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From the Mushroom Vaults IX: From Warp Pipes to Wascawwy Wabbits

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Hey, hi, hello, hup-two, welcome to the latest, shiny-new issue of From the Mushroom Vaults. Since I am having some personal problems in my life outside a computer (yeah, I have one) this issue is shorter than the others. Here’s hoping the next issue will be a lot bigger!

Wacky Warping

Seriously, if you have not found the secret Warp Areas in Super Mario Brothers, you cannot call yourself a Mario fanatic. These areas are the biggest secret in the game; by using these areas, you can get through the whole game lickety-split.

Warp Area #1

This warp area is the most-known secret in the entire game. Near the end of Level 1-2, leap upon the last set of elevating platforms. Leap atop the ledge of bricks that extends over the exit pipe and run to the right. After Mario falls into the secret room, there are three pipes available that will warp him to worlds 2, 3, or 4!

Warp Area #2

In Level 4-2, the third Piranha Plant’s pipe in the level holds the entry to a secret area high in the sky, where huge mushrooms grow, coins abound, and Mario can warp his butt over to worlds 6, 7, or 8.


Using these two warp zones correctly, you can warp from 1-2 to 4-1 and from 4-2 to 8-1. Happy Bowser-bashing!

For further reference, the movie below shows a really awesome SMB player shooting through each Warp Zone, for those that work better when things are demonstrated.


Wascawwy Wabbits Ovuwwun Castwe Gwounds

Those glowing rabbits in Super Mario 64 DS are by far the hardest challenge of all. What they? Why are they so fast? How many must you catch? How do they appear? And why did I talk like Elmer Fudd in the title?

What are they?

These eight glowing rabbits appear only after every normal Rabbit is caught. (For a full walkthrough on how to catch every rabbit, see my full walkthrough of Super Mario 64 DS in the SM64DS article.)

How do you catch them?

These glowing hares appear randomly in the place of another rabbit. For example, one may appear in the castle basement, in the place of the normal rabbit.


Yep, randomly. This fact makes them the hardest mission in the whole game. It's impossible to predict where they'll come up, and when they'll appear. What, did you expect me to give you a full walkthrough?


OK, OK, I'll tell you the best and fastest way to catch them all. In the Castle Grounds, the castle's front yard, Yoshi will always have about five or six rabbits hopping about. Every time Yoshi goes in or out of the door, one rabbit in the castle will begin glowing.

There is a good chance, since there are so many rabbits outside, that the glowing rabbit will be one in the grounds outside. Every time Yoshi goes outside, examine the castle grounds, checking each rabbit. If one glows, chase after it! These bunnies are a good deal faster than the normal rabbits, but Yoshi's tongue is a great asset in snagging these runaway rabbits.

What happens when I catch them all?




It's November, doofus.


What happens when I catch them all?!

These rabbits (this is for real; not a joke) hold the secret to the odd room in the Changing Room in the castle, where Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario reside. After you've caught them all, the final rabbit will give you they key. What's inside the room? I ain't telling. But what's lurking behind the doors is essential to completing the game 100%.

The End

Have fun using this newfound (or rehashed) information in your video game travels. I'm off to see what a Mac & Cheese milkshake looks like. Ciao!