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by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Hello, once again, valued customers! ...Or...uh...'Shroom readers... (Y'all should have to pay to read a newspaper.) I'm back once again this month to bring you an interview with some of the most interesting members of our community. This month, I'll only be interviewing one person instead of two (as I did last month). So, you won't have as huge of a wall of text to read through. : - ) Hope you enjoy this section as always!

The Target

I had a bit of a struggle figuring out who would be an interesting choice to interview this month, after the massive amount of information we received from two of our most-retro, yet still-active users. But after having my arm twisted by a certain someone after much dedicated time and research, I decided to interview Superchao. Despite how long my last interviewee (Master Crash) has been here, Superchao has been here even longer. Yeah, pretty insane, right? Well, even after all the years he's been here, he's managed to remain one of the coolest users here; always even-tempered, never getting into trouble, and always finding a way to have fun with people around him.

Superchao joined way back in the day when HK-47 and Son of Suns were still active Sysops, Max2 had yet to become a massive troll, long-lost users such as Kelt were active members, and even before the first MarioWiki awards ceremony! Most of you probably don't even recognize those usernames, but the point is it was a long time ago. However, Superchao hasn't been active here non-stop since he created an account. He's gone on some very lengthy hiatuses, never to be seen by one or two generations of MarioWiki users. Unlike some of us, he apparently has things to do...!

Back when Superchao was originally active in the wiki, he was one of the most active contributors in what was a very small version of the site you see today. Most of his contributions went to Paper Mario item and badge pages, but he also took part in a small handful of PipeProjects, wrote for The 'Shroom, and helped combat a troll or two. A few users around the site at the time even felt Superchao should have been a Sysop because of all this. However, due to Wayoshi' nature, and Superchao's eventual hiatuses, this was never seen through.

Several years later, Superchao is an active member of the community again, though not so much on the wiki. He participates largely on the forum, particularly in our many Mafia games, while actively posting around the forum as a whole as well. In addition, he's taken on the responsibility of being an Awards Committee member this year, and has become one of the largest contributors to the project. He's helped out quite a lot, and we're all grateful for it. ...Or at least, we all should be! But for now, since my knowledge on his past is unfortunately very limited, I'll let the interview commence so you can get a better idea of who Superchao is.

