The 'Shroom:2006-07-24/Status Report

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The 'Shroom
The 'Shroom

Status Report

By HK, 24 July 2006

On the night of July 23, 2006, Bureaucrat Porplemontage okayed a Community Portal. I contacted Sysop Son of Suns, and informed him of the development, as he had been reccomended for the job. Well, in a turn of events, I became head of the project.

After some brainstorming, the name had been chosen, and I began searching code. The real work began on the morning of July 24. I was informed that Son of Suns was leaving on vacation. He wished me luck, and was gone. His other trustee, Wayoshi, was leaving the next day. This left me in charge of many things. Partially maintaining the wiki. Answering questions. And the Portal.

Wayoshi arrived on the scene, and helped out with a new template, the {{helpme}}. It reads:

I am looking for help!

Use {{helpme}} on your own talk page and ask your question below
For more on how to use this feature, click here.

Note to helpers: once you have offered help, please remove this template.

You place the template on your talk page, and ask the question below. Sysops and experienced users check the helpme category and respond. When resolved, the template is removed by the sysop or experienced user.

Afterwards, the Trouble Center was added to the portal. Its where you can find all sorts of pages in need, and where to go to help them. You can also propose a project. Soon the 'Shroom will join the Trouble Center.

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