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Director's Notes

Hey 'Shroomers, welcome to Issue LXV of The 'Shroom! It was a little more of a challenge to try to make this issue a good one due to the crunched schedule that we had in between Special Issue 64 and Mario Awards VI. However, I think that this issue is a good follow-up to last month's issue given the circumstances.

I would like to thank Lindsay151 (talk) for suggesting that we consider the Mario Kart Twentieth Anniversary in our plans for this issue. We tried our best to make this issue themed after the series, and that resulted in several sections being based around it and even a special section (more details on that will be explained below). Thank you to those who cooperated with us in terms of the theme and whatnot.

The Section of the Month process is here again this month, although there are some final changes that have been made to the process that will be in effect for this month's round of voting. We made some modifications to the Section of the Month due to the fact that our last plan made some inconsistencies arise in the results of the voting. In order to preserve the integrity of the voting process, we felt the change was necessary. For more information, please check out the article.

Be sure to check out the Super Mario Sunshine Word Search by Post-Damage Invincibility (talk) and the Mario Kart 20th Anniversary Interviews by Henry Tucayo Clay (talk). The former, as the title implies, is a word search that was designed in honor of Super Mario Sunshine– which celebrates its tenth anniversary this month. The latter is a compilation of mini-interviews with various members of the community about their opinions on the Mario Kart series– which celebrates its twentieth anniversary this month. They are entertaining and interesting, so be sure to give them a read!

And speaking of anniversaries... The Super Mario Wiki celebrated its seventh just last week! We were originally going to include some sections in this issue in celebration of this happening, but we ended up having so many ideas for what to include that we decided to hold off until next month! In order to see what festivities and fun activities that are in store for next month's exciting issue, be certain to check back on September 15th, 2012 for Issue LXVI!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Sub-Director's notes