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Pipe Plaza

Monthly Report (MG1)

This is MG1 with the monthly report but since it has not been a month since the last one I will instead be reporting on the director's election so far.

The election began with just Tucayo's nomination. Soon Super Mario Bros. made a joke nomination saying that he would make the shroom epic and he got no votes so Tucayo began leading the election. Eventually SMB's nomination turned serious and the votes turned away from Tucayo and towards him but then Stooben Rooben nominated himself for director and the votes started piling up for him. S-Y then made a joke nomination which was then deleted by the shroom staff. The current standings are St00b in 1st, SMB in 2nd and Tucayo in 3rd (19-10-9).

Links (MG1)

Well, for links I'm gonna give you some holiday-related pages that need some improvement, try to make these articles very good before the holiday season is over!

Tip of the Month (SMB)

Hey guys, it's SMB with Tip of the Month. What do we have in store for this issue? Well, let me tell you. I will explain something about spacing out articles.

  • I am suggesting that you never make a link like this:
[[Category: Christmas]]
[[File: Chanukkah.jpg]]
[[MarioWiki: New Years]]
  • This is considered to cause unnecessary stress on the server, which can prove detrimental in the future and slow the wiki down. Instead, do this:
[[MarioWiki:New Years]]
  • Also, you may see things like this:
{{Template name here|
| holiday 1 = Chinese New Year
| holiday 2 = Kwuanza
| holiday 3 = Winter Solice
  • This, too, also causes unnecessary server stress. Instead, do this:
{{Template name here|
|variable 1=Chinese New Year
|variable 2=Kwuanza
|variable 3=Winter Solice