The Interview

Me: Good day, once again, 'Shroom readers! I've dug into the depths of the wiki's past to bring you a brand new Superchao for interviewing.
Me: (That was lame, so I'll just introduce him now.)
Me: Say hi to your fans.
Superchao: Hello, fans! I'm glad to be here today.
Me: He really is. I had to give him a sedative just to sit still.
Me: Anyway, I guess I'll start out with the most basic questions. When and how did you run across this wiki?
Superchao: Well. When, judging by my fuzzy memory, was mid-2006.
Superchao: How...? That fact I've lost, but I would assume it was a Wikipedia citation.
Me: 2...006...? You definitely saw this wiki in its infancy. Do you remember what it was like back then?
Superchao: Yeah, I never really think about it but I might be one of the oldest users on the wiki AND the forum. Eheheheh. Anyhow, back then...
Superchao: Back then, there wasn't much at all. It was definitely pretty sparse and bland.
Superchao: A good handful of users, and a good chunk of information, but nothing like the wiki of now.
Me: "A good handful of users", eh? Well, some of them had to be your friends. Who was your first friend on the wiki?
Superchao: The first guy who I was friends with? Jorgey boy. Definitely Jorge.
Superchao: Man, I'd always be pushing him to work... In retrospect, I was a jerk half the time.
Superchao: But hey, it all worked out, and we're still pals.
Superchao: But what I'm really glad about is that nowadays, people I only knew of, such as Dippy and Crash, are now people I know.
Me: Perhaps I should interview Jorge someday. I'm sure that would make for a...wacky interview.
Superchao: oh no there is no escape
Me: Welcome to the inner circle of MarioWikian Hell. Ridiculous fads to the right, endless lines of questions to your left.
Me: So, do you remember what your first edit was?
Superchao: Oh, that? Memory tells me it was Bowser in the Fire Sea. In fact, I created the article.
Me: Very impressive memory you have there! That article's come a long way since has the wiki.
Me: It must be pretty cool to see the wiki and community grow so much over all these years, huh?
Superchao: It really is, even if I've never been one of the more involved users.
Superchao: Although, the past couple years have seen me become more active in the community.
Me: I've definitely noticed you have become more involved on the site over the past few years. One really notable thing you've done is partake in the Awards Committee this year.
Me: Are you having fun with that?
Superchao: Definitely!
Superchao: It really helps that a lot of people who I've become friends with, such as Dippy, Smasher, and, well, you, are on it.
Superchao: It's also the whole process of being part of such a major event, and being active in the actual decision process rather than just being a presenter like I was in 2008.
Me: I know I'm enjoying this year on the AC much more than previous years. The dynamic between us all is really smooth. I expect this year's ceremony will be one of the best ever.
Me: If not THE best. B)
Superchao: well with me on the AC there's no way it can be anything but the best. B)
Me: Ohoho, very true, sir. Very true.
Me: Another thing most members probably notice you doing around here as of late, is playing Mafia games on the forum.
Me:'re really good at it.
Me: How did you get so good at Mafia?
Superchao: Practice, m'boy. Lots and lots of practice, at a different forum that has harder games (no revivals are the rule, for example) and some very good players.
Me: No revivals? Man, there would be riots over here if that rule was installed.
Me: Might you have any tips for less experienced mafia players?
Superchao: Observe what the good players do.
Superchao: Seriously, watching how those experienced guys bluffed and made suspicions and pieced together logic...
Superchao: That's how I picked up a lot of my skill.
Me: That's what I've done — and still do to this day — as well. I guess that proves there's no better method of learning than studying!
Me: Let's see... On the subject of that other forum you go to, what is it like there? I know you've tried to get me to be active there more than once, but I'm an awful person when it comes to that.
Superchao: Garishly orange is the main aspect.
Superchao: Beyond that... Much smaller memberbase (about 50 regulars and 20 semi-regulars) and quite a bit more close-knit as a result. It results in quite a different effect there.
Superchao: Honestly, that's part of why I originally had trouble coming back to the forum - and if it weren't for you both times I don't think I'd be sitting in this interview room today.
Me: D'aww. <3
Superchao: To be precise, the first time was in 2010, me coming over to bug some people (including you) to join a mafia game over there. I decided to play some mafia over here, but didn't stick around at the end of '10.
Superchao: Then in 2011, you invited me back for MWWWIII. I stuck around for that whole game, and also signed up for Awards Mafia in the middle of it...
