanks for willing to break.
Gamefreak75: See you all tomorrow readers.
Gamefreak75: If there is a tomorrow.
Gamefreak75: *evil laughter*


Superchao: Welcome back, Shroom readers! Even though to you, no time passed at all!
Gamefreak75: Hi.
Superchao: So, how about telling me about the Mother series?
Superchao: Unlike Metroid, I pretty much never played it. Got to chapter 3 of M3 and got tired of it.
Gamefreak75: That's a shame.
Gamefreak75: You're a terrible person.
Superchao: I know, isn't it grand?
Gamefreak75: The Mother series isn't really for everyone.
Gamefreak75: I could see why people wouldn't like EarthBound, because honestly it even bores me in the beginning.
Superchao: I haven't even tried Earthbound!
Gamefreak75: It really doesn't get better until after the first Sanctuary Guardian.
Gamefreak75: Wow, do you even have a soul?
Superchao: I used to, but I loaned it to a friend.
Superchao: He hasn't given it back.
Superchao: How about Mother 3, when does that get better? Chapter 7?
Gamefreak75: Funny.
Gamefreak75: Mother 3 isn't boring in the beginning, like EarthBound.
Gamefreak75: At least to me, although I can see why Chapter 3 can be a bore to some.
Superchao: Well, okay, it wasn't boring in Chapter 1. But Chapters 2 and 3 were... ehhh, personally.
Gamefreak75: But Fassad makes his grand appearance in that Chapter so it's all good.
Gamefreak75: Are you trolling me?
Gamefreak75: Chapter 2 was my favorite one.
Superchao: oh shit you're onto me
Superchao backflips away
Gamefreak75 locks the door
Superchao backflips in through the window
Superchao: But we're not here to ask why I don't like it, we're here to ask why you DO like it! Tell us more.
Gamefreak75: There's something about the games that's compelling.
Gamefreak75: The music is fantastic in EarthBound and Mother 3.
Gamefreak75: There's funny dialogue.
Gamefreak75: And at the same time, especially with Mother 3, it tugs on your emotions.
Gamefreak75: David Cage would be jealous.
Superchao: "Strange, funny, and heartrending"?
Gamefreak75: Yes.
Gamefreak75: That's basically the series in a nutshell.
Superchao: I think it's heavier on the strange than the other two.
Gamefreak75: If anyone wants to try the series, I would recommend skipping Mother 1.
Superchao: Already accomplished! o7
Gamefreak75: That game will turn you away from the series quickly.
Superchao: The closest I ever got to it was a creepypasta :V
Gamefreak75: >:(
Superchao: Pikmin.
Gamefreak75: Another one of my favorite series.
Superchao: Indeed, why do you think I asked about it?
Gamefreak75: I remember not liking the original when it first came out.
Superchao: If this was a "let's ask about random series" I'd be Touhouing all over the place.
Gamefreak75: It took me a few years to fully appreciate it.
Superchao: I remember not playing the original when it first came out!
Gamefreak75: Well, I know nothing about Touhou, so...!
Superchao: There's a funny story about how I got into Pikmin, but you should tell yours first.
Gamefreak75: I got Pikmin like the week it was released because of the commercial for it.
Gamefreak75: I pretty much blindly got my way through the game until dying at the Forest Navel.
Gamefreak75: As in, going over the 30 day limit and getting the bad ending.
Gamefreak75: I was terrible at that game and hated it.
Superchao: And you didn't even unlock the distant spring?
Gamefreak75: Not that I recall.
Superchao: I have so many reaction faces to laugh at you for that. But :effort:
Gamefreak75: Says the one who didn't get past Chapter 3 of Mother 3.
Superchao: In my case, I wanted Pikmin to get the Captain Olimar trophy in Melee.
Superchao: But Dad got Pikmin 2 instead! But I played Pikmin 2 and found it really fun so it was all good.
Gamefreak75: Pikmin 2 is my favorite GameCube game.
