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Director's Notes

Hello readers of The 'Shroom! Welcome to the new edition of The 'Shroom!

The Poll Chairperson Election has started! The election will run from the release of this issue (June 2012) until the release of next month's issue (July 2012). Candidates have until then to post up campaigns, make the case for why they should be elected, try to accumulate votes, and participate in the debates. The winner of the election will become the next Poll Selection Committee Chairperson and will be responsible for designating the other six members of the Committee (one of the members will be appointed as the Vice-Chairperson). For more information, see the Poll Chairperson Election article.

The Special Issue will be released next month, so please be sure to check by then! We have many surprises in store, and as mentioned last month, some of these surprises have been months (and in some cases, years) in the making! The Feedback Survey will be run next month as well, so everybody will have the chance to give their opinions on the issue and some of the changes that will be implemented to the paper as of then.

Please be sure to check back on July 21st, 2012, when the Special Issue is to be released!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Sub-Director's Notes




...zzzZZZzzzzzzZZZ...zzzZZZZngk! Eh wwwha...?

Oh. People. Hello. Where is this? What?



I get it, I'm supposed to say something here! I had a hunch I was forgetting something!

Anyway, I think it is about time for me to wake up from my extended hibernation to say thanks. Thanks to all the prolific writers, both old and new, that helped this project become what it is today. This might sound terribly generic, but I would not say it here if I did not mean it.

The 'Shroom really has come a long way. I remember times in which most of our articles were pretty much various incarnations of "Wario farted and it smelled bad. Lololol. Everyone died, except Toadswart because he exploded and then died anyway!" These times, and I thank the divine dog that walks the heavens that this came to be, now lie behind us. Today, we have many great contributions, and we will probably have many more, as long as there are people, passionate people, who are willing to share a portion of their time with us to entertain the rest of the community. For those people, I would like to express my gratitude.

Next issue will be a Special Issue. Issues like that are usually high points of 'Shroom history, because they tend to be quite a bit larger and more diverse than our regular issues. I hope, when that issue is released, you will be here with us to participate.

Thank you very much for everything.

— The Edo

Activity Announcements

Hello, great users of this here excellent resource of information for the informatively-deprived! I am Marioguy1 (talk), your Activity Director returning once again to bring you the Activity Announcements. Wow was that an excellent Mafia game! 'Shroom Mafia II just finished and I sure enjoyed myself! I have so much to say about that...but I can't fit it all into this section. So be sure to check out the section "'Shroom Mafia II", for full details on how the game played out and some comments from players of the game.

As for what else is going on with The 'Shroom...well I believe that with this issue, we have entered our Summer season of The 'Shroom and switched our background to this lovely yellow background you see now. But with the Summer comes to Poll Committee Chairperson Elections. The Poll Committee manages the poll that is viewable on the front page of the wiki. The poll changes bi-weekly and is managed by the Poll Committee. For more information on the Poll Committee, see here. Every June, the Poll Committee re-elects their chairperson, an election hosted by The 'Shroom. So be sure to go vote!

Finally, The 'Shroom Spotlight. No significant edits were made to the Super Mario Sunshine-related articles in the past month, so I can't really name a winner. On that down-note, I don't think I'll mention that there were no significant edits to pages anymore. If the month has a winner, I will name them, but if not, I don't want to bring our party down. If you think you've done some significant good for the articles of the month's spotlight, but I didn't notice you, contact me on my talk page or on the forums.

Now for this month's game. If anyone has watched or heard about Nintendo's E3 presentation, they will have heard of this game. It's probably my favourite game announced by Nintendo, and this month's spotlight relates closely to it; Pikmin 3! Pikmin 3 is a game where the player controls a bunch of little pikmin and gets them to complete tasks to reach large goals. It really shows the power of little things working together. Which relates it to this month's spotlight: Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis! Edit articles relating to that game to help the wiki, as well as possibly be named the winner! I hope everyone has an excellent summer, I know I will, and doesn't forget to do their homework! See you next month!