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Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Hello once again everybody! We're taking the Excess Express to Chapter 6 this week where we will once again review only one character - the only character introduced in Chapter 6, Smorg!


Smorg Miasma
It's a blob. Made of blobs.

Smorg is honestly a really unimaginative idea for a boss. It's a blob made up of other blobs. It really just doesn't click for me. There is nothing inserted into the storyline about it - either before its appearance or after it. It has nothing leading up to it, and just randomly appears out of nowhere. From what I can tell, it is a boss stuck in there just because Nintendo thought the chapter needed more fighting. It really just doesn't work - and it doesn't even look good!

Some ideas Nintendo could have used to possibly set the stage for Smorg would have been to make the crimes on the train more related to the smaller Smorgs - like instead of making the culprit of the crimes on the train Doopliss, they could have made it some Smorgs in disguise. That way, it would look like the Smorg was deliberately trying to stop Mario & co. from reaching Poshley Heights instead of just appearing out of nowhere where it could have had any intentions.


Smorg, the only boss in this chapter and a really misplaced one at that, receives only 3/10 because I had pity on it. We're almost done with the one-character chapters!