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by SaudyTalk! (HK-47)

Listen Up!

Wow. I received a lot email regarding that last issue. Yup. I got two. Take a look while I cry.

Dear HK,

Well, you wanted e-mails, so here ya go. I think the whole wrist strap controversy and lawsuit are pretty idiotic. I have had my Wii for months now and the wristband has worked perfectly. The problem is, some gamers don't use the Wii Remote as they should. They hold the remote by the strap (instead of placing the strap around their wrist) and spin the device really fast. This activates the motion sensor, which creates various actions in the game. Of course, the wrist strap was not designed for such use, and they break. It's not Nintendo's fault; it's the fault of dumb gamers. If you play as you are supposed to play as given by in-game descriptions, you will have no trouble with your Wii or your wristband (in fact, if used correctly, the wristband will probably prevent you from dropping your Wii Remote!).

-Son of Suns

Hmph. Trying to make me look dumb, eh? Well, it won’t work. Just kidding. It worked. Quite well, I’d say. I generally usually tend blame the whole thing on stupidity myself. But I blame a lot on stupidity. Like people not joining PipeProject:Toad. Now that’s just stupid.
-The ever-stupid HK

Dear HK,

I found your editorial simply enthralling. You never cease to amaze me in amazing ways I never thought possible. I had never been so engrossed in any piece of literature of any sort as I was with yours.

-Name withheld by request

I’m overjoyed at receiving this uplifting accolade from someone of your social standings. I never would have guessed you were one to frequent the Mario Wiki. I will keep in touch.
-The Honoured HK (note from Director: yes, that second email was fake. :D)

As most of you know, I’m a real stickler when it comes to sources. Well, there’s a reason. Now Listen Up:
It’s easy, especially if you do it right. I hope that my shoddy presentation helps. It’s on a very small scale, so, sorry about. Mira aqui (Look here):

Bad: "Wartortle is a blue turtle."
No sources were cited.
Okay: "Wartortle is a blue turtle." Then at the bottom of the article: "Sources:Pokemon Red, Blue, blah, blah…"
Mhm. Next.
Better: "In the Pokemon series, Wartortle is a blue turtle."

See the differences? The second is the most obvious, and at first look, efficient, but the third… Its just as efficient and… its clever. Its EASIER. Its legal. Its safe. Just do it. In the end, it just might save a heap of trouble, it makes the site look good, more informational in some cases…. I’m going on rampage pretty soon if some things don’t change. Now where’d I leave that template?

Oh, PipeProject:Toad. Remember!

"Mada Mada Dane."
-Echizen Ryoma