Gamefreak75: Hands down.
Gamefreak75: It improved on everything that made Pikmin 1 good.
Superchao: It helps that it doesn't have a time limit, considering paying off the debt took 81 days and multiple Pikmin genocides in my first file.
Gamefreak75: Paying off the debt took me 30 days.
Gamefreak75: You now must admit I'm better than you.
Superchao: How long did it take you to get 201 treasures?
Gamefreak75: 57 days
Superchao: D-damn! I can't defeat that argument!
Gamefreak75: I recently replayed the game, actually.
Gamefreak75: Back in February
Gamefreak75: Got all 201 treasures in 14 days.
Superchao: My record for getting all treasures is 155 days.
Superchao: im good at pikmin
Gamefreak75: Pikmin 2 is one of those games that gets better every time you play it.
Gamefreak75: There's always new strategies to use and stuff like that.
Superchao: It does, but there's something enjoyable about my first ridiculous playthrough. Can't really describe it.
Superchao: Pikmin 1 went pretty fun since I knew all about it.
Superchao: I think it took me 26 days or so.
Gamefreak75: However, it's definitely not an easy game.
Gamefreak75: stares at Submerged Castle
Superchao: The funny thing is, Submerged Castle turned out to be less painful than I expected.
Superchao: ...After the lots of putting it off, of course.
Gamefreak75: Submerged Castle was terrible, ugh.
Superchao: ALSO: White pikmin genocide is the best strategy for the pleated snagret
Superchao: and by best i mean most hilarious
Gamefreak75: I swear, the cluster all the explosives in one room so they screw you over.
Gamefreak75: I hope you never become a war general.
Superchao: I will be the Zapp Brannigan of our time.
Gamefreak75: But yeah, everyone should play both Pikmins.
Gamefreak75: And get the new one coming out for Wii U.
Superchao: If only Wii U had more games, then I would get Pikmin 3.
Gamefreak75: August 4th, mark your calendars NA readers.
Gamefreak75: I got a Wii U solely for Pikmin
Gamefreak75: yeah i'm weird
Superchao: I didn't because we have too many consoles and not enough space already.
Superchao: That's what happens with apartments!
Gamefreak75: Just rent a second room!
Superchao: lol
Superchao: So. Apparently you're also a fan of Pokemon!
Superchao: Unless Dippy LIED TO ME
Gamefreak75: Yes, I'm a fan of Pokemon...
Gamefreak75: Wait how did he know that?
Gamefreak75: Hmm...
Superchao: Dippy's a sniper, I'm sure he's hiding in your bushes.
Gamefreak75: But I trimmed them last month!
Superchao: Then he's hiding in your trees.
Gamefreak75: I live in a desert, there are no trees here.
Gamefreak75: You must be his spy.
Superchao: W-what makes you say that?
Superchao: Let's talk Pokemon instead of spying! Pokemon. Yes.
Superchao: I've kind of fallen behind myself, I'm still on Gen IV.
Gamefreak75: Well, my favorite generation is Generation IV.
Superchao: Which part, though? DPPt or HGSS?
Gamefreak75: DPPt
Gamefreak75: Specifically, Diamond.
Gamefreak75: I have good memories with that game.
Superchao: Ah, me too. But they've been overridden by FireRed and Emerald romhacks. It's sad.
Gamefreak75: I remember not really caring for Pokemon until one of my friends told me about how good Diamond was.
Superchao: Once you speed up, you never go back.
Gamefreak75: Emerald was my first "main" Pokemon game.
Superchao: Mine was Blue.
Gamefreak75: My first Pokemon game in general was Pokemon XD.
Gamefreak75: I remember doing so many stupid things in that game, it hurts looking at it.
Gamefreak75: I love the Mystery Dungeon series as well.
Superchao: Like what? Tell me more.
Gamefreak75: Oh, just general stuff like trying to train useless Pokemon like Electrode.
