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by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Greetings, 'Shroomrades! Another month rolls by, summer is reaching its end. Just last week, we had the biggest celebration of the year on the website, the 6th Annual Mario Awards. The event was a total blast, and was very well-coordinated between the leading Awards Committee staff. Massive kudos to Turboo, Superchao, Super Mario Bros., Gamefreak75, and Tucayo for all the work they did in keeping everything punctual, fun, and enjoyable for everyone.

I just wanted to mention what an awesome job they did and how good the ceremony was. Check it out if you haven't seen the ceremony yet.

I'll skip ahead to tonight's subject now.

The Target

This month I'll be interviewing someone I've been trying to get a hold of since June. He's a really good guy who joined this community in a rather funny scenario (which he will tell us about later), and is someone I thought you guys would like to see interviewed eventually. His name is Anton, but he's also well-known as both Hypnotoad and PsychoKamek. He has not contributed much to the wiki itself, but he is an established user in the various chatrooms around our community, as well as the forum. He is currently a Chat Operator on the #mwchat and #userpedia channels, as well as some member-owned chatrooms.

On Userpedia, Anton is currently an Admin on their wiki and forum. He was originally promoted to Patroller one year ago, and was bumped up to Sysop status during March of this year. Anton also helps out with Userpedia's Featured Content process; he directs Featured Images and sub-directs Featured Articles. Anton also is also the star of a comic created by Mason on Userpedia.

In addition to all of this, Anton also attends college photography, forensics, and anthropology. He plans to take his knowledge from the three subjects and form a steady career in crime scene photography, which is a pretty impressive goal.

I don't want to bore you with too many details, so I'll move on to the actual interview now. You should enjoy it.

