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by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Ah, welcome to another exciting interview with I – Baby Mario Bloops! It is the start of another year, where people try to restart their lives with resolutions far beyond their reaches, snow falling in forms of silver storms, and the annual Director Election for our beloved ‘Shroom!

Yes, that’s right, the debate between Super Mario Bros., Marioguy1 , and latecomer Tucayo is nearly almost done. The votes are tight, neck and neck. It will only take just a matter of one or two votes to swing the election entirely! We’ll be doing the interview with last year’s director, and potential director for 2012, Super Mario Bros! Let’s dive right in!

BMB – So Super Mario Bros…when did you first join the wiki?
SMB – I joined the wiki back on March 8th, 2008. I barely made any edits (mostly just some bad userspace edits and some failed attempts to vote on a proposal). I left immediately after and returned a little over a year later, on April 2nd, 2009. I started contributing on a more active basis at that point.
BMB – That’s actually a rather intriguing beginning compared to some others. When did you decide to join The ‘Shroom?
SMB – I believe it was sometime in Summer, or Fall, of 2009... I know I started writing a Character Battles section for the Fake News sometime around then. I also convinced Tucayo to let me create and manage the Music & Artwork Team, so I actually started my time in the Core Staff early on in my time with The 'Shroom.
BMB – Wow, around the time I joined. Anyways, you have been through many years on The 'Shroom. What made you decide to run for Director in the election last year?
SMB - I decided to run in the Director Election of 2010 based on several factors... Having, at that point, been in the Core Staff for eighteen months (under various positions: Music & Artwork Director, Pipe Plaza Director, one-time Fake News Director, and one-time unofficial Substitute Director for Stooben Rooben and Tucayo); having run a campaign in 2009 (in which I learned how the election process goes); and most importantly, having had big new ideas for The 'Shroom so that we could move forward and accomplish many things. I did my best to stress that I could handle hurdles that would come in the way and that I was one hundred percent dedicated to improving The 'Shroom.
BMB – Do you feel like you made a better improvement on The 'Shroom during your course as Director?
SMB – I would honestly say "yes" to that question, but I did not improve The 'Shroom by myself (my Core Staff and all of the writers were there when things needed to be done). We increased the amount of affiliates, increased the amount of 'Shroom Awards in our second ceremony, started the Section of the Month, and created several good projects and ideas (all while continuing previous processes and maintaining the paper). Good ideas combined with a smart, supportive, and dedicated Core Staff and writing team will go very far for the paper.
BMB – How pumped are you for this year - relating to the 'Shroom - whether you become second-year director or not?
SMB – I am absolutely excited. Back when I wrote my campaign, I observed the issues and problems that are existent in The 'Shroom and thought up an entire set of solutions in order to counter them throughout the next year. Since I have a high amount of support, I am going to assume that a good amount of the voters understand how my solutions will solve problems and improve The 'Shroom, and that they have invested their trust in me to ensure the execution of these solutions. Should I win the election, I will proudly start a second term and live up to my promises, and (as stated in my campaign) "make the next year an organized, productive, and fun year for all of the writers, readers, and Core Staff members."
BMB – It is going to be a close one for this year's election. What is your prediction for the outcome?
SMB – It most certainly will be a close election this time around. I cannot really predict the outcome, as there honestly are really too many variables: the fact that there are three great candidates, the fact that my rival Tucayo has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the amount of votes that his campaign has received, and the fact that a lot of people have been participating in the election process in general... However, I can say that no matter which of the three candidates ends up winning, The 'Shroom will be under the leadership of an individual who cares greatly for the improvement of, maintenance of, and overall success of the paper.
BMB – Well, I’m sure your ‘shortened’ summaries has reached the climax. Before I end this interview, I wish you luck for the Direction Election.
SMB – Thank you, I highly appreciate it! I hope that I have the chance to serve The 'Shroom and the readers well for another year!

And with that, we have a good enlightenment about one of our own candidates! I wish all three of them the best of luck for the upcoming event! And, as a message from all three, be sure to support The ‘Shroom in any way possible sometime this year! With that, I’m BMB, and I plan to see you all next month!