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March Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


Things continued to chug forward for the wiki, passing 5000 articles in a flourish. Next up: 10,000,000 page views.
March Statistics
Statistic As of 16:30P, 1 March* As of 13:35P, 1 April* Total for March % of Change
Page Views 7,005,540 9,232,190 2,226,650 31.78%
Views per Edit 69.30 72.13 4.08%
Page Edits 101,083 128,002 26,919 26.33%
Edits per Page 6.27 7.04 12.28%
# of Articles 4,701 5,269 568 12.08%
# of Pages 16,127 18,181 2,054 12.74%
# of Files 5,008 5,573 565 11.28%
# of Users 1,059 1,252 193 18.22%
*All times EDT. Comparison from beginning of record-taking (Jan 2007) will reappear in Issue VI, a biyearly total.

Due to lack of change, the Top 10 section is now omitted from the Monthly Report. See Special:Popularpages for an up-to-the-minute list. Last note: Species and Places have been replaced by Daisy and Wario in the 9 and 10 spots.

New ACTIVE Users

Yet another 193 users joined the crew in March. Here's the low-down of those that made a difference this month.


A few noticeable tidbits this month. First to come, in regards to administrating promotions, the writer of this article was promoted to bureaucrathood, the only besides Steve. This user in turn decided we needed a 11th sysop and promoted Yoshi626 (talk), a very active user. There have been no changes since and no planned changes for awhile. Remember that both sysops & bureaucrats are both equal to users in terms of editing. Additionally, Steve is off the wiki for 10 days for Spring Break.

Next up: UnMarioWiki, another Wikia successfully created by MarioWiki users. If you need a break from our "factual and strict" setting, they've got some crazy things to read on there, including a fun choose-your-own-path "The Game". We are not officially affiliates with them, but check it out anyways if you haven't already.

Though not officially news, look out for a boost in article edits with the release of Super Paper Mario. More items, areas, characters, bosses, and everything you could expect from a Paper Mario installment. If you've spoiled yourself like I had, you've found out some interesting things already... ;)

Finally...MarioWiki:Anniversary is now created. It took me about 15 days after Issue III to create it, when I said the link would only be red when Issue III was "hot off the press". Oops. 9 members made it to the first committee meeting (above expectations) and we're looking for more last-comers next meeting. You must join the committee by April 21st, the day of the 2nd meeting, if you're interested.