The Interview

Me: Hello, lovely 'Shroom readers whom are likely getting tired of my same old lukewarm greetings!
Me: This month, I will be interviewing a very familiar and loved face around these parts. You may know him for his hypnotizing tendencies.
Me: Everyone say hi to Anton!
Anton: Howdy!
Me: Glad to finally get the chance to interview you, man.
Anton: Haha, yeah, I've evaded you for so long, but I guess you finally found me!
Me: I guess I will start off with the simple stuff, as usual. When and how did you run across the MarioWiki?
Anton: Actually, the MarioWiki community pretty much found me!
Anton: I had already been on IRC for a few years when a few MW users raided my channel. :P
Me: Oh Lordy. "Raided."
Me: That sounds like a, um, pleasant experience. :P
Me: What happened?
Anton: I can't remember exactly who started it, but the first things I remembered was SvS coming in and me bonking him with my ban hammer.
Anton: And soon enough, tons of people were bouncing in and out.
Anton: It was quite a battle, but I think it worked out swell in the end. :)
Anton: I think a few of the people that evaded my ban hammer were Jorge, Packy, and Aldo, who soon became my first few friends in MW!
Me: Very nice! Even if Scarecrow was trying to rustle up some trouble, I too think things worked out quite well at the end of the day.
Me: Also, I guess you covered my next question; who your first friends were!
Me: I'm becoming too predictable.
Anton: That totally wasn't me digging into your head for thoughts.
Anton: No meddling at all, nope nope nope!
Me: Oh, as long as you aren't using that crazy eye-swirling mojo on me!
Me: (all glory to the--)*cough*
Anton: Nope, not at all! @u@
Anton: Next question? *innocent face~*
Me: Well, let's see...(you totally threw off my groove!)
Anton: Groove?
* Anton{Hypnotoad} boogies down!
Me: Hypno Inferno!
Anton: :D
Me: I guess I will ask this: You've mostly been active on the various chatrooms around the community, but you are also a very integral part of the Userpedia community these days. What got you interested in contributing to Userpedia?
Anton: I think it was because I was more involved in the MW community, as opposed to the wiki's content.
Anton: So, I became closer to the people around, and all of their wacky stories and such.
Anton: I also like the creativity that comes with it.
Me: Hehehe, yeah, one thing that's great about Userpedia is the community can let loose with silly story ideas.
Me: I definitely agree that some parts of the community and site are very creative and artful, though.
Me: You've even worked your way up to Sysop there, so you must enjoy taking part in the community efforts that go on there. :)
Me: Had you ever been an admin on a wiki before Userpedia?
Anton: Nope. :P
Anton: I'm still learning how to edit wikis and stuff.
Anton: But there are plenty of great people around to tell me how to do things. :D
Me: Lol, that is great. :P
Me: There is sooooo much to learn on wikis, but it's nice once you get the hang of stuff.
Me: Some wiki coding completely boggles my mind, though.
Anton: I give a lot of credit to people who edit the wiki all the time, yeah.
Anton: I'm too old to learn too many new things.
* Anton{Hypnotoad} waves his cane around.
Me: Oh snap. I have one of those too!
* Stoobenshroom waves his cane around
Anton: :O
Me: Mine's made from birch. B)
Me: And elephant bones.
Anton: Oh, neato!
Me: Continuing on with the community, the biggest even of the year just happened about a week ago.
Me: What did you think of the Awards Ceremony this year?
Anton: I really enjoyed it!
Anton: This year's was only the second one I really paid attention to. :P
Anton: But as I sat in chat and watched the conversations roll by, it seemed clear that everyone else enjoyed it too.
Me: Very nice! The chat party is always a blast to watch and take part in. Everyone's so excited at that time. :P
Anton: And I certainly enjoyed making my presentation!
Anton: The Magikoopas definitely need more love, though. >:[
Me: Magikoopas are an awesome species, I dunno why they don't get more love. D:
Anton: Pure jealousy, I tell ya.
Me: They just ain't got slick magic moves.
* Anton{Hypnotoad} boogies down once more.
Me: We need to have a live dance contest here sometime.
Me: Because yo' moves are SLICK.
Anton: as tfp would put it, that'd be fresh B)
Me: And now it's clear to me: the song for the dance contest will be The Fresh Prince theme.
Me: Truly a brilliant idea!
Anton: Genius!
Me: I should make a Spongebob reference right about now, but I will be boring instead.
Anton: Squidstoob.
Me: Ahahaha, you caught that. Props to you. :P
Anton: Ehehe. :D
Me: Anyhow, during the awards, we got to see the community's favorite Mario games. I guess I should ask you what your favorite Mario games are?
Anton: My favorite game by far is Yoshi's Island.
Me: The original, right? Certainly your favorite game wouldn't be that heathen creation for the DS...
Anton: Correct. :P
Me: You're one of the good ones.
Anton: I love everything about the original Yoshi's Island.
