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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello! It's-a me, RAPstar! And welcome to the *ta-da!* Entertainment Section. Well, let's get the eggs and bacons ready to grill 'cuz it's time to... *drum rolls!* review!!!!!!! Here's some news, there's a slight chance that I will remain on the 'Shroom as all. So, let's a go!

Ignorance is Bliss

Ah, a time to watch a.... *tires screech* A musical video!? OK OK, at least the video has some type of story. Sheesh, blow some darts. *darts thrown* Not that! *dodges!* I was joking! Anyway, the story is about the mischief Bowser taking all over the Dinosaur Land and turning this whole pile of rubble into an oil tycoon that almost no one will invade. Princess Peach appears to be captured by that guy, (again!). The song Bowser talked showed some of his feelings during the song played, as he continued to disclose his hateful feelings to the Mario Bros., Princess Peach (more likely) and how he feels on the place he captured. At the end, he suddenly made a "point" to clear this up. The song the video has played is based on that track, "Ignorance is Bliss" in the album White Knuckle Scorin', a group of artists where it makes a song for each popular game and the track is the only one produced! This nice video is created by Bug from Newgrounds *again?* Yes, again. A contributor to Newgrounds all right. He had made some nice graphics and animations that fit well into the music video. It looks cartoonic, *and RAPstar likes the wackyness with cartoons alright...*. So if you wanna hear how it actually goes, just throw yourself into this link in.................. Here!!!!!!

Mario's Flooded Floors

Dudes, this is a game review! Now beat with it! Since there's no story, I'll try making up one... Hmmmm, *tick tock tick tock tick tock* the story goes is that Mario is doing some plumbing work when suddenly he got carried away with his plumbing job, causing the building to start a flood inside. The flood with those evil Cheep Cheep start to come in. It's up to Mario to escape. *record screech*, dudes, the thing is it is a mini-game! And gawd I LOVE MINI-GAMES! It's like playing in an arcade! The thing is that Mario has to get out from the building soon as possible, by jumping by floor to floor that has holes in it. But all is not what worries the poor plumber, he would encounter Cheep Cheeps in hand, jumping to get that plumber. Every time he's near to the water, he suddenly gets tired waiting for a Game Over to grab him. When he's caught, you get the score. *DING* And it's addictive all right! You can change how many Cheep Cheeps are encountered there and most importantly change the size of the floor space. The tougher it is, the more points you receive just for that. This mini-game is produced by ShadowMan and no, not from Newgrounds but in Mario Fan Games Galaxy (AKA MFGG) *DING DING DING DING!* I think he deserves having a great mini-game. So, if you want arcade style gaming in our lovely hands, drop a user by Here and download it!!!

Phew! Now that's over! I think I'm gonna move into Gaming section, I think. Well, I'll see your two ping-pong'D eyeballs "late-ta"! *goes!*