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by Superchao (talk)

Hi, I'm Superchao and I hate writing introductions.

This month, I'm interviewing MrConcreteDonkey! Having joined in May 2010, he's not quite as much of an oldbie as certain other people. However, he's still been able to make a name for himself. Being an active wiki contributor, he got promoted to Autopatrol in April 2011, and soon after Patroller in October of that same year. He's also been promoted to a chat op, directs the fake news, and is part of the Poll Committee. He's an active and popular user on the forums, as well, known for participating in mafia among other things. But that's enough of my infodumping, here's the actual interview part.


Me: Hello, Shroom readers! Today, I'm here to interview everyone's favorite posh cyndaquil, MrConcreteDonkey.
Me: Say hi to the readers, why don't you?
MCD: I vehemently refuse.
Me: Well, that's going to make things awkward.
MCD: Yay, I'm good at that!
Me: Let's just move on, shall we?
MCD: Sure, why not
Me: Right, so. Of course, we oughta start with the traditional opener. How did you find the wiki?
MCD: I think it was back in, like, 2006 or something. I was looking for information about Super Smash Bros. Melee.
MCD: In fact, I found out about Brawl through the Wiki.
Me: ...didn't you join in 2010 or so?
MCD: Yeah, I did. I thought there were age restrictions here soo... X_x
Me: Sometimes people wish there were. <_>
Me: So when did you join again?
MCD: May 15th 2010
Me: Get on my level
MCD: In hindsight, it's a good thing I didn't join before then. I'd probably have been a lot more immature and annoying, and joined under a dumber name.
Me: Considering you found the wiki in 2006, you've probably seen plenty of users come and go without ever interacting with them.
Me: Are there any users you wish you had the chance to meet?
MCD: Actually, thanks to places like chat, the Mario Boards, Userpedia, Xephyr, etc., I have spoken to a few older users.
Me: Ah? Like who?
MCD: Well, there was the time Crash and Xzelion returned, for example.
Me: I didn't even know there was a time when Our Favorite Mr. L Takeoff was gone
MCD: And YellowYoshi398 came back to Xephyr recently, though I didn't speak to him much.
MCD: In terms of users I'd like to meet/have met, 3Dejong and Smiddle come to mind.
Me: Ah, any particular reasons? Or is it just "those guys seemed interesting"
MCD: Pretty much
Me: So, moving to users who you actually did meet. Is there anyone in particular who you'd consider your first friend/pal/mortal enemy (ex: smasher) over here?
MCD: Mortal enemy has to be Smasher.
MCD: I think CountBonsula was one of my first friends on both chat and the Wiki.
Me: Bonesy's pretty chill, yeah
Me: How did you and Smasher meet and become pals of a sort, anyway?
MCD: Smasher came to the Wiki and #mwchat shortly after I did, and I guess we just got on well.
Me: That's always a nice way to meet people.
MCD: (though I wouldn't class the term "mortal enemy" as a "pals of a sort")
Me: Continuing the topic of wikichat, what was your main editing focus? Obviously you had to have something or they wouldn't promote you. :V
MCD: My main editing focus was creating articles for the downloadable microgames in WarioWare: D.I.Y.
Me: Were you just so spectacularly good at that that the wiki staff said
MCD: Of course
MCD: It could not have happened any other way
Me: And did it actually change anything or did you just have a fancy new button that you never used
MCD: It wasn't fancy
MCD: It also wasn't really a button
MCD: It was more something blue and underlined enclosed in brackets
Me: Did you never use it
MCD: I did use it, actually
MCD: I blocked a few people
MCD: porplemontage is next on the list for his severe crimes against humanity
MCD: What? That's the exact opposite reaction you're supposed to have >:(
Me: You blocked them without me :(
Me: I feel so unloved
MCD: Don't worry, when I block porple I'll be sure to write "PERCH DID THIS"
Me: :)
Me: Actually, how did it feel to become a patroller?
MCD: Eh, not a huge difference, really
MCD: On the forums it was pretty big because I could access the wiki staff board and I had fancy green stars
Me: Green stars are old hat. Everyone has them. Red stars are where it's at!
MCD: Smasher doesn't have them >:)
Me: Smasher has cyan he doesn't count
MCD: But my other mortal enemy shoey does :(
Me: Are there any other things you've done in the community that you feel are Really Significant?
MCD: I created most of the Mario artist n64dd pages!
MCD: That's, uh...
MCD: all I can remember :\
Me: ...the what now?
MCD: Mario Artist Polygon Studio, Talent Studio, Studio Studio
MCD: I made a proposal to rewrite the glossary
Me: So what's your opinion been of the forums and their community? In contrast to wiki.
MCD: I enjoy being on the forum more than the wiki, honestly
MCD: I'm active on the forum every day, more or less, while I'm still active on the wiki, just...y'know, active of a sort? If that makes sense
Me: You traitor to your job
Me: I'm gonna get you demoted for this
MCD: I return once a month to harass my fake news writers
Me: What's it like running the Shroom?
Me: or at least part of the Shroom
MCD: oh no, I run the Shroom
MCD: secretly Tucayo and SMB are my sockpuppets
MCD: hold on a second...what's that, Tucayo?
