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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Hello, Brawlers! Welcome to the September issue of Brawl Tactics! This month, I will be covering the stage New Pork City!

This is a HUGE stage. The only stage that I can think of that rivals this one in size is Temple. Given its size, it's very hard to get a KO here. You have to chase your opponents around everywhere, and once you get at them, you often have to knock them into the above-100% damage range to even have a chance to get them off the screen. Not even Final Smashes can help this, as some won't do much. This stage can render so many Final Smashes useless: Mario, Luigi, DK. Trust me, I've had my plans foiled on this stage many a time when I've tried to use a Final Smash. So many, that I just cut this stage out of Random Stage choice.

OKAY, that's enough about the negatives, here's what you CAN do here: With the large stage layout, multiplayer Brawls can be easy. If you keep a low profile, you can watch your friends kill each other, then swoop in to finish it off. The Ultimate Chimera makes things interesting, too. If you can force your opponent off the edge to where it's waiting, chances are you won't have long to wait before they get KO'ed. That thing is seriously scary. I won't get too close to it. You never know when it can attack.

The Large stage makes it easy to take cover from a Final Smash like Mario's or Ness and Lucas's. Find a place between two of the more solid walls, and they'll buffer the impact of the force from the Final Smash pretty well.

All, in all, Brawlers, this is a stage where anything can happen, so be careful! That's all for this month, everyone, Happy Brawling!