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What else is really necessary to expand this article? It seems there's not really a lot of information about it online in general. The only things I really think would be helpful would be information from the USAopoly website, but it's pretty much all on the board diagram itself. Should the information on the board be formatted into a list as well, like the Monopoly Gamer page? I'm not sure what more could make this article not a stub.

Thanks in advance. rollerC (talk) 16:54, 9 July 2018 (EDT)

So, this part might seem obvious, but I'd say a gameplay section is required. Obviously, it plays like Monopoly, but the article might as well say that. Go into detail about what certain spaces actually do. I'm assuming that ? Blocks are the equivalent to Chance Chests, so a list of those and what they do would be great. Nintendo Monopoly would be a great article to make this sort of look like, even if I feel the tables used there are decidedly ugly. Yoshi876 (talk)