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Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)
Red and Green
MVC right here.

Hey guys, it's Marioguy1! Welcome to another issue of Fading into Obscurity! This month the character we're looking at isn't necessary an old character but is definitely an obscure character. If you haven't already figured out who I'm talking about then this month, we are reviewing Red and Green!

Don't worry, the font craziness stops there. So, Red and Green are pretty minor characters from Super Paper Mario but they do play an important role. When Mario enters Yold Town, these two are guarding the entrance. Red asks Mario his favourite colour. If Mario answers correctly, then Red opens the door (guess what the right answer is). Green on the other hand, doesn't let Mario past regardless - taking preference to his allies, Luigi and Bowser. This combination of confounding kinsmen is clearly a crucial component of the game, regardless of whether or not they have faded into obscurity.