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Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Feeling cold? Last month I looked into the Angry Sun and got sunburns in places that I didn't know the sun could touch, so I've decided to review something a bit cooler this month (get the pun?): Baron Brrr.

I've seen this coming for a while now. I was resisting at first, but I couldn't stop myself forever. I have no officially inserted the first Super Mario Galaxy character into this section. Baron Brrr appeared as the boss of the Freezeflame Galaxy - a gigantic Li'l Brrr with the power to create icy shockwaves. He appeared only once in the entire game, not even returning for a comet. For a such a cool character, Baron Brrr is really being given the cold shoulder.

Super Mario Galaxy is now five years old, and Baron Brrr has not received any mention since. I think that qualifies him for this section, an under-appreciated character from a game which is slowly getting older. Baron Brr has faded into the snowy blizzard of obscurity.

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