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Yeah... uh... when was it ever stated that Nolrem was of the Tribe of Darkness? His tattle and card say he's descended from the Ancients, just like Merlon.

Ya rly, where is teh proof? Can someone with more SPM knowledge answer this?Knife (talk) 22:38, 28 June 2007 (EDT)

It's told by Carson. The card's not incorrect, though; the Tribe of Darkness branched off of the Tribe of Ancients; therefore, Nolrem is a desandant of them too.

Is Dimentio a member of the tribe of darkness?[edit]

Hi, I was wondering if Dimentio's anscestry was ever mentioned in SPM (I have a time limit, so I usually skip the dialogue) He wears dark clothes and half of his face is black, so he fits the discription. Wiltheliam 15:06, 5 December 2008 (EST)

Why are they called evil?[edit]

The first of the Tribe of Anicents, was, apparently, the one who defeated the Pixl Queen. According to the story about the Pixl Uprising, he took the book to prevent further disaster. And yet before I arrived, this article described him as evil. I'm... so... confused. Brianne the Frank (talk)

They are considered evil because one of their members (supposedly Dimentio) wrote the Dark Prognosticus. The book of darkness shows the future but nobody who reads it find happiness, meaning that the Tribe of Darkness destroyed the lives of those who read the book. Also, entire countries were destroyed trying to get the book, only to read about the battles they had fought, meaning the Dark Prognosticus is the main source of evil, and since the Tribe of Darkness created it, they were evil too. People might just think if they`re a Tribe of Darkness, they have to be bad, because nothing good comes from darkness. As Count Bleck and Dimentio are the evilest of all the tribe (intending to destroy all worlds, Bleck wishing to leave them that way and Dimentio intending to create his own world where he was the leader), people may think that every member of the tribe was evil. M&L (talk)