Anton: Especially the Donut Lifts theme~
Anton: Nintendo needs to hurry up and make it available on Virtual Console, so I can play it all the time again.
Me: Yoshi's Island has one of my favorite Mario soundtracks. I totally understand why you like that theme.
Me: The bouncy ragtime-like feel is too good.
Me: :D
Me: They haven't released it on the Virtual Console yet?
Me: I wonder what the hold up is?
Anton: It was with the Ambassador Program thing, but I unfortunately don't have that. :(
Me: Aww.
Anton: Good thing the Donut Lifts song is playing now, that always cheers me up. :P
Me: lol
Me: Music does the soul good.
Me: So, what is your favorite non-Mario game?
Anton: Well, the old community I came from was centered around Pokemon.
Anton: So, I suppose that!!
Anton: I bought Pokemon Conquest a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying that.
Anton: But my favorite game in the franchise is Pokemon Platinum.
Me: Cool! I heard about Conquest just a few days ago. From what I know, it's a crossover game of sorts, so it must be quite different from your typical Pokemon game. :P
Me: Platinum, I have not played, but it is well-liked from my knowledge.
Me: </is so educated>
Anton: lol :P
Anton: Pokemon Conquest is a crossover of Pokemon and Nobunaga's Ambition.
Anton: I guess the best way it can be described is a simpler and less stressful Fire Emblem game with Pokemon instead of knights and archers and such.
Me: Haha, that sounds pretty neat, actually. I've heard of Nobunaga's Ambition; it's quite an extensive series.
Me: I may try out Conquest, since it sounds a little different from most Pokemon games.
Me: Oh wow, music was mentioned earlier and I didn't ask a question about it. Shame on me.
Me: What kind of music/artists do you like?
Anton: Hmm, that's actually quite a difficult question for me to answer.
Anton: I don't really listen to specific artists, but just whichever song catches my ear the right way.
Anton: I've been on a classical music kick featuring TV show soundtracks for a while now!
Me: Oh really? That sounds very interesting to listen to. :)
Anton: Bear McCreary for Battlestar Galactica, and Michael Nyman for Gattaca.
Anton: They're fantastic composers.
Anton: But then, sometimes I get on video game music kicks, and electronic stuff, and then creepy Scandinavian stuff.
Anton: It fluctuates. :P
Me: Very nice! Some sountrack and score music is truly golden. I personally thought Gattaca had a very enjoyable soundtrack.
Anton: Oh, you know it? :O
Me: Yes!
Anton: Hooray! :D
Me: Video game music is always a treat to listen to, and some electronic music is very calming. Creepy Scandanavian stuff? That I may investigate this sound further.
Anton: Now, if you've watched Battlestar Galactica, I could ramble on about that for hours with you.
Anton: A few poor souls in chat know this far too well. :P
Me: lol
Me: I haven't actually watched any of Battlestar Galactica.
Me: Am I missing out?
Anton: Oh yes, you definitely are!
Anton: The series ended a few years ago, actually. :P
Anton: But you should definitely try to watch it whenever you get around to it.
Anton: It has beautiful space battles.
Anton: (and also beautiful robot ladies~)
Me: You have my attention.
Me: So, it's like live-action Futurama?
Me: Oh wait, you said "drama"...
Anton: Ehehe, I guess it can be that way. :P
Anton: Just replace "comedy" with "soul-crushing depressing storylines that keep you still wanting to live by teasing you with hope on the horizon".
Me: Sounds well-developed, in all seriousness.
Anton: Mhm!
Me: I am interested in shows similar to that, I'll be sure to check it out!
Me: It's starting to get a little late, so I suppose I should enter stalker mode.
Me: Tell me...what kinds of hobbies do you have outside of this community?
Anton: Well, my major in college is photography, so I take lots of pictures.
Anton: I'm also very much into science, so when I'm not taking pictures, I'm plopped in front of my tv watching crazy medical and space shows.
Me: Photography is one of my favorite types of hobbies. I used to be big into taking pictures a couple years back, but I was never...very...good at it. :P
Anton: Yeah, I've always had a knack for it every since I was really young.
Anton: It just takes lots of practice though, so don't give up!
Me: I won't!
Me: Taking part in a photography course must be a lot of fun. What kind of profession do you plan to make out of it?
Anton: My other interests probably aren't quite as pleasant, ehehe.
Anton: I'm honestly not planning on having a, like, wedding photography career.
Anton: Too many people.
Anton: My other option has significantly less people due to the nature of it!
Anton: Crime scene photography. :P
Me: That's a very serious job. :O
Anton: It mashes up all of my other interests into one dream career.
Anton: Since the classes I take when I'm not in the art building are, quite frankly, classes where I stare at dead bodies and figure out what happened to them.
Anton: I'm taking a few of those kinds of classes next semester, and I'm really looking forward to it. :D
