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Director's Notes (Fawfulfury65)

MK7 Yoshi.png

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this month's Music & Art sections!

If you would like to write for us, don't hesitate. All you need to do is send me the following application by PM. All vacant sections are listed here. Make sure your demo section is as detailed as possible (like you're writing the real thing).


1.) Which position would you like to apply for?

2.) The staff reserves the right to remove writers from their position if they engage in activities that reflect badly on The 'Shroom. These activities include extensive misbehavior on the Super Mario Wiki and/or its forums. Do you agree to not engage in such activities for the entire duration of your employment?

3.) Please write a full-length demo of your section. That way, we can have a bit of your work to decide if you can be on the team.

I am currently accepting pictures for the Music & Art's Sketch of the Month. If you have any drawings related to Mario that you think should appear here, send them to me and they'll appear on the next issue of the 'Shroom!

Sketches Related to Mario (Fawfulfury65)

Sorry everyone, but I didn’t receive any artwork this month. Come back next month to see what we have. And remember, if you have any Mario-themed artwork you would like to share, please feel free to send it to me!

Screenshot of the Month (Fawfulfury65)

3DS SuperMario 7 scrn07 E3.png

Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS has finally hit store shelves, and to celebrate, I've chosen a picture from that game!

I can't tell you much about the level in the picture at this point, because I have yet to play the game, and I have tried to keep any spoilers about it away from me. However, I can point out a few details that can be interesting. As you've probably noticed, Mario is wearing his Tanooki Suit, just as he did quite a while ago in Super Mario Bros. 3. Surprisingly, the Goombas have raccoon tails too, and I believe this game marks the first time this has happened. Bowser himself has a raccoon tail in this game, along with several other enemies. To find out why this is so... you'll have to play the game to find out. There is also a Cheep-Cheep in the far-right side of the screen, which, obviously, is another threat to Mario, along with the Goombas.

The picture has a pretty decent size (about twice the size of a 3DS screen, actually), and I really liked it because of its tropical theme (it's not even winter yet, and I'm sick of the cold). I bet this area looks great in 3D!

To sum it all up, this picture gives you a good look at some of the game's features, has a pretty decent size, and has a nice tropical theme that makes me want spring to come already. Remember to come back here next month to see another Screenshot of the Month!'

Sprite of the Month (FunkyK38)

This month, we have this sprite of Tanooki Mario: Tanooki Mario SMB3 Sprite.png! In honor of the release of Super Mario 3D Land, we have the Tanooki Suit. Hopefully, Mario will be able to fly again, and the rest of us will be able to recover from the shock of seeing Bowser with a raccoon tail!

Random Image of the Month (Ralphfan)

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong travel through the jungle.

This is a piece of promotional art from Donkey Kong 64, which was released in 1999 for, as the name implies, the Nintendo 64. In this game, King K. Rool tries to destroy Kong Island with the Blast-O-Matic, and it's up to Donkey Kong and his friends to stop him.