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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Hey you, yes you, slave of the web browser good reader, welcome to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. Your friend Coincollector is here to tell you something special. Recently I've discovered a nice invention to make this article a cliffhanger for the Mario Kart connoisseurs and amateurs... I call it.. Coincollector's Mario Kart Wheel Tips Corner Washing Machine (CMKWTCWM for short and with permission to use the patented name from another user to avoid charges).

The Great Yellow Peel is waiting for you to fall.

Today we will talk about the Giant Banana, a special item coming from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The Giant Banana is an item that Donkey Kong and his partner Diddy Kong can obtain from an Item Box. As you might expect, it's simply a banana but more or less three times bigger. To use it just place it and the Giant Banana will remain still until a victim runs into it and spins out of control. That's typical from a banana, but unlike a normal banana, touching a giant one makes you spin several times for many seconds instead of spinning one time, making it harder to recover your speed, even if you use a mini-turbo. Additionally, the Giant Banana splits into three normal bananas that scatter over the road, giving following rivals a nasty surprise. The Giant Banana can be also thrown forward to give the opponents a sudden spin, but take care when aiming, as you can "get the slip" if you miss. The Giant Banana cannot be destroyed by normal items, like the Green Shells and Red Shells. This makes the Giant Banana a formidable shield. Only the Star and other special items can take a Giant Banana down (Except the Fireballs) and reduce them to the three bananas. A Bob-omb can completely destroy a Giant Banana. I consider the Giant Banana one of the best special items to use as it can serve as a shield and a obstacle against stalking opponents, covering a large part of the road while blocking any hazard coming from behind. Like most of the Special Items, the giant banana is available for all the characters in battle mode. The Giant Banana can be useful against opponents that follow you. You can perform a surprise counter-attack if somebody behind throws a projectile, like a Koopa Shell.

Hope you have enjoyed the CMKWTCWM of The 'Shroom. Be prepared for another random tip during this month, and the next one (maybe, I dunno... maybe not... I hope I don't get sued for using this '._.)

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