Superchao: And by the time AM was over, I had made too many connections to leave this time. So here I am!
Me: Well, if that's the case, then I'm certainly glad I was able to drag you bac--er, make you feel welcome here again.
Me: It seems my ~notoriously awesome~ mafia games have saved the day. Huzzah!
Me: Also, that forum sounds like a much larger and more active version of Xephyr. Plus orange. I remember that place having quite a few cool smileys.
Superchao: That would be a rather accurate description.
Me: Well, since you're now trapped forever in this community, you must answer the obligatory MarioWiki question:
Me: What is your favorite Mario game?
Superchao: Hmmm...
Superchao: I would say it is a tie of 2.
Superchao: Either Yoshi's Island (the GBA remake), or Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Superchao: Super Mario Sunshine is a close third.
Superchao: All three have provided hours of enjoyment and I have good memories of them, so...!
Me: > The Thousand-Year Door
Me: *massive brofist*
Superchao: *brofist*
Me: Yoshi's Island is another often-forgotten favorite. Nice to see someone else around here who enjoys it so much.
Me: Spanning outside of the Marioverse, what are some of your favorite video games in general?
Superchao: Well, lesse.
Superchao: I've got a couple of excellent Touhou fangames, such as the puzzle-platformer Nitroid.
Superchao: Railroad Tycoon 2 is another old fav of mine.
Superchao: As well as the Ace Attorney series.
Superchao: And the Oracle duo of the Legend of Zelda - I've played those both several times over.
Superchao: Plus obligatory pokemon. I think I honestly may like FR/LG the best. Shocking twist!
Me: Shocking indeed!
Me: It seems most Mario fans love at least one Zelda game, so that's not too much of a surprise.
Me: Railroad Tycoon 2...did not see that one coming. Which system do/did you have it on? PC, Dreamcast, or Playstation?
Superchao: PC. Luckily, I have the Platinum version, so it comes with the expansion pack built in.
Me: Sounds pretty cool.
Me: Touhou is something you seem to enjoy quite a lot too. What makes those particular fangames so great?
Superchao: The fangames I really like usually mix something I enjoy with characters I like.
Superchao: The two I really recommend - one is a series of good fast-paced action games (Touhou Katsugeki Kidan), and I always like a good platformer.
Superchao: The other is a mix of platforming, which I mentioned, and hard but not entirely cheap puzzles, which I'm also a fan of.
Superchao: The action/puzzle mix may actually relate to me liking the Oracle games - one is action-focused and one is puzzle-focused.
Me: I really appreciate a game with puzzles that make you think a lot. Too bad I haven't played many of those.
Me: Dippy tried to get me to play a Touhou game a while back, but I was lazy and never bothered. (Not 'cause I hate the series, TF2 just distracts me way too much.)
Superchao: Good for him!
Me: I guess!
Superchao: *ponyshrug*
Me: Let's see, Dippy (since he was mentioned a bit back) always reminds me of guess I should ask: What kind of music are you into?
Superchao: Hmm...
Superchao: Classical has always been a favorite of mine, I leave my radio tuned to it a lot.
Superchao: I've always had a soft spot for country and western music, too.
Superchao: And energetic music is often a hit with me as well.
Superchao: This is both in the action-y and the peppy sense.
Me: Classical music, eh? Now that's something a lot of people around these parts tend to ignore. Any composers you'd like to recommend?
Superchao: Beethoven. Yes, I know he is the go-to classical guy, but there's a very good reason for that.
Superchao: And that is that he made very good music.
Me: Beethoven is a total musical badass. How many people can compose music while they're deaf? Can't imagine the dedication and talent that requires.
Me: As far as country music goes, are you more partial to classic country, or modern country? Since they're quite different in sound and all.
Superchao: Not sure which this falls into, but Dolly Parton and other music in the general style is often what I think of when I mention country.
Me: Dolly Parton would definitely be classic country...although she's still going strong to this day, as far as I know.
Me: So maybe she's a bit of both. Semantics.
Me: Regardless, I absolutely love her voice. Excellent choice of a country music artist.
Me: Have you ever thought about going to Dollywood?
Superchao: This is the very first time I ever heard of Dollywood.
Superchao: GOOGLE-FU informs me of what it is.
Superchao: So my answer would be that I probably wouldn't go out of my way, but if I was in the area I might check it out.
Me: I lived in Tennessee and never checked it out myself, but my parents always wanted to go. The music and food is probably great, but rodeos and cowboy-ish events don't really thrill me.
Me: 'Sides, there's plenty to do in good ol' New York.
Superchao: Hell yeah, there is.
Superchao: new york city is bestcity B)
