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The German Name is Glitzer-Gigant Pokey, which basically means Glitter Giant Pokey.
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Feel free to add it.
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Just a random bit of trivia[edit]

Tower Power Pokey is a bit more than an ordinary Pokey. It's baseball player you can even find a note in the trash that has the score of game between Pokey and Dry bones. That's why it's here in a giant baseball stadium to begin with. I mean it's not terribly important but it does give this Pokey a bit more character and personality than a regular one so it might be worth considering mentioning.
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Also in the trash is a "cameo" as Goombella drops a note about Chomp Ruins
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The Boss Thing[edit]

You DON'T need the bat (from Sandshifter Ruins) to beat it but it's recommended because even one extra segment (other than its head) prevents you from using hammer and even damages you. If you use the bat too early you can always use Spiked Balls (gotten from defeating Spikes)-Svtopdog