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Special Top 10

by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers, I am Tucayo and I welcome you to this special Top 10. Some few time ago, I noticed it was not just the end of the year, but of the decade! So I came up with the idea of making a special Top 10 on the best Mario games of the decade! (According to me) It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it but I gave myself the opportunity of make some research (play the games) to decide. The fact that I had played most of those games was a great help. So, without more of this stuff, let’s get to the 10th best Mario game of the decade!

Number 10: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

NSMBW NA Box Art.jpg

Perhaps some people will hate me because they simply think this game deserves Number 1, or at least the Top 3, well, sorry, this is a nice place, and let me tell you why this game is number 10.
New Super Mario Bros Wii. Is the sequel of the DS game, New Super Mario Bros. and this game introduces a new concept to the genre of the side scrolling games, a 4-player, cooperative mode. Anyone who grew up playing Mario games will feel they are in the Golden Age of videogames again. This game keeps the essence of a 2D platformer game, just like the still-great Super Mario Bros. Well, getting back to the game, as we all know, story isn’t the strongest points of Mario games, it is actually pretty simple, it’s Peach’s birthday, a cake comes out of nowhere, Bowser and Co. pop out of the castle and kidnap Peach. Wow? No. On a side-note, it’s just the second Wii game not to have white frames.

What makes it good?

Naturally, all the nostalgic fans of the plumber will immediately love it, and it is because of this:

  • Difficulty. It is great. Do not be ashamed if you lose a life in World 1-1, because this game has a challenging difficulty that will make it great. Perhaps casual gamers won’t like this, and get bored of it quickly, but I assure you, it is great.
  • Replay Value. You will always get back to levels you already cleared to get the bonuses, find the secret areas, pipes, the red coins, lives, etc.
  • Multiplayer mode will make it fun to play with family, friends, etc. Of course, there’s always the “betrayal” factor, and perhaps then things can’t go so good.
  • Levels are greatly designed.

What is not so good about it?

  • Even though you can play it with the Wiimote itself or with the Nunchuk, there is something that many players will notice. No Classic Controller support. So if you are very nostalgic and want to play with it, well, you better be grateful for the many pros the game has.
  • In something similar, there are some motion-based moves you must perform in the game, and sometimes, as it happens in many games, it will be kinda difficult for the game to recognize them, so, always use the strap, and do not smash your TV if they don’t work too well.

Number 9: Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi's Mansion boxart

In position 9, we have the first (and only yet) game starred by Mario’s younger brother, Luigi! Luigi’s Mansion is a Nintendo GameCube game released in 2001. Let’s check the story, which is regular, not so good, but not so bad. Luigi receives a strange letter from his brother, Mario, so Luigi goes for him thinking he won a mansion in a contest he can’t even remember. When he gets to the mansion, he meets Professor Elvin Gadd, and he explains Luigi that the mansion just appeared few days ago, and that it is infested with ghosts. E. Gadd tells Luigi he saw his brother, so Luigi, ignoring the most possible his fear of ghosts, gets equipped with the Poltergust 3000 and starts his quest.
The way to control Luigi is similar to that of a FPS, with one stick you control the character, and with the other (C stick) you control the direction where your flashlight and the Poltergust point.
The objective is to catch ghosts with the vacuum cleaner, with most of them it is enough with stunning them and sucking them. There is a little “puzzle element” in the game, such as some ghosts that must be captured in some ingenious ways.
Also, the game ending will depend on how much money you gathered through the game, so it is important to search every corner.


  • Gameplay is good.
  • Lighting effects are awesome, such as other small things many people won’t notice, like shadows, lightning, the dust in the rooms, Luigi’s breath, things will react in a very natural way to the Poltergust, etc.


  • It is not a very long game, and it hasn’t got what you would call a “great replay value”.

Number 8: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

North American box art for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

This game is the remake of the well known Super Mario Bros 3. You perhaps will say “SMB3 is not from this decade”. Well, you are right, but the remake is, and it has some slight changes, so here we go.
Many people, like me, when they hear the word “platformer game”, they automatically think of SMB3, and it is because with this game, Nintendo simply made one of the best 2D plaformers of all the times. We will later see why.
Story, Koopalings land in Mushroom Kingdom and transform all of the land’s kings into animal (woof). Gameplay is easy to understand, jump from one place to another avoiding enemies and abysses. The suits system that we still use was introduced here, with some of the people’s favorites, like the world-famous Raccoon Mario, the mysterious Tanooki Mario, or they weird-looking Frog Mario (not as much as the bee one, though).
Difficulty for this game is almost balanced, although it tilts a little bit to the “easy” side, this is, because this remake includes the save feature that doesn’t make you finish the game in a single sitting.
A great “plus” for this game, was the e-Reader support, which would let players get some “e-Levels”, items, videos and more. However, this is a big problem, I will explain in the Cons section below.
As all the of the other “Super Mario Advance” games, this one includes the original Mario Bros., which can be played with up to 4 players. You won’t get more that a person to play with you, believe me.