Me: Speaking of which, what's it like there?
Superchao: It's... It's hard to describe.
Superchao: It's got 8 million people and thousands of buildings.
Superchao: It's chaotic, but it's a very organized chaos.
Superchao: Despite all the stereotypes, NYCers can be nice, but they're just as likely to be mean. But they're most likely to ignore you.
Superchao: And that's because of all the many, many things of this great city.
Superchao: For example, protests are a common thing. There's a protest group that meets just a block or so from where I live.
Me: What have you done and why are they protesting against you?!
Superchao: i am secretly all the presidents
Me: *cue laughtrack*
Superchao: On the same token, there's many MANY things to do.
Superchao: I've probably not even experienced a quarter of the museums and attractions, and I've spent 19 years here.
Superchao: Seriously, we have over a hundred major museums, and that's not getting into converted houses and such.
Superchao: Sorry about the stream-of-consciousness answer, it's very hard for me to formulate a proper answer to this question.
Me: No, don't apologize. There's a lot to learn about New York, so it's hardly rambling or anything like that.
Superchao: It's also had a couple of drawbacks, though.
Me: Oh?
Superchao: Once when visiting my grandparents in the suburbs (of North Carolina), I went out for a walk and got lost because everything looked too much alike.
Superchao: In New York, no two street corners look the exact same, so it's easy to get your bearings, and I'm used to that.
Superchao: So in a rather landmark-less suburb...
Superchao: It's interesting when you have to ask for directions in a small town and yet not in the huge city.
Me: I...would have never expected that. Living in mostly small/medium-sized cities in my life (except for Houston, ugh), I would imagine I'd get lost in New York in about 3 minutes, lol.
Superchao: Hey, Manhattan's easy at least.
Superchao: Walk left or right, and you arrive at a river rather quick.
Me: Well, moving on to another subject: it's time to be a STALKER.
Me: What are your hobbies in real life? Or at least, outside of the MarioWiki?
Superchao: *looks in his bushes to check for Stooben*
Me: (I'm not in there!)
Superchao: Well...
Superchao: Besides of course computer stuff and video games...
Superchao: READING. <3
Superchao: My room literally has a couple thousand books in it.
Superchao: And that's not getting into the rest of apartment, or the massive numbers of non-book reading material...
Superchao: I try to always have a book handy, and reading is my go-to thing to do.
Superchao: Oh, also I like to run everywhere. Running is fun.
Superchao: And I occasionally go swimming, but it's rare these days.
Superchao: *gant stare*
Me: I've never been much of a reader myself (for shame, I know), but I've always respected books as an entertainment medium.
Me: Maybe someday I'll settle down and read some books. What would you recommend reading?
Superchao: Well, the problem with asking me is that I read everything.
Superchao: Some good classics I've always appreciated are 'The Westing Game', 'The Three Musketeers', and some of the 'Star Trek' novels. Also the 'Lord Darcy' series.
Superchao: That's a good starting range, in my opinion.
Me: The 'Star Trek' novels would probably be something I'd read soon, just because I'm really into the TV shows. The books are probably more imaginative.
Superchao: They are.
Superchao: Among my personal favorites are 'First Frontier' and 'Windows on a Lost World'.
Me: must...visit...library
Superchao: I have multiple libraries within walking distance.
Superchao: *trollface*
Me: Damn you. ;-;
Me: Swimming and running are two things I absolutely love doing, although Colorado doesn't really have any places to swim.
Me: Where do you swim? Please don't tell me public pools when you have all that water around you.
Superchao: Public pools and beaches, when I do swim.
Superchao: It depends on the weather.
Superchao: Seriously, nobody goes to the beach in the winter.
Me: Polar Bears disagree.
Superchao: They always do that, ever since that event in '09.
Superchao: Trust me, you don't want to cross the Polar Bear Mafia.
Me: Leave the bikini, take the cannoli?
Superchao: Indeed.
Me: Terrifying.
Me: So, you talk about having your own apartment and thousands of books in it. Is it mansion-sized like most New York apartments are made out to be?
Superchao: Haha, not really. (And it's not my own apartment, it's me and parents'.)
Superchao: There's living room, dining room (the two are just really one extra-large room in a way), kitchen, two bathrooms, master bedroom, and my bedroom.
Superchao: I've even measured my room, it's 12 ft x 16 ft.
Superchao: It's just that I use every avaliable surface — table, shelves, nightstand, windowsill, radiator — to store books.
Me: 12 ft x 16 ft is bigger than our living room lol. It sounds like a really nice place to live, even if the books take up more space than you. :P
