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by SaudyTalk!

Wrist Straps

So, the Wii comes with a wrist strap. Not really a big deal. No one really mentioned it until AFTER the Wii's big debut. Word on the street: it sucked horribly. For the most part, they seemed defective, as in, THEY DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB RIGHT. Some people didn’t use them, and were either injured or lost money. Those who did utilize the strap… had similar results.

Listen up:

Isn’t this a problem that beta-testers should have encountered? Should this “defective” wrist strap ever have been released? Um……… NO. Nintendo already had new wrist straps ready to go. Reinforced seams, like my towel.

So then all of this is a publicity stunt? Yeah, definitely. I’d say it worked. Quite well, to be honest. This controversy has built up a lot of hype, its true. I know people, dumb people, but I’m told that they are in fact people, who are buying a Wii because of all this wrist strap business.

Visit for some satire on this subject.

Oh, and send emails with your opinions. Please. I want them. At least three. And not just opinions. I want other things, like letter to the editor kind of emails. Please, I beseech you. Not something I do often. I also suggest you join PipeProject:Toad. It’s a wonderful, non-profit, underappreciated work of genius. The toad, not the project.

“So what?”
–A lot of people on a lot of things