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I think we should merge the "Nut" items/M&L items together, it would mean less stubs and an overall article to work on instead of having small, meaningless articles with barely any info. 30pxJoshazilla2330px

Maybe a Items in the Mario & Luigi Series page for example. 30pxJoshazilla2330px
That's fair, but if we actually went through with this change, we'd have to do the same thing with the Super/Ultra Mushrooms and the syrups. --Glowsquid 09:39, 29 August 2009 (EDT)
I agree, but I was mostly talking about merdging all the items together. 30pxJoshazilla2330px


Shouldn't this page redirect to Here? I mean, we have all the nuts on one page, and this page is still here, why is that? Or should we simply delete this or make the other pages (Super Nut, Max Nut) a redirect?

Done. Hello, I'm Time Turner.