The 'Shroom:Issue IV/Editor's Notes

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Editor's Notes

by the Director

And so here we are again with another successful edition of the 'Shroom, with 11 articles this month, including 2 new writers, RAP & ChrisAlassal. Sadly, combined virus problems and extracurricular activities left WarioLoaf (talk) unable to write his 'Shroom Fake News section this month. The article count hopefully will then go up to 12 or even more next month.

I know I said April 7th was the due date, but I had to push it back 2 days (curse the life of divorced parents...sometimes you don't know your schedule). Thanks to all others for still getting their articles in on time. Issue V's deadline (100% this time) is Saturday May 12th.

Like last issue, I leave a link to MarioWiki:Anniversary again in this section, so that all of our active contributors are aware of the event. Heads up for writers: I am planning a special issue that has just the complete results, including exact votes for each nominee of every award, in August and just my chart of monthly statistics instead of what would be Issue VIII, giving you guys a month off from writing and leaves your focus on writing award presentations (more on that later).

Now for the 4th time, thanks for reading!

Wayoshi, Director of The 'Shroom