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Is the name "Spindel" or "Spindle"? The name for a part of a sewing machine is spelled s-p-i-n-d-l-e. - Bill-tendo 22:37, 10 July 2012 (EDT)

Spindel is not part of a species. In Super Mario 64, there is only one of him. If he's in another game where there are multiple Spindel, please post the game.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yoshirox10 (talk).

It seems that Rhomp is same as Spindel... Let's merge? SWFlashSWFlash.svg

It depends on whether the original Japanese names of both are the same (I don't know either, though). --Grandy02 10:36, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

I have deleted the useless trivia so please don't add it again; "spindel" may be Swedish for spider as the trivia said, but the name origin comes from the fact it spins and because it looks like a a spindel - a tool which is part of a sewing machine. Lu-igi board

It's a pun on the correct spelling of the word. The article title will stay until a reliable source appears.
'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 22:42, 3 October 2012 (EDT)