Me: Do you have any terribly annoying neighbors?
Me: That's always the worst problem with apartments.
Superchao: Occasionally.
Superchao: The problem is, thanks to the building structure, the wall between my room and the living room is solid concrete...
Superchao: But my room and the studio next door? Just drywall.
Superchao: Which means often stuff from their room blares into mine. (Though I suppose to them, I'm the annoying neighbor).
Superchao: Also, the upstairs neighbors will often be hammering at something.
Me: > implying you're annoying
Me: don't make the audience laugh
Superchao: I'm a regular comedian!
Me: George Chaorlin. ...oh god i'm terrible at puns
Superchao: *chokes from the badness*
Me: Bloody hell. Crash and I were just talking about death via bad jokes last month. I think he may be a prophet.
Me: So, do you have any pets? Hard to tell, apartments can be fickle about animals...
Superchao: Nope.
Superchao: Had a snail for a few weeks back in 3rd grade.
Me: So that's where Gary went...
Me: (ok i'll stop)
Me: And now for something completely different: Coke or Pepsi?
Superchao: I usually go with Coke, though Pepsi can be okay too.
Superchao: It's just that Vanilla Coke is one of the best sodas.
Me: I love Vanilla Coke so much. Nobody sells it out here, though.
Superchao: *brofist*
Me: *brofist*
Me: (I...think this interview might almost be done, actually. Unless I missed one of the routine ones from last interview that you'd like to answer this time.)
Superchao: (Hmm, hold on...)
Superchao: (Nope, you got them all! Except for THAT one...)
Me: (Which one?! don't mean...! No, not that!!)
Superchao: (Oh, but I do!)
Me: (oh d-d-d-d-dear dear. piglet.avi)
Me: Well...I guess this interview is nearing its end, so I will ask you an all-time hated favorite.
Me: Is this the last ques-- wait, did you get a new haircut? I just noticed...
Superchao: Yes.
Me: It's rather dashing.
Superchao: Thank you!
Me: You're quite welcome!
Me: Well, alright. Is THIS this the last question?
Superchao: Depends on your definitions of the words "this", "last", and "question".
Superchao: As the son of two lawyers, I am fluent in legalese.
Me: But lawyers are evil!
Me: Therefore, you are double evil!
Superchao: Therefore making me good.
Me: oh snap
Superchao: As Wawario demonstrated, Evil + Evil = Good.
Superchao: (except when it equals evil)
Superchao: (but now is not one of those times)
Me: Hate leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side.
Me: wait i messed that up
Superchao: Translator's note: "keikaku" means "plan"
Me: I'm the host here, I'm supposed to confuse you!
Superchao: It seems the tables have turned.
Superchao: All part of Scoop Chao's secret plan to usurp you and become the new Shroom Interviewer!
Me: Yet again. I'm getting bad at this job. I'm going to get fired--
Me: oh you sly dog
Superchao: Righto!
Me: I'll inform SMB of your plans. Then you'll never get in. NEVER!
Superchao: Oh nooooooo *AA-style breakdown*
Me: blocky-defeated.gif
Me: smug-wright.gif
Superchao: You haven't seen the last of me, Stooben Wright!
Me: Probably not. I've always wanted to interview a prisoner.
Superchao: Well, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity in this very communityto be interviewed.
Superchao: It was quite enjoyable, and I'm glad to have done it.
Me: You're quite welcome. Thank you for signing up to be interviewed. :)
Me: I enjoyed this interview myself, too.
Superchao: Goodbye to my adoring fans, then!
Me: I hear them bawling already.
Me: G'night, loyal 'Shroom readers. Tune in next time!

In Closing

For someone who's been a part of the community for over half a decade, Superchao has always kept his cool. He's never turned troll, hasn't really made any enemies, and has always managed to keep up a good demeanor that pretty much anyone could get along with. There's probably quite a bit more to be found out about his past on this site, but unfortunately, his tenure here is a bit too long for one interview to cover (even with hiatuses). Like Dippy from last issue, Superchao is also a pretty cultured guy. Between being a resident of New York City - the most culturally diverse city in the country, period - and owning (and having read) enough books to open up a small library, his knowledge on various issues is pretty extensive. In addition, he's easiliy one of the best Mafia players to grace the MW forum ever; more people should pay attention to his playstyle and strategies if they want to learn to be better. Even with all that aside, Superchao is still a downright boss person to hang out with. I know I've never seen a bit of trouble arise from him or anyone around him when the associate with him. Luckily, more people are noticing that now, so all his coolness doesn't go unnoticed.

I wish I could write more, but I'd sound redundant if I did. I think I've made my point, so I'll wrap things up here. I hope you enjoyed this interivew, and I'll see you around next month with a new face or two to discover fun facts about. Ciao!