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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello, welcome to my section AKA Entertainment Section, names RAP... Here I review some of the fantastic SWFs or clips from fans who make stories above from the infinite database! Let’s hit the road and start the reviews!!!!

Supah Mario Dy Es

This SWF whatever file is created by RogerregoRRoger who was a member in Newgrounds. The story goes off as usually like in Super Mario 64 DS; but with a funny twist so crazy you might laugh. It goes as the Mario brothers received an email from Princess Peach; usually it says about a new castle and bringing your friends (or foes!) and blahatyblahblah… and when they arrived; Princess Peach shows them around the castle, at the end of the tour; Bowser came along to kidnap the Princess. Worst of all, he trapped all the characters in this castle; except Yoshi about to free the group. The group goes into random painting to collect Power Stars to restore the castle and save Peach. Meanwhile, Bowser finally talked to Peach about something after the kidnapping; shockingly, Peach has to bodyguard Bowser Jr. because Bowser replaced the Koopalings. Despite that, the Koopalings came and tried to get the hands on Jr. After that was over, Bowser uses her as bait as he keeps Peach. Back at the group, they are so sad; they talked to Toadsworth about the problem and they suddenly played mini-games, forgetting about Princess Peach. At the rest of Bowser’s time, he guarded Peach and wait for Mario to get Peach. And then Bowser is slowly getting bored… No wonder he’s stupid with her… As such, the graphics are usually average; some worst like Bowser and some good as such; you’ll get the hang around it… The jokes that the storywriter put are surprisely funny especially the NPC joke… If you want to watch some crazy story with some crazy setting when you’re obviously bored here for some reason... Go... Here!

The Real Luigi’s Mansion

So that’s it, a new mansion for Luigi to scare so easy?! Anyway, this one is created by some guy named Dan-Dark again a member in Newgrounds. This time the ghosts will goof off too much where they make trouble with Luigi here. This is like some comedy movie people like, but this is a laugh with the ghosts and Luigi. Unfortunately, the clip has no plot or storyline since the jokes can randomly pop-up from nowhere as you speak… And you laugh as anyways... The graphics are somewhat good; due to the fact it has sprites and have drawings in it made in MS Paint... SO if you want to laugh so hard and like ghosts... Go... Here!!!