Good points

  • As I said before, this game is a must-have for all gamers.
  • The difficuly is nice. You won’t struggle much in the levels, but you can’t complete them with your eyes closed. Do not try, you can´t.

Bad points

  • Using the e-Reader couldn’t have been more difficult. You need many things, so grab pencil and paper:
    • E-Reader. If you don’t have it actually, do not search it. If you find it I bet it will be very expansive.
    • E-Reader cards. Well, the ones I have came with my GBA if I remember correctly. Anyways, the last time I saw them was like 3 years ago.
    • 2 GBA’s. Yeah, 2. DS won’t work, by the way.
    • Link Cable. Perhaps the easiest to find. You don’t have to get the Nintendo one, you can get Pelican, or Mad Cat, or whatever.
  • Hardcore gamers perhaps won’t like the save feature, but it is up to them to use it.

Number 7: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

North American box art of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

The first game of one of the best “series” according to me. It is a really fun RPG game (those with the battles by turns). It is not the first time Mario explores into this genre, actually, he is already a “veteran” of the genre (sorry Final Fantasy).
About the story, this is the first game where the Koopa King, Bowser himself, will be in the Bros. side. Certain new characters, called Cackletta (reminds me of cactus) and Fawful (who is now immensely popular, there are like 800 users with “fawful” in their nick) arrive to Peach’s castle and take her voice replacing it with explosive vocabulary (not like the mine in chat, worse) so, when Bowser notices this, he thinks her voice will destroy his castle in the WEIRD case he kidnapped her, so he gets with the Bros in a fancy transport to chase them to the kingdom in the south of the MK, Beanbean Kingdom.
This game introduces new attacks, called Bro. Attacks, where Mario & Luigi get together to make a very powerful attack. You have to press certain buttons for the attack to be successful. It is basic for you to know them very good if you plan to finish the game.
There are also some of this moves in the Overworld, like the spin jump, high jump, the fire and thunder ones, and more.

Why get this game?

  • Gameplay is really good and fluid.
  • Nice replay value. Even when you finish the game, there will be more things to do.
  • The music is really good, it is a mix of old songs with new ones, I recommend you buying the OST of the M&L series, it seems really good.
  • Nice graphics. They are kind of sprites.
  • Game Boy Player support.

Why NOT get this game?

Well, you should definitely get it, but there are some really minor points against it, like:

  • The lack of a multiplayer mode.
  • The game can’t be saved after you beat it, so it will be as if you never finished it.

Number 6: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

The North American cover of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

NUMBER 6! The third part (and the best one) of this incredible series has some great changes, let’s get to see the game in-depth.
There are many impressive things in this game, like this game being the first one where you can control Bowser, something the fans have wanted for a long, long time; Fawful’s comeback as main antagonist, and more.
Surprisingly, story in this game is really good; it revolves around a weird disease called “blorbs” which makes all Toads HUGE. As it is usual in this games, there are many funny moments, which all players will enjoy.
Then, Bowser eats a so called “Vacuum Mushroom” which makes him swallow everything, including the Bros., so Mario & Luigi must now make their journey through Bowser’s body (hence the game title) to save the Mushroom Kingdom. The game will switch between controlling the Bros. and Bowser.

Good stuff

  • Story is a strong point of this game, as I said before.
  • Gameplay. It is really nice; it includes many fun puzzles and stuff.
  • There are TONS of moves, attacks, and such.
  • Graphics as always are good, keeping the same style as in past games

Bad stuff

Well, this is an overall good game, being its only weakness the replay value, as it isn’t the one you would expect from an M&L game.

Number 5: Super Mario Galaxy

Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy.

Ranking in an excellent number 5….. Well, you already read the header, so no surprise really, anyways; Galaxy represents the return of the popular plumbers to the platformer games, now to the incredible Wii.
In this game, there are many notorious changes, such as the use of gravity, new characters, and the use of galaxies divided into small planets, and there is where the adventure will take place.
Story stars with a letter of Peach telling Mario to come to her castle for a gift. (Anyone else thought of SM64?) So when Mario gets there, he will find Bowser stealing the castle and taking it to the sky. (Ummm... Paper Mario?). And then Mario must go into space to rescue her. He comes across a ship, commanded by Princess Rosalina, who will help Mario in his journey.
As in SM64, there are 120 stars to collect, but there is a surprise waiting for the player who collects them. Of course, not all of them are needed to battle Bowser, but it is good to have them all.
Gameplay. Gameplay takes an important role in this game, as it uses in a great way the qualities of the Wiimote, like pointing to the screen, or shaking it. Objective is basically the same as in SM64, complete a mission to get the star. Mario will also have the help of new suits, just like the ones in SMB3, being some of them the Ice Flower, the Boo Mario, Spring Mario, Bee Mario, etc.
It even includes a so-called Multiplayer mode. Why did I say so-called? Because one would think of something more NSMB Wii-styled, but no, in this game, the second player is just a pointer, yes, a pointer. Even though it can be of great help, it isn’t what many of us expected from it.

