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Poll Chairperson Election

by Crocodile Dippy (talk)

I have walked into this ring a boy… and emerged a man. Actually between when the Poll Chairperson Election started and today, I turned 18, so that assessment is actually very much true, but basically what I mean is I now sit in a throne above all else with the perfect means to cause mayhem. But I'm boring, so I guess it's just the usual doing things the efficient way for this year… sorry, but you should've elected someone more interesting if you wanted hell on text for these next 12 months.

Anyway, nothing too much to say. I, Crocodile “Remilia Pokemon Bloody Sun” Dippy (Talk) (I hate myself for that), am the new Poll Chairperson for, obviously, the Poll Committee. It's my first time in this position, and also the first time I've ever done anything significant for the committee, so we'll all learn together and hopefully bring this thing back up to standard and then improve it. After all, I've got myself a rich variety of committee members this year, although I only got four applications for the position leaving me to hand-pick the last member… but oh well, at least I know who genuinely cares about this project. The members of my committee – provided they don't make a mess of my beautiful carpet – are:

I can't think of anything else to post here, so uhh… hoping for a great year, I guess! Thanks to all who voted for me. Have a bonza time with this brilliant special issue.