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Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Arr matey, welcome to another issue of Character Reviews. I be yer host, Marioguy1.

This month, we be havin’ a big squadron o’ characters, which be funny, on accoun’ o’ thar be only one. His name be Cortez an’ he be th’ only boss in chapter 5 o’ TTYD. So let’s begin!


Awesome design!

Cortez be th' scariest captain around, he has his own ship, fights wi' four different weapons an', I forgot t' mention, he’s a skeleton. What I really love about Cortez be his design. Th' fact that he has four weapons, an' be a floatin' skeleton jus' amazes me. His design be definitely his best point.

Other points t' note about th' lad be his integration into th' story; what better boss fer a deserted isle, than a skeletal shipmate? He really fits th' part well, an' then gets an e'en bigger role in th' storyline helpin' Mario ou'. He’s a great character in both them ways. However what I don’t like about th' lad be his abruptness in appearin'. Thar really be nay hints t' th' lad's existence until he appears ou' o' nowhere. He could be havin' at least a legend o' a ship leadin' up t' ‘is appearance. Either way, I think he’s a great character.


Wow, we be havin' wee issues! Anyways, Cortez, th' skeletal seafarin' hearty, will receive 8/10 this time around on accoun' o' o' his amazin' design, yet nay so good placin'.


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