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The 'Shroom

Welcome to the official archives of The 'Shroom! With over 200 issues and counting, the paper has an extensive backlog for you to peruse, always publicly accessible through the pages linked here. For your convenience, we have organized the archival tables so that you can see specific sections in each issue as well as the author(s) of those sections. Credit goes to Meta Knight (talk) for developing the template used on these pages and for organizing all pre-issue 200 issues for the new archives. The lovely banner you see above comes courtesy of GBA (talk).
Please use the links at the top of the table below to navigate to different pages of the archives. On a given page of the archives, you can use the "collapse all/expand all" button to easily expand or condense all issues on the page, which may benefit you if you are searching for a particular section or author with ctrl+f.
Older editions of the paper are presented as originally published, and may not meet The 'Shroom's current standards of quality. As technology advances and the Internet changes, some elements of old editions may become deprecated. If you come across something broken in an old issue, or believe you see a mistake in the archives, contact a member of the staff and we will look into it. Thank you!
Please note that in presenting issues as they were originally published, we may be presenting users who have been rightfully removed from the community and who have no affiliation with The 'Shroom. The appearance of a user or section in this archive is not an indication of support or endorsement; users who have been removed from the community have no connection to the paper.

Archive Pages
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July 2006 - May 2011 June 2011 - July 2015 August 2015 - September 2019
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October 2019 - November 2023 December 2023 - present Reserved