Me: Heh, very cool!
Me: Although a career like that would revolve a lot around tragedy, you'd be helping the police and investigators figure out what happened with a crime.
Me: And ultimately help them solve the case!
Me: That's extremely big.
Anton: Mhm, yeah.
Anton: I feel like it'd be a good thing for me to put all of my quirky interests into.
Me: Well, it's seemingly perfect how your interest in photography, science, and terrifying medical shows all add up to that one field of expertise. :P
Anton: Ehehe, yeah. :D
Me: Hm, I believe I'm starting to run out of questions. Looks like we might almost be done here.
Me: I will drift topics here a bit and ask you something off-the-wall.
Me: Best flavor of Chex Mix?
Anton: Ooooh. :O
Anton: This is quite a magnificent question!!
Me: It is!
Me: I made it just for you.
Anton: My personal favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter, of course!
Anton: Along with Honey Nut and Muddy Buddies!
Anton: Of course, I like the least healthy flavors. :P
Me: lol
Me: I'm the same way, pretty much.
Anton: Chex Mix is a magnificent snack food that can be enjoyed at home or on the go!
Anton: totally not product placement
Me: Honey Nut and Turtle are my favorites, along with Jalapeno Cheddar. I love anything with a bite to it.
Me: A lot of times I eat Chex Mix for breakfast. ...Not the chocolately stuff, of course! :P
Anton: I've actually stocked up on.....lemme count, hmm...
Anton: I currently have 8 bags of Chex Mix bought to bring to college with me! :)
Anton: My favorite flavor, Chocolate Peanut Butter, is sadly not found in too many stores.
Anton: So, when I found a store that had them in stock the other week.
Anton: Naturally, I bought every single bag. :)
Anton: certainly no obsession there
Me: Ahahaha, I've totally done that same thing with obscure flavors of things I like.
Me: (I'm looking at you, chocolate Frosted Flakes)
* Anton{Hypnotoad} is currently nommin' on some now, actually. <_<;
Me: And you didn't share with me? why did i want to interview you again
Anton: Oh,'s because I'm so handsome, remember? @_@ !!
Me: yes. of course. all glory to the handsometoad
Me: ...and his Chex Mix. D:<
Me: Well, just don't nom it all away before you go to college. :P
Anton: Ehehe. *shares!*
Anton: There's certainly enough of it here!
Me: Yay!
* Stooben noms on the Chex Mix.
Me: Have I told you that you're the BEST interviewee I've had yet?
Anton: I'm certain that wasn't forced by any means whatsoever~
Me: I am impervious to bribery and tomfoolery and...wait why are your eyes going all swirly again
Anton: ahaha >:D
Me: Oh. Welp. Looks like it's time for THAT question.
Me: So, I guess I will ask it. Is this the last question?
Anton: Hmm.....
Anton: This is a tough one...
Anton: Well, I guess it is!
Anton: After all, it's 4:30am for me right now. :P
Me: Woooowww, that's a pretty killer time. I think this the latest anyone has been interviewed before.
Me: That's hardcore. :P
Anton: B)
Me: So I'll say, congratulations! You answered the question right.
Anton: :D !
Me: No living man has done that before. You must be working some sort of mojo on me...!
* Anton{Hypnotoad} tosses around confetti.
Me: omp confetti
* Stooben plays in the confetti.
Me: Dances, Chex Mix, confetti...
Anton: Muahahaha! >:]
Me: I better wrap this up before anymore ~embarrassments~ occur on my end.
Me: I guess that ends this interview, folks! Say bye to Anton for now!
Me: (and hope you don't end up in a file on his desk at work some day...!)
* Anton{Hypnotoad} waves!!

In Closing

so, here we have a member of the community who didn't join because he was Googling Mario information; he joined because of some pranks in the chatroom that some of our more senior members were trying to pull in his own chatroom, #pokemon — a chatroom completely separate from this community. ...Or, at least, it was "completely" separate. Anton followed those people back to our native chatrooms, and past there, eventually formed some solid friendships with the people there. He then became more and more involved in the community, and even helps administrate one of this community's most creative outlets — Userpedia. Anton frequently assists people in many situations; from administrative duties to personal problems, if there's a way Anton can help someone out, odds are, he's going to try it.

I find his career goal to be pretty admirable, too. Helping the authorities catch the bad guys and solve cases, giving the victims' families some sort of closure; what's not to respect about a job like that? Maybe he's not the one putting the cuffs on the perpetrator, but without people like crime scene photographers, the police would have far greater difficulties solving cases. Evidence is crucial in any case, which is why it's so important for as much of it to be gathered as possible. Which is where Anton would come in. Anton has helped many people work through various issues in this community. I can see him helping many people solve issues of more criminal nature, too.

If none of this making any sense, just watch this.