Superchao: I'm sure you just offended three hundred Electrode fans.
Gamefreak75: Or overriding good moves with shitty ones (i.e. having my Gardevoir forget Psychic over Confusion)
Superchao: HA
Gamefreak75: Well, in Gen III Electrode was shit
Gamefreak75: Dunno if he got any better or worse, though.
Gamefreak75: Anyways, onto the Mystery Dungeon series.
Gamefreak75: I remember getting Blue Rescue Team and enjoying it.
Gamefreak75: Although it had too many 99 floor dungeons.
Superchao: It did, didn't it.
Gamefreak75: But Charizard pretty much wiped them all out.
Superchao: It was less too many 99 floor dungeons
Gamefreak75: I remember going through the dungeon with Mewtwo twice.
Superchao: And more too many stat-resetting 99 floor dungeons.
Gamefreak75: Also, fuck Joyous Tower.
Gamefreak75: That place can burn to the ground.
Superchao: What about the Chansey, though?
Gamefreak75: It doesn't matter what happens, as long as Joyous Tower is never seen again.
Gamefreak75: Explorers of Sky/Darkness/Time improved on everything in the previous games.
Gamefreak75: Less 99 floor dungeons.
Gamefreak75: More fun missions.
Gamefreak75: Less 99 floor dungeons.
Gamefreak75: More Pokemon.
Gamefreak75: And less 99 floor dungeons.
Superchao: Don't forget, less 99 floor dungeons!
Superchao: ...How many did it have, anyway? I forget.
Superchao: Wasn't it just the one?
Gamefreak75: The only 99 floor dungeons I recall in EoT/D/S were the Zero Isles
Gamefreak75: and I think Marowak's Dojo was one
Gamefreak75: Speaking of EoT/D/S, Aegis Cave was fun.
Gamefreak75: Right?
Superchao: Yes!
Superchao: Finally, someone understands.
Superchao: It helps that I really like the Unown :V
Gamefreak75: I remember fumbling around there for 2 hours first time through.
Gamefreak75: I don't know why I'm still sane...
Gamefreak75: ..somewhat
Superchao: Pffft, it took me like, uhhhh...
Superchao: I forget! But I'm sure it was better than you.
Superchao: Also, REGI BROS are cool.
Superchao: To be honest, one of my few gripes with PMD2 is how many of the legendaries were turned into just random encounters.
Superchao: I much preferred how PMD1 had every single legendary somehow special/plotrelevant.
Gamefreak75: You mean, like a fight at the end of a floor?
Gamefreak75: Because Mew wasn't like that.
Superchao: Okay, all of them except Mew.
Superchao: Also fuck Mew, bastard never shows up
Gamefreak75: Got him on my first try, ha!
Superchao: I am going to ban you SO HARD
Gamefreak75: Aside from the Mystery Dungeon games, most of the main games, and XD, I haven't played any other Pokemon spin-offs.
Gamefreak75: Oh, well I played Conquest and Guardian Signs, but couldn't get into it.
Superchao: I haven't played any spinoffs, beyond Mystery Dungeon.
Superchao: Never had much of an interest.
Gamefreak75: Same.
Superchao: So should we move on?
Gamefreak75: That would be best.
Gamefreak75: How many readers are still with us?
Superchao: I'm going to bet five.
Superchao: Three of those are the directors/sub-director and the fourth is Stooben.
Superchao: The fifth is some random guy.
Gamefreak75: What shall the next subject be?
Superchao: Zelda
Superchao: Of which I own four and have played one other extensively.
Superchao: How about you?
Gamefreak75: I own most of them.
Superchao: build a master sword out of them
Gamefreak75: They wouldn't be very sharp.
Gamefreak75: You build a shield with them, duh.
Superchao: But is it a Mirror Shield?
Gamefreak75: Only if I turn it over.
Superchao: Which ones stand out to you, though?
Superchao: Personally I liked the Oracles the best, but Wind Waker and Majora's Mask were both good.
