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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Hello, Brawlers, welcome to Brawl Tactics!

I recently got together with some of my friends for a few rounds against each other, and I noticed some of the custom stages on my friend's game were very clever, so this episode will be about custom stages and some tricks you can pull to make the victory yours!

First off: the falling blocks. This particular stage was huge, and there were falling blocks everywhere. I think he had, maybe, three stable platforms- an ice block, a regular fall-through platform, and a ladder. So, while two of us took him on, we were concerned with not falling through, while he racked up a few points and watched us scramble around. Clever, huh? This I had not thought of before, but it sure made me think about it then. Everything that landed caused the blocks to fall, even the coveted Dragoon pieces I was working so hard to get. So, plan your attacks well!

The next stage was full of springs. I'm not used to fighting on springs, and playing with a flying character can be tricky here. My other friend was playing as Pit as I was playing with my regular, and we were really having a tough time. If you're catapulted off the springs, your jump will NOT be equal to your spring jump. If you need to get out of a spring jump, your jump can get you out of it. You will lose speed, however. Now, this stage had two walls made out of hard blocks that held everyone in, and we ended up tying and having to go into Sudden Death. Those walls made it nearly impossible to KO anyone! I was scrambling around, trying not to get hit, while getting bombed twice. Those walls held me in, but soon it was too much. In the end, our efforts were in vain- we were helpless to watch as Pit and Meta Knight were launched into oblivion... I had to congratulate my other friend- this was a truly ingenious stage design!

I hope this sparks your inspiration to create some crafty stages that you can use to your advantage against your opponents! Good luck, Brawlers, and see you next month!