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"Hi. Umm. Why did I get an account? I'm scared. What if I, like, accidentally screw something up, like, majorly? Ooh... stupid random whimsical ideas. [Regret] Oh well."

--Brianne the Frank
  • Name: Not Advisable
  • Age: N/A
  • Gender: I think I'll let you figure it out.
  • Likes: Cats, knitting, crochet, drawing, reading, writing, friends, money, plants
  • Dislikes: Music, loud noise, bullies, personal shortcomings, siblings, chauvinist pigs, VACUUM CLEANERS (see 'loud noise')
  • Personality: Split personality. They are not completely alternating; often they blend together.
  • Side One: Caring, patient,generous, cheerful, funny
  • Side Two: Spiteful, irritable, short-tempered, "The-Exorcist-voiced
  • Both: Shy, controlling, eccentric on the verge of insane, alternatingly (but not in time with the main sides) vain/self-loathing

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