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AKA Mario Clash's beta[edit]

According to, VB Mario Land is another name for Mario Clash's beta stage to make things less confusing. The first paragraph states:

"VB Mario Land is a prototype of Mario Clash. Mario Clash was once a Jump'N'Run with adventure elements, which is the now unreleased VB Mario Land, but this prototype also contained a mini game, a 3D version of the classic Mario Bros. game, which was later released as a stand-alone game called Mario Clash. So the correct title of this game should be "Mario Clash", but to make it less confusing, it is widely known as "VB Mario Land"."

Maybe we should just move all of this to the Mario Clash/Beta Elements page?
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The history and development of Mario Clash + Mario Bros. VB + VB Mario Land are very closely related and can get quite confusing. This is what I can gather while crawling through

It is still unclear to me whether Mario Bros. VB and VB Mario Land was part of the same demo at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, according to the magazine scans. Because depending on the magazine, one is normally mentioned without the other. Mario Bros. VB was revealed as a stand-alone demo in Shoshinkai '94, as the screenshot of the title screen exists.

The only reason I understand that the VB Mario Land is a separate article, is that it was officially said to be a "much larger game". It was the Mario Clash elements which were taken and made into the game that was released. VB Mario Land was originally a completely different game of its own. That's my take.

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