Good things about the game

  • It is a really addictive game
  • Nice and fluid gameplay.
  • Good and colorful graphics.
  • Great level designs.
  • Standard replay value.
  • Superb soundtrack. It is made by an orchestra, so get an idea of how awesome it is. Try to get the OST, you won’t regret it.

Bad things about the game

  • Camera won’t respond properly some times.
  • Not very original story.

Number 4: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl box art

Brawl. I know this will be discussed, many people think it isn’t even part of the Mario series and that it’s really bad, well, I will prove them wrong.
Brawl is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of 2009, if not from all the time. It is an incredible 2D crossover fighting game, and it is the third in its series. This game has everything you can ask for, let’s get to see it.
Let’s start with the playable characters, there are 40, and they are not like Super Mario Sluggers’ Blue Koopa, Green Koopa, Red Koopa, NO, this are all well-known characters, many of them legends. What is the most surprising thing is the appearance of Third-Party characters (this means they are not from Nintendo) like Sonic and Snake. Before Sonic was announced we thought the simple idea of Mario and Sonic in the same game to be impossible. Well, we have been proved wrong thrice.
SSBB has everything we could wish for:

  • Adventure Mode: Also called the “Subspace Emissary”. A nice adventure mode, where you discover the story of all characters. It is a Beat ‘em up. You can choose from 5 difficulties according on your skills. There also is a very good co-op multiplayer mode.
  • Classic Mode: The one we all know, choose a character, fight many people with them, some Break the Targets stages, and the final fight with Master Hand, and Crazy Hand if you are good enough.
  • All-star mode: My personal favorite, where you must fight against all of the other characters, it is no easy task.
  • Events: Also awesome, they are like “missions” you must complete in any of the 3 difficulties available. There are 41 solo events, and 21 co-op ones, you will have a nice and hard time clearing them all, specially the co-op event 21.
  • The stadium: Here you can find Home run contest, and unleash your entire wrath in poor, defenseless Sandbag, Target Smash, Boss Battle, here you have to fight all of the SE bosses in order and Multi-Man Brawl, name says it all, you battle a whole bunch of alloys.
  • Training. Self explanatory?
  • The typical brawls, the special brawls, tourneys, and the new rotation mode, where you can play with up to 16 players in a queque deciding who will give controller, and that. Is a nice way of keeping things organized and civil.
  • Wi-Fi connection: You can either play, or watch and bet coins. With your friends you can play Home run contest and multi man brawl. It tends to lag a lot, so you better be patient if you want to play.
  • Stage Builder. You create your own stages, and you can play with them and upload them. Nintendo is supposed to send you one each day. I never receive it, so I doubt of its veracity.

And here is when I say “And more!” because we still have the coin launcher, masterpieces, challenges, “and more”. So now on to good and bad things.


  • Best replay value I have ever seen.
  • Perfect Multiplayer mode.
  • Nice single player mode.
  • And more!


Well, apart from the crappy Wi-Fi feature, there is nothing I can see wrong with this game. If you have a Wii, you must have this game.

Number 3: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

North American box art for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

PLEASE DO NOT MURDER ME!!!!! Ok, I know PM:TTYD is, for many, MANY people in this wiki, the best Mario game ever, but let me explain you why is it here and not in number 1. I haven’t had the privilege of playing this game; therefore, I couldn’t place it first without really knowing if it deserved it. I had investigate everything possible about the game, I even ruined it to myself >_>, but anyways, I promise I will get it ASAP for my Wii.
And as I can’t give you a proper review, I have some people to comment on the game:
St00b Well, the gameplay is phenomenal. It's really intriguing.
St00b The graphics are wonderfully smooth.
St00b The replay value is really superior to most Mario games.
St00b The turn based battle system kicks ass.
St00b The character development is great.
Edofenrir YOURE SO MEAN!!!
St00b YES
St00b YES I AM
Edofenrir holds his breath!
St00b The story is amazing.
St00b It's actually relatively difficult.
Edofenrir You know, there's more awesome stuff about that game.
Edofenrir Almost every character has a distinctive way to speak.
Edofenrir You can tell from a quote who said it quite often.
A little off-topic, but there, you heard it from people who actually love the game. Sorry again I placed it on number 3, I promise if there is another of this things I will place it higher.