Gamefreak75: Wind Waker is my favorite one in the series.
Gamefreak75: And one of the few I have bothered to 100%.
Gamefreak75: As in, everything.
Gamefreak75: EVERYTHING
Gamefreak75: even pictographs and Tingle statues
Superchao: Same here! :colbert:
Superchao: I never 100%d the oracles because RINGS
Gamefreak75: Never played those games, so I don't know what you're talking about.
Gamefreak75: *insert Sonic joke here*
Superchao: gotta go play them fast
Gamefreak75: Way past cool!
Superchao: What about Majora?
Gamefreak75: It's a good game.
Gamefreak75: Love the fact that the bosses are rebattle-able.
Gamefreak75: Snowhead was the worst temple in the game, though.
Gamefreak75: Everyone else's opinions are wrong.
Superchao: >not Great Bay
Superchao: no YOU'RE wrong
Superchao: Also it was kind of annoying in parts due to the whole
Superchao: "oh you have to do EVERYTHING OVER AGAIN" shtick
Gamefreak75: Yeah, I didn't really like Great Bay either.
Gamefreak75: But Snowhead was too repetitive.
Gamefreak75: At least, to me.
Gamefreak75: Stone Tower was the best temple, though.
Superchao: What about Woodfall?
Gamefreak75: It was...alright, I guess.
Gamefreak75: To be honest, the temples didn't really stand out to me.
Gamefreak75: Compared to, like, Wind Waker.
Gamefreak75: Although to the Dragon Roost Temple was pretty bleh and Forsaken Fortress wasn't all that exciting.
Superchao: Wind Temple is where it's at
Superchao: And Tower of the Gods
Gamefreak75: Tower of Gods was amazing.
Gamefreak75: Wind Temple was great as well.
Superchao: It helped that Ghodan and Molgera were good bosses.
Superchao: Did you play Phantom Hourglass?
Gamefreak75: Yes.
Gamefreak75: I actually did like that game.
Gamefreak75: Many hated it sadly, but I can see why.
Superchao: Ah.
Superchao: I unfortunately found it very, well, forgettable.
Gamefreak75: Temple of the Ocean King was repetitive beyond belief.
Gamefreak75: Eh, Spirit Tracks was better.
Superchao: I seem to have run out of things to ask about Zelda.
Superchao: It's sad.
Gamefreak75: Same.
Superchao: We totally didn't forget this and add it in after the fact: What about Kirby? Tell me more.
Gamefreak75: Kirby is definitely my favorite video-game series. Hands down.
Superchao: Why and how and who and where?
Superchao: Oh, and when and what. Can't be a journalist without all six.
Gamefreak75: I always liked Kirby for its simplicity and overall fun factor.
Superchao: >implying Air Ride's 360 challenges are "simple"
Gamefreak75: It's an easy game to pick up and there's so many ways to play it.
Superchao: >implying Air Ride is easy
Gamefreak75: Well, I did complete all 360 challenges!
Superchao: HOW
Gamefreak75: Skill
Gamefreak75: Something you lack.
Superchao: I only ever boardcleared City Trial, alas.
Superchao: oh thems fightin' words
Superchao: we're going out back after this
Gamefreak75: Sorry Perch, I have to duel Smasher after this.
Gamefreak75: Maybe next week.
Superchao: I haven't played Kirby beyond Air Ride, Amazing Mirror, and Epic Yarn, myself. And bits of 64.
Superchao: Oh, and Super Star Ultra.
Gamefreak75: You definitely have no soul.
Gamefreak75: My favorite game of all time is Kirby 64, unsurprisingly.
Gamefreak75: I love all the music in the Kirby games, as well.
Superchao: Even the first one?
Gamefreak75: Yes
Gamefreak75: I can go on and on about Kirby.
Gamefreak75: Maybe we should make this the whole interview.
Superchao: Then they might take my job away.