MrConcreteDonkey holds a Tucayo puppet on his left hand up to his ear and moves his hand around a bit
MCD: oh...Tucayo says he doesn't like you :(
Me: is he looking for a fight
MCD: I beg your pardon? o_O wait, uhh, hold on
MrConcreteDonkey does what he did the last time but can't be bothered to type it now
MCD: uh, no
Me: So anyhow, more on the community. You're a big mafia fan, and planning to host a huge game soon. Can you explain what you like about it?
MCD: I enjoy the strategy of Mafia, mostly, and, like, the discussion and teamwork and stuff.
MCD: I also enjoy how every game, more or less, is unique.
Me: So. Do you happen to have a favorite Mario game? Or non-Mario?
MCD: Favourite Mario game? I'd say...Super Mario Galaxy 2?
Me: Kind of surprised by that! No offense, but it is a pretty... divisive game.
MCD: Yeah, a lot of people on the forum tend to dislike it.
MCD: Some have good, understandable reasons, but I've seen reasons like the lack of Rosalina, or the un-lack of Yoshi, or that it's too similar to the original, which I think is a dumb reason to hate a game.
Me: Eh, my main beef is the lack of big explorable levels.
MCD: It's a fun game, I like the level design and it's got an okay story, so that's fine by me.
MCD: I'd love for there to have been more explorable levels, personally. I was excited when I saw the Fluzzard stage but then it just turned out to be a flying minigame instead of a vast, explorable jungle, and that disappointed me.
Me: How about on the not-Mario note?
MCD: Non-Mario...I'd have to say Ace Attorney.
Me: Didn't you once tell me you'd never actually played it?
MCD: No, I haven't, but I've seen playthroughs of it on YouTube and I really love the story and the characters.
MCD: It's brilliantly written.
MCD: I guess I like it more as a visual novel than a game, but still.
Me: How many of them have you even watched through? <_>
Me: Because I seem to recall you not watching AJ or AAI
MCD: The first three games, all the way through.
MCD: I haven't watched either of those yet, no.
Me: Well you should.
MCD: I started watching both of them, but they didn't really draw me in as much as the first three games.
Me: Whyzat?
MCD: I'm not sure, really. I guess I found them a little less engaging, and a bit too different.
Me: Hrm, alright.
Me: So to branch out even further: what kind of non-game hobbies or interests do you have?
MCD: ...
MCD: And that's all we have time for today, folks, this is MrConcreteDonkey and THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER.
Superchao lassos MCD by the top hat
MCD: the moral dilemma...
MrConcreteDonkey loses the hat and continues running
MCD: If I had to say something, I'd say writing and listening to music would be the other stuff I did.
Me: Actually, this brings up a question I wanted to ask.
Me: Are GSC your favorite Pokemon games? Considering your fiction appearance.
MCD: Generation II is my favourite generation, yes.
MCD: But HeartGold/SoulSilver are my favourite games in the series.
Me: Eh, I actually haven't played HG/SS so I can't give an opinion yet.
MCD: You should
Me: I'm planning on it!
Me: By the way, where the heck did MrConcreteDonkey even come from? It's a silly name.
MCD: The Concrete Donkey is a very powerful weapon in the Worms series, so I named myself after that.
MCD: I started using it in the middle of 2009 after my username prior to that was unavailable on YouTube.
Me: Oh. That's... anticlimatic.
MCD: Yeah, it kinda is. :\
Me: What WAS the prior username?
MCD: I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you
Me: You'll never catch me, copper!
Me: Now, for another question.
Me: Is this the last question?
MCD: Yes, it's not
Me: No, it is!
MCD: It is?
MCD: Now it isn't!
MCD: Even if that last one was rhetorical
Me: That doesn't count.
Me: Also, thanks for being here with us today, MCD.
MCD: Excuse the cringeworthy hyperbole, my good man, but nothing counts with you, does it? Back in my day, a rhetorical question was worth five tuppences and twenty two green beans! I don't know how you do things in America but over here in the United of Kingdom, we hold any type of question in high regard. Observe, for example, the studies performed by a certain I. Newton. He concluded that gravity existed and, without it, nothing could keep a question on a page, rhetorical or not. What you have just done has completely undermined all of his hard work, and now his only worthwhile invention is the measly catflap. Without questions, rhetorical or not, we would not have gravity! Or catflaps! And can you think of a world without catflaps?! (I apologise for my need of an interrobang) Millions of cats would be left outside with no way to get into the house without growing opposable thumbs, which actually did happen in an advert and it was completely terrifying. So, in conclusion, you are a buffoon and a fool, and, in fact, good sir, I believe you are the one who cannot count, as you have not been able to add up the facts and see that rhetorical questions are just as good as normal ones! Thank you, and goodnight.


It's not a big surprise that MCD is as well-known as he is; he's a nice guy and friendly to boot. He's also proven himself to be hardworking, as evidenced by his consistency in patrolling. Even if timezones make it inconvenient at sometimes, you should still try to talk to him if you can.

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