The 'Shroom:Issue IX/Interview

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by Mario riding YoshiXzelionETC

Xze: How'd you find the Wiki?
3D: I found it on the Wikipedia Mario article; I used to spend all my time there looking at all the Mario information... until I found that fateful link.

Xze: What was your first edit?
3D: I believe my first edit was something on the Sandbox (I can still remember the exact words: "OH, WOW!") I then went to patch up the Mega Mole article.

Xze: What is the craziest/funniest/wackiest thing you've done on the wiki?
3D: Getting into an argument with Uniju. Man, is that guy a total master of the comeback! We've made up since then, so I hope we won't have another one in the future.

Xze: What's better Donuts or Waffles?
3D: Krispy Kreme Double Glazes Chocolate Frosting Donuts.

Xze: What is your favorite thing to do on the wiki?
3D: My favorite thing to do is completely revamp pages; so far I've done that on the Wario and Yoshi Touch & Go articles; I have another one planned for DK: King of Swing.

Xze: Who is the weirdest user you've seen on the wiki?
3D: I'd have to say Sadaharu. That guy is random. More random than me, Moogle and Smiddle put together. And yet he holds it together with that strange literal style he has.

Xze: Which smiley is better icon_confused.gif or icon_eek.gif
3D: icon_eek.gif, for it expresses anger, shock and disgustedness, all of which i feel often.

Xze: Do you think this is the last question?
3D: No.

<for some reason beyond me the interview ended here>