The 'Shroom:Issue LV/Feedback Survey

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Feedback Survey

Hello 'Shroom-readers! The Core Staff would like to thank the ten people that participated in the Feedback Survey. This is twice the amount of people that responded to our survey back in Spring, so this shows that there is a heightened interest in participating in the improvement of the newspaper. Perhaps the shorter length of the survey also made responding and giving input less of a hassle. In the end, though, having even just one person respond makes the survey a success: this time around, the survey was a success tenfold!

To those ten individuals that responded to the survey: your voices will be heard, and your opinions will be weighed out. The Core Staff will be evaluating the complete results of the Feedback Survey throughout the next month, and we will try to apply solutions to problems that we might have and take action.

And to everybody that missed the survey, or participated in this one and will want to continue giving feedback to the Core Staff, the next survey will start in the January 2012 issue, and will continue through the February 2012 issue. You might be thinking, "Why is there going to be a survey right at the end of the current Director's term?" This is being done because whoever takes the Director position for the next term might want to know the (what will be) current circumstances and the community's opinions on the state of the paper. It is valuable information, and can help trigger the first actions taken by that Director upon the completion and evaluation of that survey.