Number 2: Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

North American box art for Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
  • sigh* Super Mario World, it brings me great memories….. Ok, we are talking about the remake, but the original one was the first game I ever played, and the best one, to the date. Too bad it isn’t from the decade in review. Actually, in a “beta” Top 10, this was first, but it was moved to second… Now, to the game.

Nintendo made few changes from the original one to this one, which makes it even better. This is, in my opinion, the best 2D platformer game I have played. Why? Ok, let’s go to see this in-depth.
For the change, Bowser kidnapped Princess Toadstool while she was in vacation with the brothers in Yoshi’s Island. As soon as they notice Peach is missing, they will start their journey. Gameplay is simple and easy, run, jump, stomp enemies, etc. Objective is also simple, get to the end of the level. Of course, this is not as easy as it looks.
There are 7 “worlds” or lands, where there are many levels, including some secret ones, Switch Palaces, Ghost Houses, Star Roads, and, of course, the Boss Castle. Each of the lands bosses are the Koopalings, in each castle, Mario, after getting to the big, red door, must fight each one in a unique way. Objective is to jump on their head 3 times, with some little, um, obstacles, or attacks you must avoid.
There are 96 levels, which will take you some time to clear them all, with their secret exits. When you do this, some really cool changes will occur, as the Koopas turning into some weird, big-headed Marios, or the background turning into something autumn-styled. Plus, if you really want to finish the game 100%, you must find each of the 5 Dragon Coins in each level, no easy task, so be ready.
This game really outstands for everything, from gameplay, to graphics and music.
Well, this is the time when I am supposed to get in the “Good and Bad things” but, to be sincere, that will lead nowhere, because this game is perfect in every way possible. If you haven’t played it, you can’t say you are a gamer. You won’t regret it.

Number 1

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow……………… Game number 1! This game is the best Mario game of the decade according to your beloved writer……. This game is a true masterpiece, and it is none other than Paper Mario!!!! Yes people, the first game of this successful series places as the best Mario game of the decade, let’s see why.

North American box art for Paper Mario

Paper Mario is a simplified RPG, which can be just as great as a normal one. First thing you will notice in the game is that most things are made from “paper” (hence the title), but it takes place in 3D environments. The game mainly takes place in 2 places, the Field, and the Battle.
Let’s see how the battles are. When Mario touches an enemy, usually, he will get into battle, here, each one has turns to attack, so it is not like Galaxy, where you all attack at the same time. First, you will choose which action to perform. Attack, item, flee, etc., and after that, it is your partner turn, it will be as if you had 2 turns, except for the limitations of their attacks, and the fact that they don’t have any HP. Then, it is the enemy’s turn. In this game, action commands play a very important role; this is when you must press certain buttons for the attack to be more powerful, or to successfully defend yourself from an attack. There are also the Star Spirits you rescue that will aid you in battle, same as the badges.
Story is the typical you would expect from a Mario game, but it is not as bad. Gameplay is good; you will never get mad about it. Music is awesome, pretty epic.
There are many extras that add this game an incredible replay value, like finding all the badges, recipes, star pieces, and that. You can spend many hours to get the 100% without help of guides. I have 40 hours played, and I am just missing one star piece. And the extra battles in the Dojo are also fun to complete
The game also makes you think, there are some puzzles that will make you struggle a little bit. There also are some funny things in the story, to make you relax a little bit.
The only possible thing against this game is the limited amount of BP you can get, it will be nice if there were no limit, as in its sequel.

For this and more, Paper Mario is the Mario game of the decade! Congratulations! And now, I want to give a special honorific mention to a great game that couldn’t make it to the Top 10, but that it has got everything what it takes.

Honorific Mention: Art Style:PiCTOBiTS

PiCTOBiTS is a great new game that appeared in DSiWare, the objective at a beginning will seem confusing, but you can get used to it really quickly. In the screen there will be some rows of colored blocks at the bottom, called “bits” and some larger one, called “megabits” will come down the screen, the point is to pick up the ones in the bottom and join them to the falling ones to make them disappear. Along the game, there will appear many other things.
When you clear a certain number of megabits, a character will be revealed in top of the screen. Meanwhile you play, you will get to hear one of the best song mixes I have ever heard of classics of Nintendo, from the Ice Climbers, to SMB. Plus, in an in-game store, you can get to buy the songs. The credits song is a true masterpiece.
There are 15 levels for you to play, but if you think they are not enough, or very easy, you can also buy (with the in-game money, don’t worry) harder versions of this levels.
PiCTOBiTS costs just 500 points, and it is worth every single point, so, if you own a DSi, you should really buy it.

And with this, I am off. As I know this will be greatly discussed, I created a thread in the forum that can be found here. Please comment! BYE!