Superchao: I already nearly made Metroid the whole interview two months ago.
Gamefreak75: Interview me for Issue 76 and we can do that.
Gamefreak75: Who cares about the next person in line, anyways?
Superchao: They have my soul. I don't want to give them trouble.
Superchao: So, time for the best part of this interview.
Gamefreak75: Always the best time of any day.
Superchao: Why do you like the purple lanky weirdo?
Gamefreak75: I don't exactly know, I find him more interesting than the other characters.
Superchao: In what way do you find him more interesting?
Gamefreak75: He just seems to have more of a personality, I guess.
Gamefreak75: Like, he's goofy and wacky and more of a comedy relief than an actual villain.
Superchao: Wario has more of a personality and he appears more
Superchao: So gotcha there!
Gamefreak75: Wario is my second favorite character though.
Superchao: (My point is my favorite character is better than your favorite character)
Superchao: Oh, well, we can compromise then.
Superchao: What if Waluigi ever showed up outside of a sports game, though?
Gamefreak75: I'm just waiting for Nintendo to make a Waluigi game.
Superchao: Wario & Waluigi: Partners in Crime
Gamefreak75: If he ever did, I would pre-order it the moment it's announced.
Superchao: ME TOO
Gamefreak75: And everyone else should.
Gamefreak75: Good.
Superchao: Well, now that we've exhaustively detailed your video gaming interests
Superchao: What other interests do you have?
Gamefreak75: There's more to life than video-games?
Superchao: According to some philosphers.
Gamefreak75: They're all dead, though.
Superchao: Because they played video games too much, obviously.
Gamefreak75: :(
Superchao: Besides, you can always make up habits. No one will ever know.
Gamefreak75: Hmm, what are your habits?
Gamefreak75: Maybe mine are...similar...
Gamefreak75: On a more serious note, I was always a fan of Legos, K'nex, and stuff like that.
Gamefreak75: I also like going swimming and playing billiards, so there's that as well.
Superchao: You have some good taste. Swimming's always been a favorite of mine, as well as construction stuff and billards.
Superchao: Ever try those magnet toys?
Gamefreak75: Oh yes, Magnetix were awesome.
Superchao: I prefer Geomags, honestly.
Superchao: Of course, the best thing to do is to get multiple types and merge them into one supermass.
Gamefreak75: I used to make magnet people and have them combine into a super thing
Gamefreak75: Like a giant car or some weird shit
Superchao: I preferred to do things like build ancient pyramids and big robots and such.
Gamefreak75: i built millions of cubes
Gamefreak75: Millions
Superchao: did you build a big cube holding a little cube inside itself
Gamefreak75: Yes
Gamefreak75: My favorites were always Bionicles, however.
Gamefreak75: Those were the best, a shame they stopped production.
Superchao: Yeah, but at least they wrapped up the story.
Gamefreak75: I guess, but I was more interested in the toys.
Superchao: True.
Superchao: So, would you say...
Superchao: This is the last question?
Gamefreak75: It depends.
Gamefreak75: Do the readers want to know more about me.
Gamefreak75: Do they want to read another 2000 words?
Superchao: I don't know! Let's ask them.
Superchao: Readers, are there any of you left?
Superchao listens to the chirping of crickets
Gamefreak75: No, there's one over there.
Superchao: I think he's dead.
Gamefreak75: Way in the back...oh wait, he's dead.
Superchao: Told you.
Gamefreak75: Hmm, well.
Gamefreak75: It's your turn for corpse clean up.
Superchao: I guess we'd better wrap this up. Those stone blocks and ropes don't fetch themselves, you know.
Superchao: Thanks for being here.
Gamefreak75: Thank you for having me here.
Gamefreak75: Oh, and thank you all for reading this interview as well.


Once again, I find myself bereft of things to say by the fact that I spent an entire interview on them, which you should really read if you haven't. Thus all I can say is yaaay Gamefreak. yaaay.

Issue LXXV
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