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Where is this from[edit]

Is the image in the infobox from Upside Dizzy, or Rightside Down Galaxy?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by TheUltimateKoopa (talk).

Upside, since it shows the slipsand galaxy in the background. Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Green Star 1/2[edit]

Green Power Star error

Okay, other users might not have beaten the game to this point, but I have hinted a problem with Green Star 2. In the guidebook, which I have, it doesn't show green star 1's true location, it shows green star 1 at green star 2's location, and then it shows green star 2 at the very end directly before the star. Now this is my game, and I'm wondering if your game is like mine where it proves the guidebook wrong, or my game is weird and the guidebook is right. So is it the guidebook or game's way that is right? Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

In Upside Dizzy, both Stars are at the beginning, basically right next to each other. You sure, you aren't talking about Rightside Down, because the Green Star 1 is in the green area and the second Green Star is near the end.--FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!
No, I'm 100% positive because they have the pictures in the guidebook, and they resemble the course. Also, Rightside Down I had no trouble with. This is why I hate finding some flaws with each guidebook I have. BTW, should we include that in with Trivia or something, or do you need more proof? Baby

Mario Bloops

Proof and a better explaination of what I mean. You can tell by the upper right corner of the page that it is from the official Prima Guidebook, showing exactly where the green stars are. Baby

Mario Bloops

Hate to be late to the party, y'all, but this takes place on page 201 of the Premiere edition. It appears that a 1-up is in its place on the mini-map, but unlike the other 1-ups in the book (or even on that page), it is not pointed out with an artwork logo. I can get more images if necessary, but I will shortly add a secondary image that fully describes the issue. Trig - 22:36, June 10, 2019 (EDT)
The full page where the inaccurate Green Stars are located
The map, with one correct 1-up in place, what seems to be a second 1-up where Green Star 1 is in game, and Green Star 2 (mislabelled as 1)