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Fake News

by WarioLoaf (talk)

Poll of the Month

Who's the fattest Nintendo character?

A. Wario
B. Kirby
C. Bottles the Mole
D. King K. Rool
E. Meta-Knight

To Vote, Go Here

Highlighted News

Rumor of the month

The Rainbow Yoshi is said to exist. In the far hills of the Rainbow Kingdom lives this Yoshi colony headed by the Rainbow Yoshi! They have a blue tail, Yellow face, red belly, Purple mouth, and green back. They are 10 times stronger than the leading Yoshi! They have the power to swallow an entire Snorlax!

Is It True?

You know how Mario and Luigi's parents are never fully shown? What happened to them after the plumber bros. childhood? I think there in the old mushroom woods, Dad in a Black bowler hat and suspenders and there moma's a Koo-Koo and was indited into Toadstool Asylum.

Future Video Game (Could all be a Lie or be True!)

Super Mario Football

It's coming out Oct.17th 2006! It's exactly what it's title proclaims. Mario, bloody, sweaty, graphic, confusing, FOOTBALL!

Playable Characters / Teams:

Mushroom Kingdom Power Stars

Kitchen Island Fatties

Yoshi Island Eggers

DK Mountain Banana Peels

Playable Characters

Mario Kart Wii's New Playable Characters!

Wart -Heavy
    • Cars:
  • The Paddy-frog: a giant frog Kart with poor acceleration , Top Speed , and High Drift and great Items
  • Royal Soak: a Fish Bowl kart with Good Acceleration, bad speed, and bad Drift and Items
  • Standard WT – Teal Standard kart, bad acceleration, good drift, bad speed, bad Items
Kirby - light
    • Cars:
  • The Puffer – Giant Kirby head Kart, good acceleration, Great Items, Great Drift, bad speed
  • The Cloudy Day - a Cloud Kart, good acceleration, good speed and Items, bad Drift.
  • Standard KB - a very Dark Pink Vehicle, snaking Vehicle. All you need to know!

Local Stuff (True or not is up to you)


Toadsworth, we will miss you

(Feb. 12 , 1919 – Dec. 28, 2007)

Toadsworth, to all Toads, “papa” and to Peach, “Homie”, died today in his Mushroom Kingdom Palace Room suddenly. He apparently contracted a case of Yellow Fever from Wario and was bed-driven for the last week or so. His funeral will be held on Jan. 17 at the old Mushroom Boy Butchers. He was only 87.

George P. Pianta
George, Yellow one with Glasses, with his family

(Dec. 25, 1978 – Dec. 25, 2007)

George P. Pianta was an old friend of Mario’s since his last visit to Island Delfino. He had a family of four, a wife, Morgan; a son, Jorge; and a daughter, Girlie. He died on Delfino, shortly after Petey Piranha rampaged through the island after Mario and Co. left. Petey ate poor George in his destructive rampage. It was ironically on Christmas this rampage occurred, and it was his birthday. To the Date , he was only 28.


(Who Cares?)

Waluigi died , “Tragically” , yesterday in his home town in the allies of Mushroom City. He had been drinking at Boo’s Beer Buster and was ambushed by “Unknown” Mushroom Kingdom officials. He was found alive, but pronounced dead and buried.


Yoshi charged with improper exposure

Yoshi was fined a lot of Money on Jan.1, 2006 for wearing nothing in public at island Delfino, and taken away by Pianta Police Officials. The Case is still going on, Called for Jury Duty this Month:
  • Wayoshi
  • Danny DeVito
  • Paper Jorge
  • Homer Simpson
  • Steve
  • Ralph Wiggum
  • Meat Loaf
  • Cher
  • Michel Jackson
  • Jack Black
  • The Penguin
  • Clayface II



  • Jan.20, 2007 at the Mushroom Theater
  • Dec.25, 2007 at the Lighting Arena