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Special Interview II

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Hi, Shroom readers! Wow, it feels good to do another interview. People seem to love it when I do interviews. Anyways, to sum things up and not blah, blah everything, I am interviewing the winner and runner up of the Brawl tournament that was hosted. Hosted by who you say? None other than the person that is doing this as well – me, Baby Mario Bloops!

Interview 1

Let’s start out with our winner – also the MVP of the tournament, MST3K! Understand that I did it via PM over the forums, so it is going to see a little strange.

BMB – Alright, ‘3K, when you were battling, were you thinking of winning or just having fun?
‘3K – Mostly having fun, but it was all about winning when I got to the final.
BMB – I hope that was your goal at the end. Since you did so spectacular, tell us what was your strategy you used that allowed you to conquer your opponents?
‘3K – I’m one of those that uses the stage to gain an advantage. Other than that, Falco’s a beast at combos and stuff.
BMB – Good thing I didn’t face you – I would have lost. What was the hardest and weakest competitor you faced? Don’t be afraid to tell me reasons to why.
‘3K – The hardest was definitely one4all. That dude reacts to just about everything you throw at him. As for the weakest, I won’t say; that would just hurt someone’s feelings and I’m too nice to do that.
BMB – Well, true, as you were the only player to actually battle in every round rather than move on because they didn’t show up. Also, thanks for the comment about one4all, I bet he would appreciate that.
BMB – …oh yeah, that’s right, I didn’t tell him that, darn me and adding things later on. Anyways, moving on. If you had to do it all over again, do you think you could’ve won for the second time?
‘3K – Maybe.
BMB – I see, now to a personal question – if there was to be another tournament next year, would you enter it?
‘3K – Oh yes, definitely.
BMB – Have to warn everyone about you then. What changes would you add to the tournament if there was to be another one?
‘3K – NO ITEMS. Period.
BMB – Just to let you know, that was not my decision, it was the players.

Interview 2

Okay, now it is time to welcome the next person to be interviewed. Quick background, he got second place, barely losing in a close battle that I heard was pure epic. One4all, time to do the interview – we actually did it over chat, so this one is more fluid.

BMB – When you were battling through the tournament, what were your feelings?
one4all – I was shaky and my heart was pounding the whole time.
BMB – Anything else?
one4all – I knew it was gonna be fun though, I was pretty prepared. I had fought a lot of level 9 computers to get ready for this, and I didn’t expect to reach the third round so easily.
BMB – What was your strategy did you used to get you all the way to the finals?
one4all – Well, I used Link because he has a projectile or 3 that will allow me to attack my opponent while they are distracted in either dodging the projectile, or being hit by it. And I looked for any open chance I could to attack them.
BMB – When you faced MST3K, what was the battle like? Where you surprised when you lost?
one4all – The battle was close, incredibly close. He attacks incredibly fast so I had a lot of trouble trying to land hits on him. And, I kind of expected to lose, because we were so closely matched. It was certainly a match for the record books.
BMB – If you could do the tournament all over – knowing what to expect – do you think you could’ve had a different outcome?
one4all – No, probably not.
BMB – Why?
one4all – If everything happened the same way (as in the matches, not what happens in them) I don’t think there could be another outcome. I’d still use the same strategies, I’d still probably be as anxious as I was the first time. And I’d do it all over again, just to relive that last match.
BMB – If there was another tournament next year, would you partake in it as well?
one4all – Absolutely, I love this game.
BMB – What would you want to change to improve it for next year for another possible tournament?
one4all – I think we should probably have one set stage for everyone to brawl on (probably final destination). I would remove the items so that the outcomes of the matches are based on skill, not item luck. Each competitor should be able to pick from 3 characters to brawl with.
BMB – That’s all the questions I have for you, thanks.
one4all – anytime, BMB. Thanks for this, I had a lot of fun.

Well, as you heard, the tournament was a lot of fun. Personally, I think that if it happens again, and I’m NOT the host, that they shouldn’t partake in it as well. The scheduling got out of hand, but other than that, it went off without a hitch. Many people were excited and pumped for this, and they got more than what they expected. I’m glad that everyone that took part in this tournament had fun, thanks for doing it.

Hopefully another Brawl tournament will take place next year, and if so, I call it. – Baby Mario Bloops