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Director's Notes

Hello 'Shroom readers, SMB here for the Director's Notes for Issue LVI. We have a few topics to cover this month, so brace for impact...

Firstly, I would like to announce that we have several new writers that have joined the main writing team: Baby Mario Bloops (talk), My Bloody Valentine (talk), and Toad85 (talk) are now writing the Interview, Non-Marioverse Review, and A History of Video Games sections, respectively. Welcome aboard!

The 'Shroom Spotlight needs your help! If you are interested in helping out The 'Shroom and the wiki in an organized project, please contact Xzelion (talk) (the manager of the project) and ask him how you can help and if you can sign up.

Next month is the December issue, and you know what this means: the kicking off of the Winter festivities! The first event on the calendar is the Director Election. For those who do not know, an election is held every December and is the process in which the Director of The 'Shroom is selected. Users are allowed to campaign and vote: those who campaign are required to come up with an outline of what they plan to do if elected, and are also invited to participate in debates with the other candidates in #mwshroom (The 'Shroom chat channel). This Director Election will run from December 17th, 2011 to January 21st, 2012. The presumptive winner (the individual that appears to be winning near the end of the election) is also encouraged to write a Directorial Address, which recaps the individual's plans for the year, the release schedule, who their staff members will be, and other topics needing to be covered.

The other events will be outlined in further detail in next month's issue. Thank you for reading The 'Shroom this month everybody, and I look forward to the next issue (which will be released on December 17th, 2011)!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)